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Penelope Douglas books in order

Penelope Douglas is an American New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

Born in Dubuque, Iowa, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Northern Iowa, and a Master of Science in Education at Loyola University in New Orleans.

Her books have been translated into fourteen languages.

Penelope is married, has a daughter named Aydan, and currently lives and writes in Las Vegas.

More about Penelope Douglas

Genres: Contemporary , Romance

United States


Non Series

  • Misconduct (2015)
  • Punk 57 (2016)
  • Birthday Girl (2018)

Devil’s Night

  1. Corrupt (2015)
  2. Hideaway (2017)
  3. Kill Switch (2019)

The Fall Away Series

  1. Bully (2013)
  2. Until You (2013)
  3. Rival (2014)
  4. Falling Away (2015)
  5. Aflame (2015)
  6. Next to Never (2017)
  7. Adrenaline (2016)

Detailed book overview

Non Series


Former tennis player Easton Bradbury is going out of her way to help her bored students.

How she got here isn’t important. What matters is that she is trying to forget her past. One parent-teacher meeting may however be her downfall.

Tyler Marek’s son is having trouble in school.

He may be a rich and successful business man, but Tyler doesn’t know how to manage a living, breathing teenage boy.

An inkling of vulnerability and a spark of attraction however draws Easton.

Wanting him is taboo yet desiring him is indisputable.

And a longed for touch finally awakens something in Easton that should have stay hidden.

Author: Penelope Douglas
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0451477286
Publisher: Berkley
Punk 57

We met in fifth grade when my teacher set us up with pen pals from another school.

We got paired up when the other teacher though I was a girl, my name is Misha, while my teacher thought Ryen was a boy.

We were friends in no time.

We argued about everything, from the best take-out pizza, Android or iPhone and the likes.

We kept thing going for the next seven years and had only had three rules: no social media, no phone numbers and no pictures.

That’s until I came across a photo of a girl named Ryen online. She loves Gallo’s pizza, and is addicted to her iPhone. What are the odds?

Author: Penelope Douglas
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1539427766
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Birthday Girl

He came to my rescue when I had nowhere else to go.

He neither uses me nor hurts me. He doesn’t even forget about me.

He treats me right and doesn’t take me for granted.

He laughs with me, listens to me and protects me.

His eyes pierce through me over the breakfast table.

My heart races every time I hear him pull in the driveway after work.

My sister once told me that there is no such thing as good men.

All the good ones are already taken.

Pike Lawson however isn’t taken.

I am.

Author: Penelope Douglas
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1976333088
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Devil’s Night


Michael Crist is my boyfriend’s older brother.

He is masculine, good looking and very terrifying.

He is also the standout player of his college’s basketball team, lucky enough to now go pro.

I always noticed him.

I saw him and heard him. I could stare while biting my nails, unable to look away. I may have graduated high school and moved on to college, but I have never stopped watching Michael.

He has however finally noticed me.

Author: Penelope Douglas
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1518783876
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Deep in the shadows of the city is a hotel called The Pope. Dark, decaying and deserted, it is encompassed by a long forgotten mystery.

Kai Mori thinks that the story about the hidden twelfth floor is true. About the mystery of the dark guest who neither checked in and nor checks out. Kai thinks that I can help him find that secret hideaway.

You think that you and your friends can scare me?

As much as I have a hard time concealing my feelings whenever you look at me, something I’ve done ever since I was a girl, I know that what you’re looking for is a lot closer than you know.

One certain thing is that I will never betray him.

Author: Penelope Douglas
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1976333002
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Kill Switch

Sending him to prison was the worst idea.

It mattered little that he committed the crime or that I wished he was dead.

I may have thought that I would be long gone by the time that he got out, or perhaps he will have cooled off in jail. I was counting on the fact that he wouldn’t be the creature that he was, but I was wrong.

Three years can be such a short time when you it into perspective.

He is not calm. He simply hasn’t cooled off. In fact, prison only gave him enough time to scheme.

Although I expected his vengeance, I simply didn’t see this coming.

