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William J. Cobb is an American novelist, essay and short fiction writer.

The author of The Fire Eaters (1994) and Goodnight, Texas (2006), his work has been published in The New Yorker, The Mississippi Review and The Antioch Review just to name a few.

Cobb reviews books for the Dallas Morning News, the Houston Chronicle, and the New York Times, and also directs the MFA program at Penn State.

He currently lives in Pennsylvania and Colorado.

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Genre: Literary Fiction

United States


Non Series

  • The Fire Eaters: A Novel (1994)
  • White Tattoo (2002)
  • Goodnight, Texas (2006)
  • The Bird Saviors (2012)
  • The Lousy Adult (Johns Hopkins: Poetry and Fiction) (2013)

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Non Series

The Fire Eaters: A Novel

Being the youngest of nine children coming of age in the Southwest, Damon Bell admires his older brother as a role model and yearns to be reunited with the father who only swims like a fish through the boy's dreams.

Author: William J. Cobb
First Release: 1994
ISBN: 978-0393035810
White Tattoo

This is a collection of short stories by William J. Cobb.

Author: William J. Cobb
First Release: 2002
ISBN: 978-0814250969
Publisher: Ohio State University Press
Goodnight, Texas

The town of Goodnight by the Sea is located on a peninsula somewhere between two bays, Red Moon and Humosa.

The locals have struggled to make ends meet for years, making whatever little they can from its shrimping industry and tourism, more so as a winter retreat for visitors descending from the Great Lakes.

All of that is however about to change. The shrimping industry is collapsing and the off-shore oil fields are played out. Global warming is threatening to destroy the condos and vacation homes due to the rising sea levels.

So when a local shrimper by the name Gabriel Perez loses his job and his Vietnamese-American girlfriend, he looks for someone to blame.

Gabriel ends up putting the blame on a teenage co-worker of Una who stole her heart.

Author: William J. Cobb
First Release: 2006
ISBN: 978-1932961447
Publisher: Unbridled Book
The Bird Saviors

Ruby Cole has to come face-to-face with a heart-shattering decision after a dust storm engulfs her Colorado town and pink snow blankets the streets.

A girl who counts birds, she must either abandon her baby or give into her father’s demands of marrying a man who is not only twice her age but also has two wives already.

Deciding to run, Ruby unleashes an entwined series of actions and reactions, upending the lives of an equestrian police officer, pawnshop riffraff, a handicapped war vet, Nuisance Animal destroyers, and a mourning ornithologist.

Meanwhile, a growing criminal enterprise moves from cattle rustling to abduction to hijacking fuel tankers and murder as events quickly escalate.

Author: William J. Cobb
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1609530976
Publisher: Unbridled Book
The Lousy Adult (Johns Hopkins: Poetry and Fiction)

This book is a collection of ten short stories with a diverse range of characters—some of which you may know.

It's a world where love and respect clash with achievement and desire. In this world, people often get what they want, but not without playing the price of alienation, remorse, and retribution in their quest to obtain it.

In "The Sea Horse," a teenage boy comes to the rescue of a woman assaulted by her abusive husband while still coming to terms with the loss of his own parents.

In "Warsaw, 1984," while traveling across Europe, a young man finds himself in a relationship in a country that he simply can’t understand.

Author: William J. Cobb
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1421411477
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press