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Elle Aycart books in order

Elle Aycart is an author of contemporary romance novels.

Although she has served in an extensive variety of jobs all over Europe, from translator to chocolatier, travel agent to sushi chef and even flight dispatcher, Elle still has no idea the kind of profession she wants to pursue next.

That however doesn’t in any way impede her from trying out a lot of different wild stuff.

She currently resides in Barcelona with her husband and their two daughters. But with Elle you never know…

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Genres: Contemporary , Romance


Doomsday Preppers Series

  1. Sky's the Limit (2018)
  2. Starting Point (2020)

The Bowen Boys Series

  1. More than Meets the Ink (2011)
  2. Heavy Issues (2012)
  3. The Bowen Brothers and Valentine's Day (2013)
  4. Inked Ever After (2013)
  5. To the Max (2015)
  6. Heavy Secrets (2015)
  7. Jacked Up (2016)
  8. Hard Limits (2016)

The OGs Series

  1. Deep Down (2014)
  2. Audrey's Inn (2021)
Doomsday Preppers Series

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Doomsday Preppers Series

Sky's the Limit

Frustrated by her efforts in the fashion industry which seemingly bear no fruits, Sky Gonzalez leaves New York for Paris hoping to make a fresh start during the semester program abroad.

Her frustrations however intensify when she finds herself in Paris, Minnesota, rather than Paris, the French capital.

Logan should never have stopped to help the lost girl. Who on earth even dresses in white from head to high heels during a blizzard?

This lavish beauty certainly isn’t his type. Too bad he can’t get rid of her, thanks to his doomsday-prepper neighbors.

Worse off is that Sky doesn’t know that she is under house quarantine.

But how long before she finds out?

Author: Elle Aycart
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1981987443
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Starting Point

Tired of everything that’s going wrong in her life, Megan moves to her childhood rural retreat.

Although it’s a grim shadow of its former self, given that it’s now full of Doomsday Preppers, it’s still a fitting place to wait for her demise.

If only the forces in control would send a sexy macho man to make the experience less painful…

Alec is shocked when he learns that the woman he just saved is the very girl who rescued him years ago.

Though no longer the innocent-looking teenage who stole his heart, Alec is still attracted to her.

And this time round, he won’t let her go.

Author: Elle Aycart
First Release: 2020
Ebook: B088P8D8VW

The Bowen Boys Series

More than Meets the Ink

James Bowen is a seductive, tattooed bad boy with an attitude to back it up—exactly the kind of guy that Tate should be avoiding.

She is however on holiday and her dad and brother aren't around. Plus did she already mention how seductive he is?

Left to take care of their struggling family restaurant, Tate’s problems are compounded when her boyfriend leaves her, her workers begin rebelling, and messages from her own private stalker intensify.

A holiday would certainly suffice, but nothing beyond casual sex—or so she thought.

There’s more to James than actually meets the eye.

Author: Elle Aycart
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-1973514381
Publisher: Independently published
Heavy Issues

Demolitions expert Cole Bowen isn’t the relationship kind.

When he however crosses paths with Christine Sheridan, the newest resident in Alden who is not only a relationship-phobe, but also wants to hire a gigolo, Cole jumps at the opportunity head first.

Christy vows to never drink again. With her friends pushing from one side and Cole Bowen desperately offering sex for fake dates, José Cuervo is to blame for all her woes.

Having struggled with her confidence for the better part of her life, Christy knows that she can’t give into the assertive man.

Cole is however not the type to give up easily.

Author: Elle Aycart
First Release: 2012
Ebook: B07D4DS41M
The Bowen Brothers and Valentine's Day

It’s going to be a happy Valentine's Day from the Bowen Brothers.

Author: Elle Aycart
First Release: 2013
Inked Ever After

James Bowen, the seductive, tattooed bad boy is about to wed the woman of his dreams.

The only problem is that his fiancée is having pre-wedding jitters. And she doesn’t want to accept it.

Tate Cooper is having a meltdown.

Although she passionately loves James and wouldn’t want to be married to anyone else, getting married is easier said than done.

Overwhelmed by the preparations of her big day while still mourning the death of her father and brother, Tate just can’t take it anymore.

Good thing that she has James by her side, because he is going to force her to face her fears until she accepts their happily ever after.

Author: Elle Aycart
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1502980526
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
To the Max

Nothing seems to be going right for Annie Griffin. Still single at 35, she’s temporarily homeless and is somehow carrying the baby of a gigolo.

Professional stuntman Max Bowen desperately needs someone to take care of his pets as he readies to go on a trip.

So when he meets Annie, it seems like the perfect fit, as she needs a temporary home.

But when Max unexpectedly returns from his trip earlier than scheduled, Annie suddenly finds herself being roommates with the sexy, eligible bachelor.

He may have a bad reputation, but Max is determined to prove to Annie that he is everything that she needs.

Author: Elle Aycart
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1530789702
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Heavy Secrets

Christy Sheridan is no longer the girl who had a myriad of self-esteem issues.

Having settled in Alden, she is now blissfully engaged to the man of her dreams.

Nothing good however lasts forever, as Christy learns when her annoying mother unexpectedly shows up in town.

Cole Bowen is going through a fairly new experience. It’s his first time in love, first engagement, first Valentine's, and first in-laws.

Having found the love of his life, dealing with Martha Sheridan shouldn’t be a tough assignment—or so he thought.

When the memories of Christy's dark past however come flooding back thanks to her mother, and Cole receives a devastating phone call, will these two make it to their wedding date in one piece?

Author: Elle Aycart
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B07XNFH3FK
Jacked Up

Jack Copeland has been a constant presence in Elle Cooper’s life ever since her sister exchanged vows with James Bowen.

Vexed by his timid yet conceited aura, Elle decides to annoy him just for the laughs.

To secret operative Jack Copeland, Elle is a loud and smart party girl that he needs to stay away from.

The only problem is that every time he closes his eyes, she’s right there.

Although he intends to stay away from her, Jack run to her rescue after Elle gets caught up in a deadly situation.

United by danger, will they finally make peace? Or will the drug cartel destroy them both?

Author: Elle Aycart
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1981604548
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Hard Limits

Nico Grabar, leader of the most vicious cartels on the planet, is bleeding to death in God knows where.

He still has a criminal organization to manage, an identity to protect and a pledge to live up to. So how could he possibly die now? More so like this?

Right before he meets his Maker, Nico sees the Grim Reaper in the form of a stunning bride with military boots drenched in blood. What a deserving ending.

Who other than Paige the Goth waitress would spare the life of a bloody drug lord? She could do without another lunatic in her life.

What is he ends up dying on her? Worse off, what if he lives?

Author: Elle Aycart
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1980983385
Publisher: Independently published

The OGs Series

Deep Down

Mike Haddican owns a gym in the tiny town of Alden.

An overall good guy, the only thing that he has ever needed to be happy is his family, friends, and his girl.

But seven years ago, Kyra shattered his heart after leaving to follow her dreams.

Contemporary dancer Kyra Brims fulfilled her dreams at a huge cost.

Bruised and penniless, she returns to her hometown.

When they were separated by distance, moving on was a monumental task. But now that they have been reunited, getting back together is off the table.

Although both feel furious and aggrieved, are they now old enough to make things work?

Author: Elle Aycart
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1973514619
Publisher: Independently published
Audrey's Inn

Age is nothing but a number to this witty trio of octogenarians.

Perhaps that explains why they are having so much fun interfering with the love lives of their beautiful grandchildren.

Author: Elle Aycart
First Release: 2021
Publisher: Independently published