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Laura Drewry books in order

Laura Drewry is a Canadian USA Today bestselling author of sexy and exciting contemporary romances and historical fiction novels.

Brought up in her hometown of British Columbia, Laura’s aim is to write enchanting books with emotionally relatable characters.

She resides in southwest British Columbia with her husband, three sons, and a group of animals.

Laura is into torn old books, films, music, the New York Yankees, and cheesecake.

Whenever she isn’t writing, Laura can be found binging on Marvel movies with her sons, saving recipes she won’t ever use, and supporting the Yankees.

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Genres: Contemporary , Historical Fiction, Romance



Non Series

  • Here Comes the Bride (2005)
  • Charming Jo (2006)

Fishing for Trouble Series

  1. Off The Hook (2016)
  2. Lured In (2016)
  3. Catch and Release (2017)

Friends First Series

  1. Plain Jayne (2014)
  2. Prima Donna (2014)
  3. Accidentally in Love (2015)
  4. How Forever Feels (2015)

The Devil to Pay Series

  1. The Devil's Daughter (2008)
  2. Dancing with the Devil (2008)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Here Comes the Bride

Desperate to leave her comfortable life and move to the west, Tess Kinley is willing to abandon an arranged marriage and force herself on Calloways.

City girls don’t belong in the west. Gabe Calloway has known that from an early age.

However, despite his efforts, Tess just won’t leave his ranch.

Although she buys more time, Tess still insists on staying at the ranch—even after going through a frightening experience with a rattlesnake.

However, when Gabe warms up to her, he fears that Tess will be overwhelmed by misfortunes just like his mother did, or flee to the city just like Catarina.

Will it be too late when he discovers that he loves her?

Author: Laura Drewry
First Release: 2005
Ebook: B005JL9GDM
Publisher: Laura Drewry
Charming Jo

Joanna McCaine desperately needs to demarcate her land in order to prevent her herd from disappearing without a trace.

Given how most men in the locality won’t listen to a woman, regardless of how good she is, Joanna is forced to solicit the services of the only cowboy available; the same one who can’t seemingly stay in one ranch.

Levi Travers is an expert when it comes to charming women, and the MCaines aren’t any different.

Although the younger one is sweet, it is the stubborn Joanna who sparks his interest.

Whereas Travers proves his commitment, will Joanna ever trust him with her heart, more so when her sister gets involved?

Author: Laura Drewry
First Release: 2006
Ebook: B005FALRU2

Fishing for Trouble Series

Off The Hook

Liam O’Donnell has no intentions of returning to The Buoys, his family fishing lodge in the West Coast.

He however doesn’t have much of a choice as a free agent, and moves there as he awaits his agent to find him a new team.

There, he helps his brothers revive the complete mess that their late dad left them.

Kate Hadley has made a lot of bad decisions. None however compared to the one that she made with Liam O’Donnell.

Forced to put up with him, she is struggling not to fall for him.

Will Kate make the mistake of falling for Liam again?

Author: Laura Drewry
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1999578497
Publisher: Off the Hook Publishing
Lured In

When Buoys Fishing Lodge lands a feature on a beloved fishing program, veteran employee Jessie Todd is given the responsibility of ensuring everything goes smoothly.
The only problem is that the show’s host, who happens to be her ex, is hitting on her.
Even more challenging is that she is having inexplicable feelings for Finn.
Her relationship with the O’Donnells however prevents her from making a move.
Finn O’Donnell has always had a crush on Jessie.
However, he has never done anything about it, given his poor record with women.
But when Jessie’s ex tries to snatch her away from the fishing lodge, will Finn fight for his love?

Author: Laura Drewry
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1777156602
Publisher: Luried In
Catch and Release

Rising TV producer Hope Seaver is handed the opportunity of a lifetime in the form of shooting a reality show set in the rogue and stunning fishing lodge owned by O’Donnell brothers.

But whereas two of the brothers agree, Ronan is giving her a hard time.

