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Nancy Dick is an American author of a romance novel and a children's book.

She holds a degree in writing (journalism) from Ball State University in Indiana, and a Bachelors and Masters degree in sociology from the same institution.

Nancy also has a degree in art from Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey.

She has for many years lived in or alongside farming communities in Indiana.

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Genres: Children's Book, Romance

United States


Non Series

  • Amanda Goes to Las Vegas (2011)
  • Santa Claus Clause: The Christmas Story (2012)

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Non Series

Amanda Goes to Las Vegas

This book tells the story Amanda Miller and her journey to Las Vegas.

Brought up on a farm in the Indiana country where she lived with her parents and brother, Amanda doesn’t just want to go to Vegas to enjoy a vacation like most people, she wants to go there and become a "big time" star.

That dream seems on course when she gets a "big time" talent agent who is guaranteed to not only help her get gigs on the world famous Strip, but also get her a record album worth millions!

But as it turns out, her "big time" talent agent is nothing more than a broke manager living on the rough side of town.

Will Amanda ever make it in Vegas?

Author: Nancy Dick
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-0996140201
Publisher: Works by Nancy Dick
Santa Claus Clause: The Christmas Story

Christmas can never be complete without Santa Claus dishing out presents to children across the world.

Believing that he is no longer mandated to carry out his traditional role given the change in times, Santa emails everyone their Christmas presents before leaving for a highly deserved vacation; informing his staff at the Northpole and his family to similarly take a vacation.

But when parents and children start feeling that Christmas will never be the same again, even calling a press conference demanding an explanation behind his disappearance, Santa Claus is forced back to the Northpole in a bid to prove that Christmas is still indeed on.

This delightful book offers a new twist to the Christmas tradition that will be enjoyed during Christmas for many years to come.

Author: Nancy Dick
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0996140225
Publisher: Works by Nancy Dick