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Darcy Coates books in order

Darcy Coates is an Australian USA Today Bestselling author of ghost stories.

She also writes terrifying horror and suspense tales.

Her bestselling books include Hunted (2018), The Haunting of Ashburn House (2016), and Craven Manor (2017).

Darcy currently makes her home on the Australian Central Coast with her family, cats, and a garden that quite literally has herbs and vegetables everywhere.

She has a soft spot for forests, more so old-growth forests that make humans seem incredibly tiny.

Darcy loves nature and always does her best to live next to a mountain range.

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Genres: Ghosts, Horror, Suspense



Non Series

  • Ghost Camera (2014)
  • The Haunting of Gillespie House (2015)
  • Dead Lake (2015)
  • The Haunting of Blackwood House (2015)
  • The Haunting of Ashburn House (2016)
  • Parasite (2016)
  • The Folcroft Ghosts (2017)
  • The House Next Door (2017)
  • The Haunting of Rookward House (2017)
  • Craven Manor (2017)
  • The Carrow Haunt (2018)
  • Hunted (2018)
  • The Haunting of Leigh Harker (2021)
  • From Below (2022)
  • Gallows Hill (2022)
  • Dead of Winter (2023)
  • Where He Can't Find You (2023)

Black Winter

  1. Voices in the Snow (2020)
  2. Secrets in the Dark (2020)
  3. Whispers in the Mist (2020)
  4. Silence in the Shadows (2020)


  1. Quarter to Midnight (2015)
  2. Small Horrors (2016)

Ghosts and Shadows

  1. House of Shadows (2015)
  2. House of Secrets (2016)


  1. The Twisted Dead (2023)
  2. The Hollow Dead (2024)
  3. The Whispering Dead (2021)
  4. The Ravenous Dead (2022)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Ghost Camera

When Jenine finds an abandoned camera in a lighthouse, she takes a photo for fun. But there's something very, very wrong with the picture: it contains ghosts.

Jenine and her best friend, Bree, realize the camera is capable of capturing the dead. But with each new photo taken, the specters become more aware and more alert, and begin following the friends.

Desperate, Jenine seeks the help of a paranormal researcher. He only has bad news, though: they've meddled with something far beyond their control, and the ghosts won't stop...not until Jenine and Bree are dead.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00M9CTQ3O
Publisher: Black Owl Books
The Haunting of Gillespie House

Elle is thrilled to spend a month minding the beautiful Gillespie property. Over an hour's drive from the nearest town, the aging mansion is ideal for someone seeking solitude. But as she explores her new home, Elle makes a startling discovery: there's a graveyard nestled deep in the woods, containing a generation of the house's residents...all who died the same year.

Then things start to go very wrong, very quickly.

There are skittering noises inside the walls...slamming doors...whispers in the night...a locked room...and a horrifying mystery that wants to be solved. As she investigates further, Elle begins to unravel the property's dark and dangerous history. At its center is Jonathan Gillespie, a tyrannical cult leader and the house's original owner. And as Elle soon learns...

Just because he's dead, doesn't mean he's gone.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1728221793
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Dead Lake

A cabin in the woods thriller that will make you double-check your locks at night. Because no one is ever truly alone...

For lovers of horror and ghost stories. Includes 4 bonus stories.

A week's visit to the remote Harob Lake cabin couldn't have come at a better time for Sam.

She's battling artist's block ahead of a major gallery exhibition. Staying at the lake house is her final, desperate attempt to paint the collection that could save her floundering career. It seems perfect: no neighbors, no phone, no distractions.

But the dream retreat disintegrates into a nightmare when Sam sees a stranger by the lake.

A tall, mysterious man stands on the edge of her dock, staring intently into the swirling waters below. He starts to follow her. He disables her car. He destroys her only way to communicate with the outside world. And something about the man seems...unnatural.

Soon Sam suspects he's responsible for the series of disappearances from a nearby hiking trail.