He just doesn’t want to make me hurt, he wants to make everything hurt.

Author: Penelope Douglas
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1796451931
Publisher: Independently published

The Fall Away Series


My name is Tate. He however doesn’t call me that. In fact, he almost never refers to me at all.

He never speaks to me, yet he can’t just leave me alone.

We were best friends at some point, until he made it his mission to destroy my life.

High school has been nothing but humiliation and gossip. It was so bad that I had to go to Europe for a year just to avoid him.

I’ve however had enough. He is not going to ruin another year for me.

He may still be the same guy, but I’ve changed—a lot.

Now, it’s time to fight back.

Author: Penelope Douglas
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0451477101
Publisher: Berkley
Until You

The past few years have been nothing but a tale of misery. I’m always angry, immune to emotions.

Some people hate me for it, while others are scared of me.

I couldn't care less about anything or anyone, except Tatum. I love her so much that I hate her.

She betrayed my trust so I hurt her. I however still need her.

She disappeared for a whole year and returned an entirely different girl.

And now whenever I push, she pushes back.

None of us will ever be the same

Author: Penelope Douglas
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0349405940
Publisher: Piatkus

She’s back.

I haven’t heard from her ever since she went to boarding school two years ago.

When we still lived in the same house, she would cut me down during the day and then leave her door open for me at night.

I was stupid then. Not anymore.

I’m back.

Two years have now passed. Even though she acts like he’s better than me, I have a feeling she still wants me.

But I’ll neither be pushed nor scared away.

So long as I hold everything together, he will never know how much he affects me.

Author: Penelope Douglas
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0451472427
Publisher: Berkley
Falling Away

K. C. Carter has always played by the rules, until one mistake makes her the talk of her college campus.

She is now trapped in her tiny hometown for the summer where she completes her court-ordered community service, a matter worsened by the fact that trouble resides right next door.

Jaxon Trent is the kind of person that K. C. needed to stay away from in high school. She is the one girl that never said yes to her, and this greatly unsettles him.

Destiny has brought K.C. back into his life.

As the two draw closer, Jaxon learns just how hard it is to open up about the darkest parts of his soul.

Author: Penelope Douglas
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0451472441
Publisher: Berkley

Everyone wants to be me and I don’t really care why.

I dominate the track. The speed gives me a rush of adrenaline, and the crowd screams my name—so does the wind.

I am her. The female driver: the queen of the race track.

He thought that I would never survive—yet here I am.

All they do is talk about him. Did you watch Jared Trent on T.V? What did you think of his last race, Tate? When is he coming back to town?

I don’t want to give it too much of my attention. When Jared does come home, I won’t be here.

Tatum Brandt isn't here anymore. This is someone new.

Author: Penelope Douglas
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00OZ0TO0S
Publisher: InterMix
Next to Never

Quinn Caruthers has endured a hard time trying out new things, given the watchful eyes of the men in her family.

She can’t even date because her three older brothers, Jared, Madoc, and Jaxon, are always on her case.

Lucas Morrow, a family friend who is a number of years older than her, has stolen her heart since childhood. but their love could never be acknowledged.

Lucas left town several years ago, with no signs of returning.

When Quinn however learns that her parents’ happy marriage never had a smooth start, she has a complete change of heart.

Will she keep waiting or run after what she really wants?

Author: Penelope Douglas
First Release: 2017
Ebook: B01M121I8Q
Publisher: InterMix

Adrenaline is a collection of bonus content from the beloved Fall Away Series.

It contains bonus scenes, deleted scenes, character conversations, and Q & As shared over the past few years.

It is basically made of materials that can’t be found in the actual books.

In this book, you’ll find:

Jared and Tate’s Chemistry Lab Scene, Valentine’s Day Scene, and Anniversary Scene

Madoc and Fallon’s Morning After

Deleted Scenes from Bully and Falling Away

The epic Next Generation Bonus Scene!

The boys shopping for tampons, and many more...

Author: Penelope Douglas
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B01IEDVV3Y
Publisher: Penelope Douglas LLC