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Georgia Bockoven books in order

Georgia Bockoven is an American award-winning author of fiction and contemporary romance novels.

Born in a military family, Georgia worked as an accomplished freelance journalist and photographer before launching a career in fiction writing.

A keen reader of romance novels, Georgia began writing her own romantic tales while still working as a freelance journalist. Not long afterwards, she had a change of career in an effort to focus on her fiction writing.

Her books have so far sold more than four million copies across the globe.

Her novel, A Marriage of Convenience (1991), was adapted into a CBS film in 1998, starring Jane Seymour and James Brolin.

Georgia, who is a mother of two, currently lives in northern California with her husband, John.

More about Georgia Bockoven

Genres: Contemporary , Fiction, Romance

Born: 1943

United States

Non Series

  • Restless Tide (1983)
  • After the Lightning (1984)
  • Little by Little (1984)
  • Tracings On a Window (1984)
  • A Gift of Wild Flowers (1985)
  • Today, Tomorrow, Always (1985)
  • A Week from Friday (1986)
  • The Long Road Home (1986)
  • A Marriage of Convenience (1991)
  • Carly's Gift (1993)
  • Moments (1994)
  • Alone in a Crowd (1995)
  • Far from Home (1996)
  • An Unspoken Promise (1997)
  • Things Remembered (1998)
  • Disguised Blessing (1998)
  • Blessings in Disguise (2000)
  • If I'd Never Known Your Love (2007)
  • The Year Everything Changed (2011)

Beach House

  1. The Beach House (1997)
  2. Another Summer (2001)
  3. Return to the Beach House (2014)
  4. The Beach House: Coming Home (2017)
  5. The Cottage Next Door: A Beach House Novella (2015)

Love Songs Series

  1. Love Songs (1987)
  2. Tomorrow's Love Song (1987)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Restless Tide

HIS OTHER PASSION STOOD BETWEEN THEM — No question, Karla Fleming was in love with her husband. She loved Rick fiercely, devotedly, and she didn't care who knew it. He was her man. — But Rick craved more in life than a fulfilling relationship. A Grand Prix driver, he thrived on racing streamlined cars at breakneck speeds--on tracks where drive... more »rs sometimes lost their lives.

Karla died a little every time he climbed behind the wheel. She'd left him once because of that agony ...and she'd taken him back. Would she have the strength to leave him again?

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1983
ISBN: 978-0373700820
Publisher: Harlequin Books
After the Lightning

Her mother's painful example had taught architect Lenore Randolph to retreat from involvement with men. There was just too much of herself to be lost. Only Mangas Taylor, an impossibly private man, could have changed her mind. What she didn't know about this computer designer haunted and lured her. She uncovered a profound loneliness echoing her own--and exposed a secret that shamed them both immeasurably.... She should never have let down her guard. Now there would be no easy way back from the place Mangas had taken her....

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1984
ISBN: 978-0373701025
Publisher: Harlequin Books
Little by Little


The former weather girl no longer brought disaster to the job. She was an incisive reporter now and an exciting woman. When NASA spokesman Mike Webster tried to get close to Caroline Travers, she backed off Her ex-husband had shown her the selfishness of love; she wouldn't risk humiliation again. But Mike was one to give, not take. Forced to abandon his dream of space flight, all he craved was a home with Caroline. Mike was warm and sexy honest and altogether lovable, and Caroline was sorely tempted to believe in him...

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1984
ISBN: 978-0373701384
Publisher: Harlequin Books
Tracings On a Window

A woman never forgets her first lover... - With years of trying, Danielle Hartman had managed to erase Steve Maddox from her thoughts. That was by day. How often by night she still lay awake missing him -- the warmth and comfort of his body, the searing heat of his kisses. - Then he came back, offering her the lifeline of his love. And offering her the same bitter choice as before -- to marry him and leave her ranch, her home, the world she belonged in.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1984
ISBN: 978-0263750508
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon
A Gift of Wild Flowers

Gift Of Wild Flowers by Georgia Bockoven released on Mar 25, 1985 is available now for purchase.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1985
ISBN: 978-0263754452
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon
Today, Tomorrow, Always

After one night on the town with Kevin Anderson, Lisa Malorey knew she was falling in love,. Kevin was handsome, intelligent and compassionate, and his dedication to his work matched her own. That was the problem. As senator, Kevin sought to curb excessive government spending. As an astronaut Lisa felt just as strongly that nothing and no one should hold back funds that would jeopardize the space program. Equally passionate, they could not compromise their convictions. Yet both knew they must find a way. Theirs was no ordinary love, but one destined to last today, tomorrow, always...