Completely stranded, Sam realizes she's become the prey in the hunter's deadliest game...

Don't have enough scary books on your shelves?

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1728221779
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
The Haunting of Blackwood House

The shadows of dead things―and how they haunt the living. How long could you survive?

As the daughter of spiritualists, Mara's childhood was filled with séances and scam mediums. Now she's ready to start over with her fiancé, Neil, far away from the superstitions she's learned to loathe...but her past isn't willing to let her go so easily.

And neither is Blackwood House.

When Mara and Neil purchased the derelict property, they were warned that ever since the murder of its original owner, things have changed. Strange shadows stalk the halls. Doors creak open by themselves. Voices whisper in the night. And watchful eyes follow her every move. But Mara's convinced she can't possibly be in danger. She doesn't believe in ghost stories, and she didn't buy a haunted house―it's just not possible.

Because ghosts aren't real... are they?

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1728220147
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
The Haunting of Ashburn House

There's something wrong with Ashburn House...

Everyone knows about Ashburn House. They whisper its old owner went mad, and restless ghosts still walk the halls. They say it's the dwelling place of something cruel and sinister. But when Adrienne―desperate and in need of a place to stay―inherits the crumbling old mansion, she only sees it as a lifeline... until darkness falls.

Strange messages are etched into the walls. Furniture moves when she leaves the room. There's something here―something powerful, angry, and hell-bent on shaking things up. Worse, a grave hidden in the depths of the forest hints at a terrible, unforgivable secret. 

Eventually Adrienne can't ignore that a twisted thing lives in the house, its hungry eyes ever-watchful. Chasing the threads of a decades-old mystery, it isn't long before she realizes she's become prey to something deeply unnatural and intensely resentful.

She has no idea how to escape. She has no idea how to survive. Only one thing is certain: Ashburn's dead are not at rest.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1728220130
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

There are bodysnatchers about, and they're closer than you think...

When a guard discovers an unusual lifeform on her remote moon outpost, she disregards protocol to investigate―with catastrophic consequences. It soon becomes clear she's stuck in isolation with an alien capable of incredible depravity. The parasite wears its victims' skins and adopts their personalities. It mimics the way they talk, the way they look, the way they act. It's the perfect disguise.

And by the time humanity realizes it's facing extinction, it's already too late.

As the alien's ruthless progress collapses communication networks, wipes out defenses, and leaves hundreds of stations to fend for themselves, a handful of remarkable individuals must find a way to battle the greatest threat the universe has ever encountered... or die trying.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1728221809
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
The Folcroft Ghosts

Every family has its secrets.

When their mother is hospitalized, Tara and Kyle are sent to stay with their only remaining relatives. Their elderly grandparents seem friendly at first, and the rambling house is full of fun nooks and crannies to explore. But strange things keep happening. A bedroom remains locked at all times. Doors slam and curtains shift when no one is inside. And there are whispers of a sister who drowned in the lake long ago.

Something is being hidden away, kept safely out of sight...and the children can't shake the feeling that it's watching them.

When a violent storm cuts off their only contact with the outside world, stranding them in the haunted manor, Tara and Kyle must find a way to protect themselves from their increasingly erratic grandparents... and from the ghosts that haunt the Folcrofts' house. 

All at once, they're forced to confront the secrets of the manor. But can they ever hope to escape the unforgivable secret that has ensnared their family for generations?

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1728221748
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
The House Next Door

No one stays here for long...

Josephine began to suspect something was wrong with the crumbling gothic monstrosity next door when its family fled in the middle of the night, the children screaming, the mother crying. They never came back. No family stays at Marwick House for long. No life lingers beyond its blackened windows. No voices drift from its ancient halls.

Once, Josephine swore she saw a woman's silhouette pacing through the upstairs room... but that's impossible. No one had been there in a long, long time.

But now someone new has moved next door, and Marwick House is slowly waking up. Torn between staying away and warning the new tenant, Josephine only knows that if she isn't careful, she may be its next victim...

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1728220161
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
The Haunting of Rookward House

There's someone in Rookward House, and she's always watching...

When Guy finds the deed to a house in his mother's attic, it seems like an incredible stroke of luck. Sure, it hasn't been inhabited in years and vines strangle the age-stained walls, but Guy's convinced he can clean the building up and sell it. He'd be crazy to turn down free money. Right?

Rookward House may be hours away from its nearest neighbor, but he can't escape the feeling that he's being watched. Still, he doesn't believe in ghost stories and decides to camp in the crumbling old mansion while he does repairs. Surely nothing too bad can happen in the space of a week.

But there's a reason no one lives in the haunting house, with its twisting shadows and whispering walls. The dilapidated rooms aren't as empty as they seem. Forty years ago, a deranged woman tormented the family that made Rookward its home.

Now her ghost clings to the building like rot. She's bitter, obsessive, and fiercely jealous... and once Guy has moved into her house, she has no intention of letting him go.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1728221731
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Craven Manor

Some secrets are better left forgotten...

Daniel is desperate for a fresh start. So when a mysterious figure slides a note under his door offering the position of groundskeeper at an ancient estate, he leaps at the chance, even though it seems too good to be true.

Alarm bells start ringing when he arrives at Craven Manor. The abandoned mansion is straight out of those old gothic mysteries: the front door hangs open, and leaves and cobwebs coat the marble foyer. It's clear no one has lived here in a long time...but he has nowhere else to go.

Against his better judgment, he moves into the groundskeeper's cottage tucked away behind the old family crypt. But when a candle flickers to life in the abandoned tower window, Daniel realizes he isn't alone after all.

Something awful happened here long ago, and it's a paranormal mystery Daniel is afraid to solve. Because Craven Manor is hiding a terrible secret...

One that threatens to bury him with it.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1728220154
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
The Carrow Haunt

Welcome to Carrow House. The dead are restless here...

Remy is a tour guide for the notoriously haunted Carrow House. The old place is a haunt for the superstitious, but Remy hasn't seen any proof of the paranormal yet. So when she's asked to host guests for a week-long stay in order to research Carrow's phenomena, she hopes to finally experience some of the sightings that made the house famous.

At first, it's everything they hoped for. Then a storm moves in, cutting off their contact with the outside world, and things quickly take a sinister turn. Doors open on their own. Séances go disastrously wrong. Their spirit medium wanders through the house at night, seemingly in a trance.

But it isn't until one of the guests dies under strange circumstances that Remy is forced to consider the possibility that the ghost of the house's original owner―a twisted serial killer―still walks the halls.

And by then it's too late to escape...

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1728221724
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

Her disappearance wasn't an accident.

Her rescue will be a mistake.

22-year-old Eileen goes missing while hiking in the remote Ashlough Forest. Five days later, her camera is discovered washed downriver, containing bizarre photos taken after her disappearance.

Chris wants to believe Eileen is still alive. When the police search is abandoned, he and four of his friends create their own search party to scour the mountain range.

As they stray further into the dark forest and the unsettling discoveries mount, they begin to believe they're not alone in the trees...and that Eileen's disappearance wasn't an accident.

By that point, it's too late to escape.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1728220178
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
The Haunting of Leigh Harker

A house on a forgotten suburban lane that hides a deadly secret...

Leigh Harker's quiet suburban home was her sanctuary for more than a decade, until things abruptly changed. Curtains open by themselves. Radios turn off and on. And a dark figure looms in the shadows of her bedroom door at night, watching her, waiting for her to finally let down her guard enough to fall asleep.

Pushed to her limits but unwilling to abandon her home, Leigh struggles to find answers. But each step forces her towards something more terrifying than she ever imagined.

A poisonous shadow seeps from the locked door beneath the stairs. The handle rattles through the night and fingernails scratch at the wood. Her home harbors dangerous secrets, and now that Leigh is trapped within its walls, she fears she may never escape.

Do you think you're safe?

