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Garrett Addison is an Australian Indie author, geek, husband and father.

Having grown up in Perth, in the Western part of Australia, he was lucky enough to either live or visit several parts of Australia and the world at large.

Quite flexible and multifaceted, Garrett has served as an Army officer, software consultant and most recently as an author.

Revenge is a theme that features extensively in his two novels; Minions and The Traveller.

Currently in his forties, Garrett lives with his family in Melbourne.

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Genre: Thriller


Non Series

  • The Traveller (2013)
  • Minions (2013)
  • Closure (2023)

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Non Series

The Traveller

 “Sometimes to get the measure of your life you just need a break from being yourself… because nothing lasts forever.”

In an unnamed family, a man struggles to strike a balance with his work and life. Endless travelling at the impulse of Stalin, his dictatorial boss otherwise known as ‘the Anti-Christ’, has left him struggling both at work and at home.

When his wife reveals a prophecy warning him of his next trip, he is overwhelmed by a sudden breeze of confidence; undaunted by his manager and ready to embrace the difference that this trip bears.

But what begins as a quest to massage his ego and get his career back on track soon turns into a retribution mission on his boss.

Lured to work with his nemesis at an isolated part of the world, it’s an opportunity to get even with his boss; one that he simply can’t ignore given the years of compounded abuse.

In a tale of succees versus failure, this trip will either make or break him!

Author: Garrett Addison
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0987509154
Publisher: Garrett Addison

 “Guilt is just a matter of how much you understand the bigger picture.”

With few career opportunities and even fewer friends, Devlin Bennett’s life has gotten as low as it can get. That however changes in an instance when he secures a new job.

Contented with his new found role in a well paying job, Devlin is convinced that his life can only get better.

The mood around his new job nonetheless changes dramatically when he is anonymously warned not to be the next in line of a list of dead employees.

Too desperate to walk away and too concerned to ignore the warning, Devlin can’t help but wonder whether he has been handed a lifeline or a death-sentence.

Working with an ageing detective, they uncover truths behind a recently bereaved woman, a Balkan sociopath, a battered performance artist, an elusive ex-employee and his employer’s puzzling insistence of a ‘greater good’.

Author: Garrett Addison
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0987509130
Publisher: Garrett Addison

Bestselling author and clinical psychologist James Malter immediately attracts police suspicion when his terminally ill patients suddenly begin suiciding and harming others. His guilt seems even more likely when the seemingly innocent victims are found to be related to his sister’s acquitted killer many years earlier. 

With mounting csualties and a shadow threatening to derail his past and sully his career, Malter’s quest to uncover the truth will pit his longstanding belief in ‘moving on’ against his long-suppressed want for revenge.

It's hard to move on when vengeance takes over.

Author: Garrett Addison
First Release: 2023
ISBN: 978-0987059161
Publisher: Garrett Addison