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Fedora Amis books in order

Fedora Amis is an author of mystery and historical fiction novels.

The recipient of the Mayhaven Fiction Prize for her Victorian whodunit, Jack the Ripper in St. Louis, Fedora wears corset and hoop skirts to perform as real historical people and fictional characters from the 19th century.

She is passionate about live theater, travel, plants and cooking.

Fedora has one son, Skimmer, and the duo write science fiction and fantasy tales.

She has always loved everything about words, which is why she became a writer.

When it comes to fedoras, most people think about Al Capone, Sam Spade, and the likes.

However, contrary to popular belief that they should be adorned by tough guys, fedoras were actually meant for the high-born lady—a hat immortalized by famous actress madame Sarah Bernhardt.

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Genres: Comedy, Historical Fiction, Mystery


Non Series

  • Jack the Ripper in St. Louis (2013)

A Jemmy McBustle Mystery

  1. Mayhem at Buffalo Bill's Wild West (2016)
  2. Have Your Ticket Punched by Frank James (2019)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Jack the Ripper in St. Louis

Fedora Amis won Mayhaven's Award for Fiction for this Victorian whodunit and St. Louis Post-Dispatch Best Seller. The author weaves a tale of a young woman's quest to become the next great female reporter. Her adventurous investigation leads to a mad doctor, actually suspected by modern researchers to be the first modern serial killer, the infamous Jack the Ripper.

Author: Fedora Amis
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1932278286
Publisher: Mayhaven Publishing

A Jemmy McBustle Mystery

Mayhem at Buffalo Bill's Wild West

A Jemmy McBustle Mystery A bullet grazes Buffalo Bill's wife in Tom Sawyer's Cave at Hannibal, Missouri. In Kansas City, a bullet grazes Annie Oakley's horse ― and then a performer riding next to her. Annie's husband Frank Butler grows frantic in his quest to find the source of danger to his beloved. He suspects Annie's sharpshooting rivals like Pawnee Bill, Colonel Bogardus and Lillian Smith. Our journalist heroine Jemima “Jemmy” McBustle hatches a daring plan to find a great story ― and keep her newspaper job. She must ferret out the evil plaguing “Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World.”

Author: Fedora Amis
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1410488688
Publisher: Thorndike Press
Have Your Ticket Punched by Frank James

In November 1898, Jemmy McBustle should have been part of St. Louis society. However, following her father's death in a tornado, her mother runs a boarding house while Jemmy works as a reporter for the St. Louis Illuminator.

The 18-year-old is at the theater to write a review of Uncle Tom's Cabin when the boxer who handles the dogs in the chase scene dies onstage. Eager to make a name for herself, Jemmy forces her way into places where a young woman isn't welcome, including the gym.

She's determined to ask questions, though, even if she's a little too pushy. While the atmosphere is enhanced by historical detail, including the presence of outlaw Frank James as a ticket taker, Jemmy comes off as immature and inexperienced in this slow-paced story. -VERDICT St. Louis comes to life in this sequel to Mayhem at Buffalo Bill's Wild West. However, Jemmy is too young, makes too many mistake s as an amateur sleuth, and isn't even sure she wants to be a reporter.

Author: Fedora Amis
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1432851958
Publisher: Thorndike Press