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Rosie Clarke books in order

Rosie Clarke is the pseudonym of Linda Sole, a British author of historical fiction and historical romance novels.

Born in Swindon, she relocated to Cambridgeshire with her family at the age of nine.

At fifteen she left and went to work as a hairdresser in her father's business, while at eighteen she got married and started her own hairdressing business which she ran for a number of years.

Linda is quite passionate about writing and has authored more than a hundred novels under various pen names such as Anne Herries, Rosie Clarke, Cathy Sharp, Emma Quincey, Lynn Granville and Juliana Linden.

She currently lives in Cambridgeshire with her beloved husband.

More about Rosie Clarke

Genres: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance

Born: 1950

United Kingdom

Pseudonym: Rosie Clarke


Non Series

  • The Downstairs Maid (2014)
  • Christmas is for Children (2020)
  • Nellie's Heartbreak (2021)

Emma Trilogy

  1. Emma (1999)
  2. Emma's War (2000)
  3. Emma's Duty (2015)

Mulberry Lane Books

  1. The Girls of Mulberry Lane (2017)
  2. A Wedding at Mulberry Lane (2018)
  3. Mulberry Lane Babies (2018)
  4. New Arrivals at Mulberry Lane (2018)
  5. The Women of Mulberry Lane (2019)
  6. A Reunion at Mulberry Lane (2020)
  7. Stormy Days On Mulberry Lane (2021)

The Workshop Girls Books

  1. Lizzie's Secret (2016)
  2. Lizzie's War (2016)
  3. Lizzie's Daughters (2017)

Welcome To Harpers Emporium Books

  1. The Shop Girls of Harpers (2019)
  2. Love and Marriage at Harpers (2020)
  3. Rainy Days for the Harpers Girls (2020)
  4. Harpers Heroes (2020)

Women at War Series

  1. Jessie's Promise (2017)
  2. The Runaway Wife (2018)
  3. Hetty's Secret War (2019)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

The Downstairs Maid

When her father is unable to take care of them due to an illness, Emily Carter is forced into service at Priorsfield Manor, in an effort to meet the needs of her family.

While there, Emily against all odds draws closer to the daughters of the house, just as much as she does to Nicolas, son of the Earl.
However, as the threat of the war looms closer, Emily is given a stark reminder of the huge difference between upstairs and downstairs—being a servant and being a master.

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0091956097
Publisher: Ebury
Christmas is for Children

1930. The festive season is here.

Christmas in the East End may however be in name only, given the devastating nature of the Depression.

Unemployed and without much luck, widower Robbie Graham is struggling to provide for his children, Ben and Ruthie.
Christmas seems as improbable as it is unattainable.

Flo Hawkins, who runs a cakery, is troubled by the fact that children in the area could go without Christmas.

Working in tandem with her dear sister Honour, they embark on a mission to spread some Christmas cheer.

Although she commits herself to providing others with gifts, could Flo very well receive the biggest gift of the holiday season?

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1786693013
Publisher: Aria
Nellie's Heartbreak

Growing up, Nellie Peace always felt that her mother never wanted her.

Forsaken and sent into service while still young, Nellie leads a lonely life—until she meets and falls in love with the incalculable and isolated artist, Lucas Harrington.

Although a master and servant should never be entangled in a romantic affair, their union is supported by Lucas’s kind Aunt Alice.

Shattered vows and heartache however forces a defamed Nellie to run away from Beaumont House.

Lonely once again, she must provide for her new-born child.

Will she ever be happy again?

Can she unravel the mystery around her mother’s past?

NB: This book was previously published as All Their Days by Linda Sole.

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2021
Ebook: B08TBL65LM
Publisher: Boldwood Books

Emma Trilogy


 “She has nothing other than her reputation.”

Upon learning that she is pregnant with the child of Paul Greenslade, Emma Robinson knows that the repercussions will be severe, more so after Paul takes off instead of marrying a common shop-girl.