Although Ronan O’Donnell knows that he has to be involved with the show, he isn’t going to give in easily, despite the fact that Hope’s kind and genuine smile makes his heart skip a beat.

After all, he doesn’t want to get heartbroken again.

But as Ronan warms up to her, Hope knows what she has to do in order to propel her show and career.

Author: Laura Drewry
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1777156619
Publisher: Catch and Release

Friends First Series

Plain Jayne

Being friend zoned for more than two decades sounds ridiculous, yet it happens sometimes.

Out of those twenty-five years, Jayne has spent the last twelve years miles away from Nick, although they have been keeping in touch.

Nonetheless, she hasn’t laid eyes on him ever since he forcefully removed her from his wife’s funeral nearly four years ago.

She may still have a thing for Nick, but Jayne is now smarter and more determined to become better.

However, as soon as she arrives in town, Jayne knows that things will implode at any time.

And when that happens, she’ll lose her closest friend, and the only family she has ever had.

Author: Laura Drewry
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0986865886
Publisher: Plain Jayne
Prima Donna

With her business struggling and her mother’s medical bills piling up, Regan desperately needs a job.

Despite the pressure she faces, she still claims to be fine, and the only thing that could make things worse for her is being in a demanding relationship.

Enter Carter Scott.

A wounded man in every sense of the word, Carter doesn’t believe in happily ever after. He only believes in moments.

So when he offers to help Regan, she finds herself returning to a past that she thought she had buried.

But the pain isn’t something new to Carter.

And he knows that loving Regan can also mean allowing her to walk away.

Author: Laura Drewry
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0986865893
Publisher: Prima Donna
Accidentally in Love

Ellie Palmer doesn’t like cops, given what she has endured at their hands.

As such, she should be doing a lot better to avoid coming into contact with the sinfully sexy Officer Brett Hale.

Although the two are like oil and water, the more time Ellie spends with him, the more she is fascinated.

Brett Hale never expected to fall in love with Ellie Palmer.

However, when her deranged ex arrives in town, threatening her safety, the two pretend to be in a relationship in an effort to ensure her safety.

But when push comes to shove, will Brett break the rules or shatter her heart?

Author: Laura Drewry
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1999578404
Publisher: Accidentally in Love
How Forever Feels

Maya McKay doesn’t have any luck with men.

Having finalized on her divorce after getting cheated on, the last thing she wants is another relationship.

Besides, she has a new life, a thriving business, and an amazing best friend.

Jack Rhodes could have shared something special with Maya, if he hadn’t let his best friend, Will, separate them four years ago.

Although he sided with Will during the divorce, Jack still loves Maya.

Nevertheless, he is indebted to Will and would never stab him in the back.

Faced with a tough choice, will Jack choose the only family he knows, or a woman who could give him a happily ever after?

Author: Laura Drewry
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1999578411
Publisher: How Forever Feels

The Devil to Pay Series

The Devil's Daughter

In order to earn her freedom from Hell, Lucy must claim one final soul. And she already knows her next target.

Jed Caine needed the kind of woman who would look after his house and prepare him food.

Instead, what he got was a woman who doesn't know anything about cooking and cleaning.

The only thing that she is good at is continually provoking him.

He wants to win over her heart. She on the other hand wants to claim his soul.

The only problem is that her father, the devil, will never let her walk away, despite the number of souls she claims, or how much the human loves her.

Author: Laura Drewry
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-0843960488
Publisher: Leisure Books
Dancing with the Devil

Deacon is desperate to make amends with Rhea, and never return.

Although he is certain that it will be everything but easy, perhaps it would be better if she wasn’t pointing a weapon at him.

Rhea is desperate to go about her life as a self-professed widow.

Things have been working in her favor, until Deacon resurfaces, forcing her to live as his wife or confess that she has been deceiving everyone.

Together, they endeavor to keep track of their lies, whereas alone, they strive not to reveal their feelings.

Regardless of the number of times that Deacon denies it, they both know that he will leave soon.

Author: Laura Drewry
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-0843960495
Publisher: Dorchester Pub