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Liora Blake is an American author of contemporary romance novels.

Passionate about writing for as long as she can remember, Liora loves creating romantic tales with happy endings. After all, isn’t that the best kind of story?

She currently lives in Colorado.

Whenever she isn't writing, Liora can be found baking cookies that she really should be staying away from, coming up with new and innovative ways of circumventing going for a run, or asking the sweet barista to serve her another quad-shot Americano.

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Genres: Contemporary , Romance

United States

Reluctant Hearts Series

  1. After This (2020)

The Grand Valley Series

  1. First Step Forward (2016)
  2. Second Chance Season (2017)
  3. Ready for Wild (2017)

True Books

  1. True North (2015)
  2. True Devotion (2015)
  3. True Divide (2015)
Reluctant Hearts Series

Detailed book overview

Reluctant Hearts Series

After This

Alec Mason has it all.

On top of being the VP of PR for his family's prosperous real estate empire, he has also been named among Houston's most eligible bachelors for five successive years.

The one thing he however doesn’t have is a key dilapidated racetrack in Colorado which lies on a promising real estate land.

Although Alec has no problems with the owner of the property, his biggest problem is the sexy, sharp and irritable daughter of the property owner.

Sage Wells may be unwilling to let go of their racetrack that holds great memories, but she is increasingly letting go of her heart to Alec.

How long before their attraction explodes?

Author: Liora Blake
First Release: 2020
Ebook: B08DJGCL3N

The Grand Valley Series

First Step Forward

Cooper Lowry has become somewhat of a veteran having spent eight seasons in professional football.

Driven by hard work and sacrifice, his career propels as his body takes all the beating.

So when a Sunday game leaves him injured, Cooper ends up crossing paths with a stunning and enchanting woman.

Whitney Reed is on the verge of losing the fruit orchard that she purchased in Hotchkiss, Colorado just three years earlier.

But with foreclosure around the corner, along with a handsome but ill-tempered football player, Whitney might very well find what she never knew she needed.

Author: Liora Blake
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B01DTAPXE0
Publisher: Pocket Books
Second Chance Season

Garrett Strickland is determined not to think about the past.

At one point on the verge of acquiring a promising agricultural sciences degree, he returned home after the demise of his father.

Now running a family farm deep in debt, Garrett struggles to keep them in business.

Cara Cavanaugh leaves everything behind in Chicago, including a well-paying job and her boyfriend, for a little community in Colorado.

When she crosses paths with a kind country guy, Cara falls head over heels for him.

He will teach her that a love tale is the best tale, while she will show him that dreaming big is worth the risk.

Author: Liora Blake
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1501175350
Publisher: Pocket Books
Ready for Wild

Braden Montgomery is only passionate about three things: he doesn’t believe in luck; spending time outdoors keeps him grounded; and women are a luxury that he simply cannot afford.

With his peace of mind and his Chesapeake Bay retriever as his only companion, life is perfect for Braden—until a beautiful blonde turns his world upside down.

Once a rough Texas tomboy, Amber Regan now hosts a TV show and also has a social media following large enough to draw endorsement deals.

But with ratings tumbling and a new contract for next season uncertain, Amber needs to arrest the decline.

Finding love was however not in her plans…

Author: Liora Blake
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1501155178
Publisher: Gallery Books

True Books

True North

Kate Mosely, a writer based in a tiny town in Montana, is finally rebuilding her life after losing her husband in a tragic car crash where she was driving.

But despite re-establishing herself, Kate still has a huge void in her life.

Enter rock icon Trevor “Trax” Jenkins.

After the two share a stage, Kate discovers the soft guy hiding underneath the ink and rock star persona.

As the two draw closer, Kate gradually starts filling the void in her heart.

However, will their newfound friendship survive a daring revelation by a garish gossip magazine?

Author: Liora Blake
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00LD1OK6U
Publisher: Pocket Star
True Devotion

Devon Jenkins is a lively blonde while Simon Cole is the haughty and attractive guitarist in her brother’s band.

When the two crossed paths for the first time, it was a forgettable encounter, as Simon tried his luck on her, only to make an inappropriate joke after being turned down.

Two years later, things are still pretty much the same.

As Simon brazenly hits on women indiscriminately, Devon knows that the best thing she can do is maintain the high walls that she has built between them.

What she however doesn’t know is that the best thing isn’t automatically the right thing.

Author: Liora Blake
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00P42WYQM
Publisher: Pocket Star
True Divide

Lacey Mosely feels like her life is stagnant.

Stranded in the tiny countryside community of Crowell, Montana, she works as a manager of The Beauty Barn, and has to continually have to put up with a life without love.

In comes Jake Holt, a one-time weirdo and the boy Lacey secretly had a crush on in high school.

A decade later, Jake is a private pilot who has flown all over the globe.

When he returns to Lacey’s life when least expected, he can’t seem to let go.

How will Lacey react when the one guy she has never forgotten shows up in her life?

Will she risk everything for love?

Author: Liora Blake
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00UDCI8HC
Publisher: Pocket Star