Ultimately, Emma is forced by her overbearing father to wed Richard Gillows.

And as she will soon find out, a resentful husband can become a deadly foe.

Does Emma really have a reason to stay?

Will she be brave enough to run away and begin a new chapter with her child?

NB: This novel was previously published as The Ties That Bind by Linda Sole.

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 1999
ISBN: 978-0091956103
Publisher: Ebury
Emma's War

Things have turned out perfectly for Emma, who just recently got married to the loving RAF pilot Jonathan Reece.

The bliss however doesn’t last for long, as months later, Jon’s plane is attacked while in French airspace.

With his body nowhere to be found, all hopes of finding him alive are diminished.

Left with two children, Emma’s only priority is to look after her family.

Everything however changes when an American businessman named Jack Harvey cruises into her life, leaving her with a tough choice?

Can she learn to love again?

NB: This novel was first published as The Bonds That Break by Linda Sole.

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2000
ISBN: 978-0091956110
Publisher: Ebury
Emma's Duty

 “The war may have ended, but Emma’s battles still rage on.”

Emma Reece is gradually coming to terms with the return of her husband from the war.

Although he is back into her life, their marriage virtually doesn’t exist, given the devastating nature of his injuries from the war.

Matters translate from bad to worse for Emma after she discovers that Jack Harvey, her close friend and one-time lover, is no longer available.

Although Jack still loves her, he is now committed to another woman.

NB: This novel was first published as The Hearts That Hold by Linda Sole.

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0091956127
Publisher: Ebury

Mulberry Lane Books

The Girls of Mulberry Lane

1938: Mulberry Lane, London.

Maureen Jackson is continually being intimidated by her father.

Three years ago, she looked set to wed Rory, the love of her life—until the demise of her mother.

Now forced to look after her domineering father, things get worse for her when Rory returns to London with his expectant wife.

Janet Ashley would be married to Mike, if only her father would approve of their union.

Although she goes against his wishes, Janet ends up pregnant.

Peggy, her mother, however won’t let that tear her family apart.

Will the girls of Mulberry Lane find happiness before the war darkens their lives?

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1788540995
Publisher: Aria
A Wedding at Mulberry Lane

 “Passion, birth, loss and deceit.”

Life as a trainee nurse begins in the worst possible way for Maureen Jackson after her hospital is bombed on her first day.

She’s also having a hard time balancing between being there for her patients and her friends and family in Mulberry Lane.

Peggy Ashley is used to welcoming all manner of outcasts, being that she operates a pub in the area. None has however been as elegant as the American captain who makes the area’s beloved landlady the subject of rumors.

Janet Ashley's beloved husband, Mike, returns from battle amnesiac.

How will Janet handle living with a stranger?

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1788546201
Publisher: Aria
Mulberry Lane Babies

The year is 1941 in Mulberry Lane, London.

Everything seems to be getting harder in the area as the war intensifies.

Desperation plunges people into deadly situations.

Sinister figures hide in the darkest corners of the streets, terrifying the lonely and helpless.

When Peggy gives birth to twins much earlier than expected, Maureen and Nellie are swift to offer their help.

Amidst the widespread fear and dreadful circumstances brought about by the Second World War, the mothers of Mulberry Lane maintain their unity.

When new life brings the promise of a better future, maintaining unity becomes paramount for survival.

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1788549929
Publisher: Aria
New Arrivals at Mulberry Lane

The year is 1943 in Mulberry Lane, London.

It’s winter yet again. Life doesn’t seem to be getting any easier for the locals.

Rose Merchant arrives in Mulberry Lane, albeit with a dark secret that troubles her.

Does she really have the strength to reveal to Peggy Ashley, the area’s matriarch and beloved landlady, that she is the descendant of a killer?

With time, Rose discovers that she is surrounded by friends and not foes.

Rose and Peggy's lives however take a turn for the worse following the arrival of Laurie—Peggy's alienated husband.