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1985
ISBN: 978-0373701797
Publisher: Harlequin
A Week from Friday

At twenty-seven, Janet Franklin was a college sophomore without a spare moment or a spare dime to her name. Naturally she jumped at the chance to earn some easy money. Repossessing a mans car turned out to be mission impossible--especially when the sexy owner jogged into view. Eric Stewart not only destroyed her concentration, he also proved she was a thief! But he was willing to forgive her blunder... in the warmest, most devastating way.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1986
ISBN: 978-0263755701
Publisher: Harlequin
The Long Road Home

A yellowed newspaper clipping had turned Craig Templeton's life upside down. He had thought his destiny lay on a ranch in Oklahoma, but he was actually a Kentucky blueblood, scion of a prominent family that had given him up for dead. Caution brought him to Jennifer Langley.

The bookkeeper on the Mitchell farm could provide inside information on the family he didn't know. How could he have imagined that five short days would prompt the romance of a lifetime? Two young people, infinitely lonely, frighteningly vulnerable, became joined by bonds that neither time, nor distance, nor duty could alter.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1986
ISBN: 978-0373702220
Publisher: Harlequin
A Marriage of Convenience

Chris Taylor came to the intensive care unit of the hospital planning to put her late sister's newborn baby up for adoption. But the moment the infant's tiny hand wrapped around her finger, Chris lost her heart to the child. Even if it meant giving up her fast-track career, Chris knew she must raise Diane's son as her own. For five years, she struggled alone -- to bring up a healthy, happy child and to make ends meet. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it a million times over. Her son Kevin was the center of Chris's world, and she built a good life for them.

Then one day Kevin's father turned up on her doorstep. He was successful and rich and accustomed to getting whatever he wanted. Of course, he wanted Kevin. He had a legitimate claim, but neither he nor Chris wanted to play a tug-of-war that would hurt the boy. There was only one solution...a marriage of convenience.

A Marriage of Convenience
Director: James Keach
Cast: Jane Seymour, James Brolin, David Kaye, Lorena Gale, Kari Matchett, Karen Barker, Shirley Knight, Frank Adamson, Tom Anniko
Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1991
Ebook: B01K167VFO
Publisher: Harper Collins
Carly's Gift

“What's in the past is over and done with…or is it?”

Sixteen years ago Carly Hargrove made a decision that would irrevocably alter her life. With little comprehension of the life-long consequences of her actions, she trades her own future happiness to protect the man she's loved since kindergarten, David Montgomery.

With an ocean separating them, Carly builds a life for herself without David. She's the mother of three, lives in a beautiful house, and is married to a man who comes home every night—even if most of those nights he drinks too much. What more could she want?

Her answer arrives on a cold fall day when David shows up at her door. In town for his father's funeral, he has come to see Carly one last time, hoping to rid himself of the anger that still consumes him.

Instead, he is drawn into a web of secrets that rekindles the fierce need he once felt to protect Carly. He becomes caught up in her life in a way he never could have imagined—a way that will bind him to her forever.

NB: This book is also known as The Way It Should Have Been.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1993
ISBN: 978-0062279859
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks

Married to a successful vintner thirty years her senior, Elizabeth Preston is shaken out of her complacency by the handsome and volatile Michael Logan, who threatens to expose a secret from her past.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1994
ISBN: 978-0061081644
Publisher: Harper Collins
Alone in a Crowd

When a motorcycle accident temporarily alters Cole Webster's appearance, the country music star takes advantage of the opportunity to see what is missing in his life, discovers Holly--an independent, compassionate young woman--and falls in love.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1995
ISBN: 978-0061082160
Publisher: Harper Collins
Far from Home

Miranda Dolan's world has been destroyed so she retreats to the isolation of a rented cottage in a strange California town, searching for the peace that will make her forget her past. But her past won't stay buried for long, and Miranda must face the future with every sunrise--realizing that love has the power to light the way out of the past and into tomorrow.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1996
ISBN: 978-0061009785
Publisher: Harper Collins
An Unspoken Promise

In this moving novel about the unbreakable bond between two sisters, Diana has been the only protector to her adopted sister Amy in a life filled with crises. When Amy hits bottom, Diana takes the drastic measure of locating Amy's birth family, which leads to a new life for Amy and unexpected romance for Diana. There are more than 3 million copies of Bockoven's books in print. An Unspoken Promise touches on current issues such as adoption, substance abuse. and the strength of family ties.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1997
ISBN: 978-0061084393
Publisher: Harper Collins
Things Remembered

To face the future,

Returning to her childhood home in the golden hills of Northern California means regret and pain for Karla Esterbrook. Yet she can't refuse when her ailing grandmother, Anna, asks her to help settle her affairs. After all, Anna raised Karla and her younger sisters after their parents' death twenty years before. But from the beginning a powerful clash of wills separated Karla and her grandmother, leaving them both bitter and angry.

