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Cathy Bramley is a British best-selling author of chick-lit, comedy and romantic fiction novels.

Born in Birmingham, England, Cathy turned to full-time writing after running her own marketing agency for nearly two decades.

Nevertheless, she has been a passionate reader all along, and never missed having a book.

Cathy currently lives in a tiny village in Nottinghamshire with her family and a Cockerpoo named Pearl.

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Genres: Chick Lit, Comedy, Romance

United Kingdom


Non Series

  • Conditional Love (2013)
  • Ivy Lane (2014)
  • Appleby Farm (2015)
  • Wickham Hall (2016)
  • The Plumberry School of Comfort Food (2016)
  • White Lies and Wishes (2017)
  • The Lemon Tree Café (2017)
  • Hetty’s Farmhouse Bakery (2018)
  • A Match Made in Devon (2018)
  • My Kind of Happy (2021)


  1. Rescue Me (2020)

Short Story Collection

  1. A Patchwork Family (2020)
Short Story Collection

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Conditional Love

Sophie Stone is used to a boring and predictable way of life.

Now in her thirties, things don’t get as exciting as takeaway, TV and some tea.

She wouldn’t prefer having it any other way.

Her life however changes when she receives an inheritance from a strange benefactor.

But in order to claim it, Sophie must meet her father—a person she will be seeing for the very first time.

Accepting the challenge will give her the opportunity to secure her dream home.

On the down side, Sophie will be forced to confront the past and some unsettling truths.

What will she choose?

Will she find love in the process?

Author: Cathy Bramley
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0552171564
Publisher: Transworld Pub
Ivy Lane

So many things can take place in a year.

Desperate to begin a new chapter, Tilly Parker moves to a sleepy and peaceful town in order to calm the storm in her life.

A plot of land at Ivy Lane seems like a good place to start.

Although Tilly came to Ivy Lane with a rigid heart, the locals progressively draw her into their warm and welcoming world of planting seedlings, planning bake sales, and organizing seasonal parties.

As the months pass and the seasons come and go, will Tilly finally stop distracting herself with the sweet peas and allow people to be part of her life once again?

Author: Cathy Bramley
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0552171236
Publisher: Transworld Pub
Appleby Farm

Freya Moorcroft has a great job at a café in Ivy Lane, and an exciting new boyfriend.

Nevertheless, she still misses the stunning Appleby Farm, where she was brought up by her aunt and uncle.

So when she is informed that the farm is on its knees, Freya packs her things and heads back to her Cumbrian home.

Upon arriving, she discovers just how bad things are.

As she applies all her will and imagination to revive the farm, Freya’s own dreams start gradually being fulfilled.

Love is more important than money, at least according to Freya.

But will rescuing Appleby Farm come at a cost?

Author: Cathy Bramley
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0552171595
Publisher: Corgi Books
Wickham Hall

When Holly Swift secures a job of working as the events co-ordinator at Wickham Hall, the stunning manor in her childhood home, it comes as a great reprieve, as she needs to run away from her problems at home.

From family weddings to summer celebrations, firework shows, and Christmas caves, Wickham Hall simply steals Holly‘s heart.

She always starts growing fond of her affectionate and somewhat peculiar colleagues.

But life can’t be organized as effortlessly as events at Wickham Hall, which also come with their fair share of challenges.

Will Holly finally accept to forget the past and live in the present?

Author: Cathy Bramley
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0552172103
Publisher: Corgi Books
The Plumberry School of Comfort Food

Verity Bloom’s passion for cooking died two years ago following the demise of her closest friend and baking partner.

However, in an effort to assist a friend in need, Verity finds herself right back in the kitchen.

Scheduled to open within the next couple of weeks, the Plumberry School of Comfort Food needs some amazing ideas from Verity.

As new friendships are made and an attraction begins forming, Verity starts finding some happiness in her life.

But just when things seem to be falling into place, disaster strikes, affecting Plumberry.

Can Verity rescue the cookery school, as well as her heart?

Author: Cathy Bramley
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0552172080
Publisher: Corgi Books
White Lies and Wishes

Jo is a flirty woman who desires to revive her business and overcome her acrophobia. Falling in love is the least of her worries.

Sarah has a nice job and a lovely baby. Nonetheless, the one thing that she desperately needs is a promotion. Should she get it, it will be worth all the sacrifices that she has made.

