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A.J. Cootes launched his writing career after his best friend, Greg Wilson, was involved in a near-death motorcycle accident.

Other than being a qualified abseiling, caving, and skiing instructor, he has also worked as a cruise director and whale-watching guide.

A.J, who currently works as a director of the Greg Wilson Studio, lives on a farm in the Hunter Valley with his wife, Joyce, and inseparable friend and business partner Josie Wilson.

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Genre: Fantasy / SF


Almythea series

Almythea Rise of Wingtar

 “A hero is born once in every thousand years...”

On the brink of attaining his twenty-first birthday, Little Hawk is rescued from depression, self-doubt and the lethal addictive bittercups in the Badlands by a strange shaman warrior named Grey Paw.

He is then prepared for a secret tournament where the winner, named "The Astra", will be sent on a mission to find the mythical Arrow of Truth.

This honor and responsibility also includes the hand of the woman named "Broken Arrows", a woman that Little Hawk has secretly loved.

Racing against time, will Little Hawk successfully save both Almythea and the woman he loves?

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Author: A.J. Cootes
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1733521079
Publisher: BCG Publishing