A woman must let go of the past

Little does Karla know that a very determined Anna will do everything in her power to bridge the chasm between them including helping a charismatic veterinarian out to win her granddaughter for himself. But can the past he healed? For Karla, opening her heart could lead to more hurt...or to love and reconciliation and a passion of which she'd only dreamed.

In the tradition of Barbara Delinksy comes this poignant, moving story of the bonds of family, the strength pf love, and the power of forgiveness.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1998
ISBN: 978-0062195166
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Disguised Blessing

"Silver Linings."

After years of being alone, Catherine Miller thinks she's finally found happiness. Engaged to an adoring, successful executive, she lives in a luxurious house, and her beautiful fifteen-year-old daughter, Linda, is on the brink of college and adulthood. Then, Catherine's rose-colored world is shattered.

Her daughter is burned terribly in a freak accident, and just when Catherine needs him most, her fiancé abandons her. Now Catherine must call on every ounce of courage and strength she has to help her beloved daughter recover. Fortunately, she's got help in fire captain Rick Sawyer, an expert burn counselor. Ruggedly handsome, appealingly down-to-earth, Rick is like no man Catherine has ever met. But Catherine made the wrong choice before. How can she trust her emotions--especially when it's not just her heart at stake but her daughter's life, too?

In the tradition of Barbara Delinsky comes this poignant, moving story of the bonds of family, the strength of love, and the courage to dare.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1998
Ebook: B01K3KS814
Publisher: Wheeler Publishing
Blessings in Disguise

When Lynda Miller is injured in a tragic accident her mother is wracked by guilt - her happy-go-lucky daughter has been transformed into a virtual recluse. Used to dealing with situations like this, counsellor Rick Sawyer is assigned to help, but first he has to win the Miller's trust.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 2000
ISBN: 978-0749931957
Publisher: Piatkus Books
If I'd Never Known Your Love

"I'm going to miss you. Every minute of every hour…"

With those words, Julia's husband stepped into his taxi and was gone. Evan McDonald. Julia's lifeline—and the doting father of her two beautiful children. From the moment she'd first spotted him in high school so many years before, Julia had known they'd always be together.

Now…Evan's business trip to Colombia becomes deadly when he's kidnapped, and Julia is thrown into a tailspin of horror…and waiting.

For five long years Julia does whatever it takes to bring Evan home. Despite her grief and rage at losing the man she loves, she vows to keep struggling. Until she receives a call that shatters her hopes of Evan's return. But then…

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 2007
ISBN: 978-0373654079
Publisher: Harlequin Everlasting Love
The Year Everything Changed

As Jessie Patrick Reed's attorney, I'm writing to you on behalf of your father, Jessie Patrick Reed. I regret to inform you that Mr. Reed is dying. He has expressed a desire to see you . . .

Elizabeth, even though sustained by a loving family, has suffered the most from her father's seeming abandonment and for years has protected herself with a deep-seated anger that she hides from everyone.

Ginger, in love with a married man, will be forced to reevaluate every relationship she's ever had and will reach stunning conclusions that will change her life forever.

Rachel learns of her father's existence the same day she finds out that her husband of ten years has had an affair. She will receive the understanding and support she needs to survive from an unlikely and surprising source.

Christine is a young filmmaker, barely out of college, who now must decide if her few precious memories of a man she believed to be long dead are enough to give him a second chance.

Four sisters who never knew the others existed will find strength, love, and answers in the most unexpected places in...The Year Everything Changed.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-0062069320
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks

Beach House

The Beach House

When thirty-year-old Julia, mourning the death of her husband, decides to sell the Santa Cruz beach house they owned together, she sets in motion a final summer that will change the lives of all the families who rent it year after year. Teenaged Chris discovers the bittersweet joy of first love. Maggie and Joe, married sixty-five years, courageously face a separation that even their devotion cannot prevent. The married woman Peter yearns for suddenly comes within his reach. And Julia ultimately finds the strength to rebuild her life—something she once thought impossible.