Carrie is desperate to lose the extra weight and look amazing for the summer. She would love nothing more than to wear a bikini.

Three different women, brought together by a funeral, form an improbable friendship.

What could stop them from fulfilling their goals? The little white lies…

Author: Cathy Bramley
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0552171557
Publisher: Corgi Books
The Lemon Tree Café

When Rosie Featherstone suddenly loses her job, she decides to help her dearest Italian grandmother at the Lemon Tree Café, a tiny piece of Italy in Derbyshire, as the perfect escape.

Not long afterwards, Rosie falls in love with the rich aroma of espresso, sumptuous biscotti and intriguing village gossip.

Nonetheless, not even that and meeting a new and attractive guy is enough to make Rosie forget about the deadly secret that troubles her.

As danger draws closer, and the fate Lemon Tree Café grows uncertain, Rosie learns that she isn’t the only one hiding secrets.

Will Rosie rescue the café and ensure that she and her Nonna find true happiness?

Author: Cathy Bramley
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0552172097
Publisher: Corgi Books
Hetty’s Farmhouse Bakery

When it comes to the family, everything revolves around thirty-two-year-old Hetty Greengrass.

From marriage, to parenthood and helping Dan to manage Sunnybank Farm, Hetty has been on full throttle for the past twelve years.

So when Poppy, her daughter, picks her aunt, rather than her mom, as her inspiration for a school project, Hetty is devastated.

Gifted with the ability to bake mouth-watering pies, Hetty decides to take part in a competition to choose the very best that Cumbria has to offer.

Perhaps it could win over the admiration of her daughter.

But things are never that simple.

And soon enough, Hetty will have to decide what her real priorities are.

Author: Cathy Bramley
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0552173940
Publisher: Corgi Books
A Match Made in Devon

Nina has always wanted to become a star.

She is however struggling with her acting career, and her agent doesn’t view her as a potential leading character.

When disaster strikes following a terrible paparazzi encounter, Nina has no option but to move to London.

There, she intends on keeping a low profile with a friend in Devon, in the stunning Brightside Cove.

But as she will soon learn, a tiny village can be more dramatic than a chaotic television set.

Drawn to a handsome man and his cute dog, Nina soon discovers just how showbiz isn’t the most important thing.

Author: Cathy Bramley
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0552173933
Publisher: Corgi Books
My Kind of Happy

Fresh flowers make everything better, at least according to Fearne Lovage.

Her most treasured memories are those with her florist grandmother, where she helped her organize lovely blooms that always put a smile on everyone’s faces.

But everything changed a year ago when disaster struck.

In her desperation to begin a new chapter, Fearne is fortuitously inspired to make a happiness list.

And before she knows it, life starts becoming more colorful.

She is not only doing things that she wouldn’t ordinarily be doing, but is also enjoying herself.

So when a promising opportunity presents itself, will Fearne embrace the challenge?

Author: Cathy Bramley
First Release: 2021
Ebook: B085CNDCD9
Publisher: Orion


Rescue Me

Fearne Lovage leads a nice and organized life.

Although the exclusive group of people that she speaks candidly with is at a minimum, she is still surrounded by a group of friends that she loves dearly.

Whenever someone’s heart is shattered, nothing becomes as important as feeling safe.

Taking risks is never a priority.

Life is however never short of surprises, more so for Fearne. Her surprise comes in the form of a hairy, shabby and chaotic one.

Not long afterwards, Fearne is not only saving the day, but also getting saved.

This is the story of Fearne and her quest to find real happiness.

Author: Cathy Bramley
First Release: 2020
Ebook: B089R611GY
Publisher: Orion

Short Story Collection

A Patchwork Family

For years, Gina has been agreeing with other people in an effort to avoid any disputes. It’s an easier way to live.

She operated her childminding business from her home near The Evergreens, the fascinating Victorian house that hosts three fun-loving octogenarians.

So when The Evergreens is put on auction, Gina and the other residents come to terms with the possibility of losing their home.

Determined to prevent the eviction of the octogenarians, will Gina finally stand up for something she believes in for the first time in her life?

Will she finally learn to believe in abilities?

Will she save The Evergreens?

Author: Cathy Bramley
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1409186731
Publisher: Orion