You're wrong.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1728220222
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
From Below

No light. No air. No escape.

Hundreds of feet beneath the ocean's surface, a graveyard waits...

Years ago, the SS Arcadia vanished without a trace during a routine voyage. Though a strange, garbled emergency message was broadcast, neither the ship nor any of its crew could be found. Sixty years later, its wreck has finally been discovered more than three hundred miles from its intended course...a silent graveyard deep beneath the ocean's surface, eagerly waiting for the first sign of life.

Cove and her dive team have been granted permission to explore the Arcadia's rusting hull. Their purpose is straightforward: examine the wreck, film everything, and, if possible, uncover how and why the supposedly unsinkable ship vanished.

But the Arcadia has not yet had its fill of death, and something dark and hungry watches from below. With limited oxygen and the ship slowly closing in around them, Cove and her team will have to fight their way free of the unspeakable horror now desperate to claim them.

Because once they're trapped beneath the ocean's waves, there's no going back.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-1728220239
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Gallows Hill

The Hull family has owned the Gallows Hill Winery for generations, living and working on the beautiful grounds where they grow their famous grapes. Until the night Mr. and Mrs. Hull settle down for the evening...and are dead by morning.

When their daughter, Margot, inherits the family business, she wants nothing to do with it. The winery is valued for its unparalleled produce, but it's built on a field where hundreds of convicts were once hanged, and the locals whisper morbid rumors. They say the ground is cursed.

It's been more than a decade since Margot last saw her childhood home. But now that she's alone in the sprawling, dilapidated building, she begins to believe the curse is more than real―and that she may be the next victim of the house that never rests...

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-1728220246
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Dead of Winter

Christa has always been anxious but, at this moment, life seems oh so hopeful with her hand in Kiernan's as the tour bus climbs a narrow road up the side of the Rockies. Blue skies turn bitterly cold mid-afternoon as a blizzard pushes the group of 8 strangers out of their bus and to take shelter in an abandoned hunting cabin.

Deep in the night, their tour guide goes missing…only to be discovered the following morning, his severed head impaled on a large pine tree outside the cabin. Eight drops to seven and it becomes clear that someone in the group is killing for sport.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2023
ISBN: 978-1728270258
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Where He Can't Find You


Abby Ward lives in a town haunted by disappearances. People vanish, and when they're found, their bodies have been dismembered and sewn back together in unnatural ways. But is it the work of a human killer…or something far darker?


She and her younger sister live by a strict set of rules designed to keep them safe―which is why it's such a shock when Hope is taken. Desperate to get her back, Abby tells the police everything she knows, but they claim their hands are tied.


With every hour precious, Abby and her friends are caught in a desperate game of cat and mouse. They have to get Hope back. Quickly. Before too much of her is cut away. And before everything they care about is swallowed up by the darkness waiting in the tunnels beneath the home they thought they knew.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2023
ISBN: 978-1728278940
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Black Winter

Voices in the Snow

No one escapes the stillness...

Clare remembers the cold. She remembers abandoned cars and children's toys littered across the road. She remembers dark shapes in the snow and a terror she can't explain. And then... nothing.

When she wakes, aching and afraid in a stranger's gothic home, he tells her she was in an accident, a crash in the snow. He claims he saved her. Clare wants to leave, but a vicious snowstorm has blanketed the world in white, trapping them together, and there's nothing she can do but wait.

At least the stranger seems kind... but Clare doesn't know if she can trust him. He promised they were alone here, but she sees and hears things that convince her something else is creeping about the surrounding woods, watching. Waiting. Between the claustrophobic storm and the inescapable sense of being hunted, Clare is on edge...and increasingly certain of one thing:

Her car crash wasn't an accident. Something is waiting for her to step outside the fragile safety of the house... something monstrous, something unfeeling.

Something desperately hungry.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1728220185
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Secrets in the Dark

The stillness comes for everyone...

