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Allie Bock is an American author of contemporary western romance and sweet cowboy romance novels.

She is best known for writing the Cowboys of Sunnydale Series.

A dedicated equine veterinarian by day, Allie spends her nights escaping into her imaginary world of romance.

Passionate about writing romance tales revolving around strong heroines that are swept off their feet by handsome men, Allie sees writing as an enjoyable way of using the creative side of her brain compared to the analytical, doctor side that she is accustomed to.

Whenever she isn't working or writing, Allie can be found reading and spending time with the love of her life and their two Dachshunds.

And whenever they aren't indoors, they can most likely be found working cows together or riding their horses across open fields.

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Genres: Contemporary , Fiction, Romance, Western

United States


Cowboys of Sunnydale

  1. My Cowboy Crush: A Cowboys of Sunnydale Novella (2020)
  2. Falling For My Cowboy (2020)
  3. Second Chance with My Bull Rider (2020)
  4. My Unexpected Hero (2021)

Detailed book overview

Cowboys of Sunnydale

My Cowboy Crush: A Cowboys of Sunnydale Novella

The wedding was going to be beautiful, if Katie could save it.

Katie Kisment never thought much about going home after she left for college. Truth be told, she couldn’t leave town fast enough. But life goes on and being there to see her oldest friend get married was something she wasn’t going to miss. All of the focus would be on the bride-to-be so no one would probably even recognize her. How bad could it be?

As a photographer, Katie was used to hiding behind the camera. But not even her camera could hide her from the only person she ever had feelings for, even if he never knew.

As a cowboy on the Kisment Ranch, Levi knew the three unbreakable rules: no fighting, no drugs, and no dating their only daughter.

Levi was happy for his sister, he really was, but he didn’t see why he had to be so involved in her wedding. It was bad enough she had him toting balloons around like a child, what could she come up with next?

Saddle up and hang on tight for the wild ride in this sweet and clean story set in Sunnydale, TX. Will Katie survive the wedding weekend in her old home town? Will Levi be able to keep his composure and not make a scene at his sister’s wedding? Or will fate have something entirely different in mind for both of them?

Author: Allie Bock
First Release: 2020
Ebook: B086TV8TTQ
Falling For My Cowboy

When life goes wrong, Melanie Baker leaves the only world she’s ever known. In her escape she receives help from an unlikely source; from the kind of man she’s only seen in cheesy romance movies. Could he be her knight in shining armor, or is he just another frog with fly breath?

Melanie Baker’s life is perfect: dream job, engaged to a successful lawyer her family adores, a great apartment in New York City, and the best four-legged friend a girl could want. But in an instant her world is turned upside down when she is fired from her job and comes home to find her fiancé in bed with another woman. To get away from it all, she decides to take a road trip to visit to her best friend. 

 A 1,200 mile drive to Texas should give her plenty of time to figure out what to do next. Then on the last leg of her journey her car dies only a few miles from her final destination. Could things get any worse?

A handsome stranger comes to her rescue supplying an unlikely light in Melanie’s life. He provides a glimmer of hope and make her question if the life she had is really the life she needs to make her happy. Or is it all a lie?

Author: Allie Bock
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1393434702
Publisher: Allie Bock
Second Chance with My Bull Rider

What do you do when the past is your future?

Eleven years ago Delilah Allen was in love, but he left her heartbroken and alone. To survive the pain, she threw her passion into becoming one of the top nurses in San Antonio.

The Happy Hearts Therapeutic Riding Center needs a new owner or it will have to close. Now, burnt out from her job and looking for a change, Delilah steps up to help the children and the horses. It is her dream come true until everything falls apart. Suddenly, she finds herself with a herd of horses, no job, and no money.

Kade Kisment has been on the road for the past eleven years trying to run from the mistakes he made in Sunnydale, TX. He has scratched out a living on the bull-riding circuit and is now one of the top riders.

Just a few months before the Bull Riding Championships, he is laid up with severe injuries and only his brother, Kaleb, has a place for him to stay. But Kade's injuries and the family ranch are too much for Kaleb to handle by himself.

Kaleb runs into Delilah at the grocery store. He offers her a job as an in-home nurse, taking care of her ex-boyfriend, Kade. Can she control her heart long enough to earn enough money to save the riding center and her new future? Or will the past be too much to overcome?

Author: Allie Bock
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1393306627
Publisher: Allie Bock
My Unexpected Hero

One ranch. Two life changing choices. Fourteen days to decide.

Lindsay Wilson walked out of the lawyer's office, stunned and shell shocked. Her uncle's will left everything to her, except the one thing she wanted most…the ranch. Now, she has fourteen days to find a husband or the ranch will be sold to the highest bidder.

Disillusionment fills Kurt Kisment's life as a high-powered defense lawyer in Dallas as his work with criminals turns heads south of the border. He takes the next two weeks to travel home to small town Sunnydale, TX. Hoping to escape his current life, he finds himself back in the saddle at the Kisment Ranch.

Kurt runs into Lindsay in town. He can't believe that the ugly duckling from high school is now a swan. Only Lindsay doesn't want anything to do with him as she concentrates on finding a husband. Kurt decides to change her mind, but it might be too late for them. Things take a turn for the worse when Lindsay's and Kurt's pasts collide into a race for survival.

Will they make it out alive and with their hearts intact?

Author: Allie Bock
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8793400176
Publisher: Independently published