Will the women ever overcome the heartache and find happiness?

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1786692993
Publisher: Aria
The Women of Mulberry Lane

“Could the doom and gloom of the war be on its final stretch?”

The women of Mulberry Lane are nervously waiting for news.

Peggy isn’t sure if she will ever lay her eyes on Able, the American captain who so happens to be the father of her twins, again.

As if that were not enough, she also receives a menacing letter from her alienated husband, Laurie.

Meanwhile, Rose is madly in love with Jimmy, while Tom is madly in love with her.

Will Gordon return back to being the man and husband that he used to be?

Or is his marriage with Maureen doomed?

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1789542233
Publisher: Aria
A Reunion at Mulberry Lane

The year is 1949.

Peggy finds herself in a dilemma—not for the first time…

Desperate to be reunited with her beloved family and friends at Mulberry Lane for the festive season, her only hope is that they will help her find solutions to her problems.

Janet, her eldest daughter, is overwhelmed by sadness. She has every reason to believe that her husband has another woman.

Meanwhile, Fay, her youngest daughter, looks set to head to London to train as a figure skater thanks to her talent.

Will Peggy return with her family to the capital in order to help her daughter fulfill her dreams?

Will the others handle her decision?

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1838899226
Publisher: Boldwood Books
Stormy Days On Mulberry Lane

The year is 1950.

Things have finally returned to normal for Peggy Ronoscki.

The beloved landlady of Mulberry Lane is back to managing her guesthouse in the area, whilst living amongst her friends and loves ones.

But just when she settles into her new life, tragedy strikes.

Peggy’s son Pip ends up in a coma after a terrible car crash.

On top of that, Peggy is forced to look after a youthful girl who loses consciousness in the market.

But has she brought problems to her own home?

Will things ever get back to normal for her?

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1800480919
Publisher: Boldwood Books

The Workshop Girls Books

Lizzie's Secret

The year is 1938 in London.

Lizzie Larch is an admired hatmaker based in the East End of the city.

Underneath her cheerful outward appearance however lies a terrible secret.

Nearly a decade ago, Lizzie was brutally attacked. Although she recuperated in a private sanatorium, she ended up suffering a miscarriage.

She however has no recollection of the events of that terrifying night.

When she gets romantically involved with her boss's nephew, shocking discoveries are made; discoveries which could jeopardize their happiness.

This moving book is about everyday people who suffer and overcome immense challenges and misfortunes.

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1786693112
Publisher: Aria
Lizzie's War

The year is 1940 in London.

Things are gradually getting back to normal in London after the destruction caused by Hitler’s bombs.

With Sebastian now back to serving in the war, Lizzie Larch must fully focus on her business if she is to look after herself and her young child.

Her enemies are however not far away.

They quietly observe and wait, plotting to destroy Lizzie and everything that is dear to her.

Despite the shortages, Lizzie's hats are becoming increasingly popular.

But will she ever see the love of her life alive again?

What's the point of success if you don’t share it with your loved one?

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1784977160
Publisher: Aria
Lizzie's Daughters

The year is 1958 in London.

Lizzie cherishes her lovely and smart daughters and will stop at nothing to protect them.

Although they are quite similar, they are also very different.

Betty, the eldest, is quite like Lizzie's first husband: strong-willed. Francie is however gifted and easily swayed.

Terror and heartache strikes the family after Betty takes off following an altercation with Sebastian.

Though endangering her health, Lizzie—who is pregnant—desperately wants to give Sebastian the son they yearn for.

Using his old connections, Sebastian embarks on a deadly overseas assignment to find Betty.

Will me make amends for his mistakes and reunite friends and family?

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1786692979
Publisher: Aria

Welcome To Harpers Emporium Books

The Shop Girls of Harpers

The year is 1911 in London.

The experience of a lifetime begins when four girls, Sally, Beth, Margaret and Rachel, cross paths during a job interview at a newly opened store in Oxford Street .