Nowhere is safe. Clare and Dorran scramble to secure their temporary sanctuary from the hungry things outside. The hollow ones, ravenous beings unaffected by the violent winter storms, patiently lie in wait. It's not a matter of if Clare and Dorran are attacked, but when. And Clare knows she'll have to venture out into the night soon...

Somewhere far away, Clare's sister Beth is trapped, with only hours to live. Hundreds of miles separate the sisters and the land between them is infested with monstrosities. There's a bitter deadline to this rescue mission, but Clare won't lose Beth without a fight.

She knows she can't survive the trip by herself. But even with Dorran at her side, can she truly hope to face the ruthless predators and make it to her desperate sister before it's too late? They all may be lost to the dark winter.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1728220192
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Whispers in the Mist

You won't survive the stillness...

The mist is full of evil things―dark, twisted beings that think only of their own hunger―but Clare has clawed her way through. She and Dorran are alive against all odds, though relief is only temporary. Dorran is sick, and declining fast.

The only way to save him lies in the mysterious Evandale Research Station, supposedly one of the few remaining places safe from the predators that lurk in the shadows. But the station is a three days' journey away, and it's unlikely their small group can endure that long out in the dark.

Because the danger they're facing comes not only from the ravenous hollow ones... but from each other.

This terrible new world has left scars, and the people left behind in it are nearly unrecognizable. As Clare fights to protect her ragtag family, she begins to realize a horrible truth: not everyone can be saved. And sometimes the worst monsters wear a human smile.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1728220208
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Silence in the Shadows

There's no safety in the stillness...

The stark world continues to change. Each passing day twists it further, pushing the survivors closer to the brink of extinction. But, for the first time, there is hope.

Clare and Dorran have set their sights on returning home to Winterbourne Hall. It's a daunting journey, but vital. Humanity needs more refuges―safe areas where food can be grown without attracting the attention of the hollow ones―and the old gothic manor is their best bet.

But their home is no longer a sanctuary. It's become a trap: carefully crafted for them, lying in wait for their return. By the time they realize just how dangerous Winterbourne has become, it's already too late.

The fight for survival is far from over.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1728220215
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press


Quarter to Midnight

Fifteen chilling tales of gothic horror and suspense.

Push past the curtains of the rational, safe world and explore the un-nameable horrors living in the darkest corners of our conscience. This is the realm of monsters and shifting shadows, where a single wrong step can plunge you into a terrifying, irreversible fight for your life.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0992594954
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Small Horrors

Something mimics human voices as it lures you into the woods.

One of the morgue's corpses is missing.

Your friend wants to meet late at night, but they're not acting like themselves.

Immerse yourself in the macabre, the gothic, and the chilling with this collection of fifty short stories.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0992594923
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

Ghosts and Shadows

House of Shadows

She'll never escape this shadow...

Sophie's world is shattered when disaster bankrupts her family. She's still reeling when she's offered an unexpected solution: Mr. Argenton, a wealthy stranger, has asked for her hand in marriage. Marrying Mr. Argenton will save her family, but it condemns Sophie to a life in Northwood, a vast and unnaturally dark mansion situated hours from civilization.

Still, she has no choice but accept the offer and hope the darkness won't swallow her whole.

It's a struggle to adjust to her new position as mistress over the desolate house. Mr. Argenton's relatives are cold, and Mr. Argenton himself is keeping secrets. Even worse, the house is more than it seems. Doors slam. Inhuman figures slink through the surrounding forest. A piano plays itself in the middle of the night. Blood drips a macabre warning down the walls.

Day by day, Sophie is inevitably pulled towards the terrifying truth at the heart of this gothic mystery: Northwood's ancient halls are haunted, and the man she married―the man she's coming to love―is hiding an unforgiveable truth about his ancestral home...and the spirits that now haunt them both.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1728221786
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
House of Secrets

She'll never survive these secrets...

Sophie and Joseph Argenton have survived the impossible this house of ghosts... for now. But their escape from Northwood is short-lived.

