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Melanie Codina is an American author of new adult and contemporary romance novels.

She was raised in Southern California, where she crossed paths with her high school love, and ended up getting married to him.

Melanie is a mother to four lovely kids, a patient wife to one great husband, and a nurse to multiple.

Whenever she isn’t working on her day job, Melanie can be found reading, writing, or cheering on the sideline during a soccer game—hugely because she has feelings for the coach.

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Genres: Contemporary , New Adult, Romance

United States


A Coffee Shop Serial Romance

  1. Steam It Up (2018)
  2. Kiss My Glass (2019)

The Assumed Expectations Series

  1. Assumptions (2014)

The Real Love Series

  1. Love Realized (2013)
  2. Love Resisted (2013)
  3. Love Required (2014)
  4. A Very Real Love Christmas Novella (2014)
  5. Love Redeemed (2020)
A Coffee Shop Serial Romance
The Assumed Expectations Series

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A Coffee Shop Serial Romance

Steam It Up

Cooper Banks never expected to be a single dad who's searching while at the peak of his life.

To be honest, things have gone parallel to what he had hoped they would be.

Nonetheless, such is life.

When it hands you lemons, you just have to make lemonade.

And occasionally, after the kid falls asleep, you spike it.

Although Cooper never thought that his life would be all about chocolate milk and cute slippers, he wouldn’t have it any different.

The only problem is that he needs some passion in his life.

What’s more challenging is that nobody seems to meet his standards—until she comes along.

Author: Melanie Codina
First Release: 2018
Publisher: Melanie Codina
Kiss My Glass

When you kiss someone at midnight on New Year’s Eve, you’ll find love for the rest of the year.
I’ve never heard a bigger lie.
I still haven’t found love, despite the fact that I’ve kissed Jackson Quinn for three successive years.
But things are about to change.
I’ll have to kiss a different person.
My terrible string of luck must end this year.
The only problem is that Jackson doesn’t like her plan.
Bethany has no idea how much I cherish spending New Year’s Eve with her.
I haven’t been the casual one—she has.
And she won’t be kissing anyone new.
You can take that to the bank.

Author: Melanie Codina
First Release: 2019
Publisher: Melanie Codina

The Assumed Expectations Series


College graduate Leeann Bradley has fulfilled all her dreams, thanks to following the rules.

It really isn’t that complicated.

All she had to do was work hard, live happily and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.

Staying away from jocks was also a defining factor.

Leeann got to where she was thanks to towing the line.

But what happens when a girl who has been playing by the rules crosses paths with a seductive college jock?

Will she break the rules for him?

What happens when a lot more gets broken in the process?

Author: Melanie Codina
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1503101654
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

The Real Love Series

Love Realized

Friends since high school, Jake and Gillian have always been there for one another.
Not even marriages, births, separations and loss could ever come between them.
Devastated after a failed marriage, Gillian turns to Jake for emotional support.
He is there for her, just as much as she has been there for him.
But is her friendship slowly becoming passion?

Jake fell in love with Gillian the moment they crossed paths.
Although he could only watch as she fell into the arms of one of his closest friends, he still offered his friendship, even though his heart was shattered.
But what happens when the feelings he struggled so hard to overcome are revived?

Author: Melanie Codina
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1482730036
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Love Resisted

Love used to be quite a routine thing for Allie Baxter.

She received love from her friends, her family, and her husband—until the day she lost him.

Letting go of him was the hardest thing that Allie ever experienced, and she swore to never put herself in that position again.

For five years, she wallowed in guilt, isolating herself from her friends and loved ones.

Upon returning in an effort to reconnect, knowing full well that she didn’t deserve it, the unexpected happens—she meets a guy.

Allie wasn’t ready or willing to fall in love again, yet Mike Lawson made her feel loved.

But can this love be resisted?

Author: Melanie Codina
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1492946854
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Love Required

Jason Michaels believes in second chances.
Why wouldn’t he when he has witnessed it on numerous occasions?
Although he is surrounded by friends and family, the only thing missing in his life is love.
Nonetheless, he hasn’t given up. He knows his time will come.

Tori Peterson’s life may be riddled with screw ups, but none compares to her marriage.
She is however desperate to make a fresh start, having learnt from her mistakes.
Heartbroken by her own husband, Tori vows to never be fooled again.
But what happens when her heart is stolen once again?
Will the promise of love be haunted by her past?

Author: Melanie Codina
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1495957376
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
A Very Real Love Christmas Novella

It’s the holiday season once again in San Diego and the Christmas cheer is all over.

The stockings have been well and truly hung, and the mistletoe is already in place.

The Christmas lights are sparkling and there is excitement in the air.

Although there aren’t any snowflakes on the surrounding palm trees, there is a lot of Real Love around.

Join us this holiday season and spend time with some of your beloved members from the Baxter, Michaels and Lawson families.

There will be recognizable faces and new ones as well.

Get to experience the holiday mayhem of a huge extended family celebration.

Author: Melanie Codina
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1505787573
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Love Redeemed

Logan Baxter once had the perfect life.

He not only tied the knot with his high school love, but also had three lovely kids.

On top of all that, he ran a prosperous business.

Life was exactly what he had hoped it would be.

Yet still, he threw it all way.

Nobody truly knows why he did it—not even Logan himself.

However, three years on, the one thing he knows is that he was responsible for everything wrong with his life.

Embracing his failures, Logan accepts his current reality.

Everything however changes when he crosses paths with a woman who makes him realize that one is not defined by their mistakes.

Author: Melanie Codina
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8650742463
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform