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Samuel Bjork books in order

Samuel Bjorkis the pseudonym of Frode Sander Øien, a Norwegian novelist, playwright, singer and songwriter.

I’m Travelling Alone and The Owl Always Hunts At Night, the first and second installments of his critically acclaimed Munch and Krüger series respectively, have been bestseller books in Europe, especially around the Scandinavian region.

More about Samuel Bjork

Genre: Thriller

Born: 1969

Pseudonym: Samuel Bjork


Munch and Krüger Series

  1. I'm Travelling Alone (2013)
  2. The Owl Always Hunts at Night (2015)
  3. The Boy in the Headlights (2019)

Detailed book overview

Munch and Krüger Series

I'm Travelling Alone

When the body of a young girl is discovered hanging from a tree, the only lead the police seemingly have is an airline tag around her neck with the words ‘I’m travelling alone’.

Holger Munch, a police investigator, is bestowed with the responsibility of bringing together special homicide unit to solve the mysterious death. But Munch simply can’t work without Mia Krüger—his gifted yet disturbed former partner who moved to an isolated island after developing suicidal thoughts.

It doesn’t take long before Mia identifies a thin line carved into a ‘number 1’ on the dead girl’s fingernail; implying that she is just the first of many victims.

But to be able to catch a serial killer on the loose, Mia must first catch and tame her own demons.

Author: Samuel Bjork
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0552170901
Publisher: Corgi Books
The Owl Always Hunts at Night

“No one is safe in the dark...”

Police are quick to arrive at the scene of a crime where a young woman is found murdered. They are however unable to collect any forensic evidence, as the body is well placed and the crime scene is presentably set.

An unstable woman often on the periphery, Detective Mia Krüger has been given some time off work pending psychological assessment. Her boss, Holger Munch, nonetheless installs her back on an unofficial deal; given how he doesn’t play by the rules as much as he should.

Mia and her team struggle to solve the puzzling crime, up until a hacker presents them with a timely clue; one that may reveal the killer’s plans for their second victim.

Author: Samuel Bjork
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0143110408
Publisher: Penguin Books
The Boy in the Headlights

It is winter, and the year is 1999. An old man, while driving home, is forced hard on his brakes after catching what looks like an animal on the isolated road ahead of him. On taking a closer look, the geezer discovers that it is in fact a young boy with deer antlers wrapped to his head.

Almost a decade and a half later, a body is discovered in a mountain lake. Three bodies are then found in a span of three weeks, with each having a clue to it.

This attracts the attention of Special Investigations Detectives Munch and Krüger, who end up playing a game they can’t win.

How could you possibly catch a serial killer who entirely picks victims at random?

Author: Samuel Bjork
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-0857522559
Publisher: Doubleday