The sinister shadow that haunted their ancestral home survived, and has attached itself to Joseph's young cousin. Desperate, they travel to meet her father at Kensington, a long-abandoned mansion overlooking a dead town.

The house offers a small hope: its original owner had dedicated her life to researching the monster that now possesses Elise. There's a chance that here they will find a way to kill the creature without harming the girl.

But Kensington has its own dangers, and once it has Sophie and Joseph within its grasp, it may never let them leave.

Trapped inside the ancient building's collapsing walls, Sophie and Joseph are forced to confront the horrors that hide within. Shrouded figures stalk them from the shadows. Whispers echo through the night. Unmarked graves dot the property. And the dead are not as restful as they seem...

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1728221755
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press


The Twisted Dead

Keira must decide if she should use her ability to contact ghosts to help the man who once tried to kill her.

Hunted and haunted, all she wants is to put her mysterious past behind her and move forward with her new friends as Blighty Graveyard's groundskeeper. But then she receives an invitation to dinner at the local recluse's crumbling ancestral estate. The mansion is steeped in history that is equal parts complicated and bloody―and at its center is the man who once tried to kill her, now begging for her help.

Dane Crispin believes his home is haunted―and that the unquiet dead clawing through the ancient house are after him. Unnerved but intrigued, Keira opens her second sight and discovers he's right: resentful specters cling to Dane…and if she can't find a way to stop them, threaten to consume everything in their path.

There's something dark happening in the world beyond most peoples' vision, and if Keira isn't able to sever the ties between the living and the dead, the chained spirits may not be the only things twisted beyond saving.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2023
ISBN: 978-1728239231
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
The Hollow Dead

When Keira first woke alone in a strange forest, she remembered only two things: that she could speak with the dead, helping them move on from the mortal world, and that sinister mask-wearing men were hunting her. She had no idea what she'd done to earn their hatred or what dangerous secrets she may have uncovered.

Until now.

Peeling back layer upon layer of the mystery surrounding her origins, Keira has finally learned that the strange masked men work for Artec, an organization profiting off spectral energy produced by hundreds of chained, tormented souls. Their goal is to spread their macabre cemeteries across the world, using the agony of the dead to extend their power and reach―and only Keira and her loyal group of friends can stop them. 

But there are still mysteries to uncover in Keira's foggy memories, and as she prepares to fight for the souls of the tormented dead, what she doesn't know about her own past may come back to haunt her.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2024
ISBN: 978-1728239248
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
The Whispering Dead

She hears them whispering...

Homeless, hunted, and desperate to escape a bitter storm, Keira takes refuge in an abandoned groundskeeper's cottage. Her new home is tucked away at the edge of a cemetery, surrounded on all sides by gravestones: some recent, some hundreds of years old, all suffering from neglect.

And in the darkness, she can hear the unquiet dead whispering.

The cemetery is alive with faint, spectral shapes, led by a woman who died before her time…and Keira, the only person who can see her, has become her new target. Determined to help put the ghost to rest, Keira digs into the spirit's past life with the help of unlikely new friends, and discovers a history of deception, ill-fated love, and murder.

But the past is not as simple as it seems, and Keira's time is running out. Tangled in a dangerous web, she has to find a way to free the spirit...even if it means offering her own life in return.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1728239217
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
The Ravenous Dead

Keira, hired as Blighty Graveyard's new groundskeeper, lives surrounded by the dead. They watch her through the fog. They wordlessly cry out. They've been desperately waiting for help moving on―and only Keira can hear them. But not every restless spirit wants to be saved.

Sometimes the dead hate the living too much to find peace.

As Keira struggles to uncover the tangled histories of some of the graveyard's oldest denizens, danger seeps from the darkest edges of the forest. A vicious serial killer was interred among the trees decades before, his spirit twisted by his violent nature. He's furious. Ravenous. And when Keira unwittingly answers his call, she may just seal her fate as his final intended victim.

Author: Darcy Coates
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-1728239224
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press