Luckily for them, they all get hired as sales agents.

Get embroiled in their affairs as they battle against heartache and sorrow, lose their hearts and find happiness, and be there for each other regardless of the challenges that they face.

This moving book is about the Harpers Girls, and their tales of love and loss.

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1838892036
Publisher: Boldwood Books
Love and Marriage at Harpers

The year is 1913 in Oxford Street, London.

Things are going perfectly fine for the sales girls of Harpers Emporium along Oxford Street.

They are gracefully undertaking their roles and leading their lives.

Unyielding in their quest to advocate for women’s suffrage, they now reside in the same house.

As time goes by, some of them will fall in love and get married, while others will end up with shattered hearts and endless tears.

Brought together by Harpers, they will find strength even during the toughest of times.

This moving book is about the Harpers Girls, and their tale of love and loss.

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1838891831
Publisher: Boldwood Books
Rainy Days for the Harpers Girls

The year is 1914 in Oxford Street, London. Terrible times lie ahead for the Harpers Girls.

Two years have passed since the launch of Harpers Emporium.

Sally and Ben Harper simply can’t wait for the birth of their first child.
Beth Burrows on the other hand is just getting used to being married to Jack.

She is however still reeling from her miscarriage and the devastating loss of her Aunt.

New members, Marion, Janice and Becky, are welcomed to the Harpers, becoming part of the daily activities at the store.

Rachel is having wedding jitters while Minnie meets a former lover.

War is however right around the corner…

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1838891541
Publisher: Boldwood Books
Harpers Heroes

The year is 1915.

Sally Harper silently struggles to keep Harpers in business during the war, even as her husband Ben spends nearly all his time in the War Office.

Beth Burrow can’t help but worry about her husband, Jack, who is at sea with the Merchant Navy. Her greatest fear is that she won’t ever lay her eyes on him again, and have a child.

Maggie Gibbs barely has any time to rest, given her present role as a nursing assistant on the French battlefields. Amidst the daily trauma of looking after victims of the war, tragedy hits close to home when her fiancé's plane plummets into the sea.

Given the challenges they face, can the Harpers Girls find their way back to happiness?

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1838891305
Publisher: Boldwood Books

Women at War Series

Jessie's Promise

The year is 1918.

Upon losing her nursing job after The Great War, Jessie Hale moves from London to Devon to become the nursemaid to the Kendles.

The family is however in chaos.

Captain Kendle, head of the family, is haunted by the horrors of the war. He is also becoming increasingly alienated by his cold wife.

When their elderly Nanny becomes sidelined after an accident, the responsibility of uniting the family falls on Jessie.

As time steadily goes by, Jessie becomes an integral part of their lives.

Trouble however brews when Jessie’s emotions towards her employer suddenly change.

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1784977177
Publisher: Aria
The Runaway Wife

The self-indulgent London of the 1920s is worlds apart from Annabel Tarleton's average life in the countryside.

A coincidental encounter with the delightful Richard Hansen at a society ball however changes her life.

Although she falls for his wealth and elegance, Annabel soon learns that things are never what they seem.

Her quest for freedom ends terribly, as she finds herself in the worst possible marriage.

Desperate to provide a better life for herself and her unborn child, Annabel’s only option is to run away.

However, the wealthy and influential in society always get what they want.

And Richard wants Annabel…

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1786692986
Publisher: Aria
Hetty's Secret War


Georgie endures a daily battle with fear after the love of her life is assigned to a covert war office in France.

Beth, who lost her parents as a child, wants to assist in the war as much as she can. Although she finds love and gets married, the war makes her a widow. Left alone with a child on the way, will she ever find happiness again?

While trying to return to her home in London from Paris, Hetty ends up joining the resistance after a devastating encounter in Chateau de Faubourg.

Pledging her allegiance to Stefan Lefarge, leader of the resistance, Hetty could lose both her heart and her life.

Author: Rosie Clarke
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1789542226
Publisher: Aria