With equal measures of heartbreak and happiness, bestselling author Georgia Bockoven's unforgettable novel tells of the beauty of life and the power of love, and speaks to every woman who has ever clung to a child or loved a man.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1997
ISBN: 978-0061727641
Publisher: Avon
Another Summer

Weaving together love and laughter, heartache and hope, promise and passion, Another Summer returns to the world of The Beach House with new stories entwined in a powerful emotional journey.

A twentieth high school reunion reunites lovers who must learn to trust again. Teenagers from opposite worlds discover that having a chip on their shoulder only makes it harder to get through doors. An ambitious corporate attorney finds herself falling for the man she has vowed to destroy in the courtroom. A young family, reeling from a devastating loss, meets a mysterious older couple and a half-starved stray cat that will guide them back to each other.

None of these people will leave the beach house the same as they were before…

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 2001
ISBN: 978-0061986628
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Return to the Beach House

Over the course of one year, in a charming cottage by the sea, eight people will discover love and remembrance, reconciliation and reunion, beginnings and endings in this unforgettable sequel to Georgia Bockoven’s The Beach House and Another Summer.

Alison arrives at the beach house in June to spend a month with her restless grandson before he leaves for his freshman year in college. Over a decade before, Alison lost her beloved husband, and has faced life alone ever since. Now she discovers a new life, and possible new love.

August brings together four college friends facing a milestone. Across summer’s final days, they share laughter, tears, and love—revealing long-held secrets and creating new and even more powerful bonds.

World-class wildlife photographer, Matthew, and award-winning war photographer, Lindsey, arrive at the beach house in January, each harboring the very real fear that it will mark the end of their decade-long love affair. Alone in the house’s warm peace, they will be forced to truly look at who they are and what they want, discovering surprising truths that will change their lives forever.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0062195241
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
The Beach House: Coming Home

“After you’ve given your baby to strangers, what do you say when someone asks if you have children?”

Fourteen years ago, Melinda Campbell was fifteen and a half, pregnant and terrified. Desperate to protect her baby from a malicious grandfather and needed at home to take care of her own critically ill father, Melinda makes the most generous, heart-wrenching choice of all: adoption. Now she’s living the successful life her father struggled to give her, but missing her daughter with a longing that shadows every joy.

Jeremy Richmond knows the beach house the way a painter knows his canvas, intimately and focused on detail. His life revolves around his adopted daughter, Shiloh, the girl who’s owned his heart from the moment he first held her as an infant. They were a picture-perfect family until Shiloh was diagnosed with pediatric lupus and Jeremy’s wife walked away.

When Shiloh tells her father she’s tired of fighting her illness and wants to meet her biological mother before it’s too late, Jeremy agrees to find a woman he has no desire to meet.

From the moment Melinda and Jeremy come face-to-face, they realize their worlds will never be the same. Will the beach house that has harbored troubled hearts for decades prove to be the balm they need to heal…?

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0062388988
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
The Cottage Next Door: A Beach House Novella

What should have been the best day in Diana Wagnor's twenty-nine years easily turns into the worst when her job is downsized, she discovers her fiancé in bed with her best friend, and she watches her cherished grandmother's house burn to the ground.

Clearly it's time to start over and get out of Topeka, Kansas, where she's spent her whole life. But what should she do? And how does she ever trust herself in another relationship when her one indisputable skill seems to be picking the wrong man?

Diana finds her answers at the cottage next door to the beach house with the help of a tall, sculptured, soft-spoken Californian, and a heart-shaped piece of sea glass.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 2015
Publisher: William Morrow Impulse

Love Songs Series

Love Songs

JO'S FUTURE LAY IN BRAD'S PAST — All the senior citizens in the college town of Boulder, Colorado, loved perky Jo Williams, who ran the local frozen yogurt shop. One had even bequeathed her an inheritance... — That inheritance led Brad Tyler to her door one balmy spring night, and once there, he never wanted to leave. But as smitten as Jo ... more »was, she knew their chance of genuine happiness was obstructed by the pain Brad still harbored for a lost love.

Jo was determined to help Brad lay his ghosts to rest. She'd have to risk losing him in order to gain his heart forever.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1987
ISBN: 978-0373507849
Publisher: Harlequin
Tomorrow's Love Song

Tomorrow's Love Song by Georgia Bockoven released on May 25, 1987 is available now for purchase.

Author: Georgia Bockoven
First Release: 1987
ISBN: 978-0263761481
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon