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Ashley Emma is an American award-winning and USA Today bestselling author of Amish romance and Mennonite fiction novels.

Passionate about books since her homeschooling days, Ashley wrote her first novel at age 12 and had it published at 16.

A huge admirer of the Amish way of life, Ashley went to live with three Amish families in Maine when she was 20, all in an effort to connect, as well as research for her Amish books.

She won a Gold Medal in the NYC Book Awards 2021 for her novel Amish Alias (2020), which is part of the Covert Police Detectives Unit Series, and owns the Fearless Publishing House in Maine, where she offers services such as editing, book production, publishing, and book marketing.

Ashley lives in Maine with her beloved husband and four lovely children.

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Genres: Amish Romance, Mennonite Fiction, Romance

United States


Non Series

  • Nichole's Voice (2018)


  1. Attending an Amish Wedding (2016)
  2. Fearless Author: Prepare, Publish, and Launch Your Own eBook (2017)
  3. Ashley's Amish Adventures: An Outsider Living with the Amish (2019)
  4. 30 Days of Amish Prayers: Prayers from an Amish Mother's Heart (2019)
  5. Legit Work-At-Home Jobs: A Quickstart Guide to 22+ Jobs and Business Ideas with Links To Help You Get Started (2019)
  6. Amish for a Week: The True Story of an Author Staying with the Amish: A Journal with 90+ Photos (2020)

Amish Bible Story

  1. Hosea and Gomer's Amish Secret (2021)
  2. Abraham and Sarah's Amish Baby (2021)
  3. Boaz and Ruth's Amish Love (2022)
  4. The Amish Prodigal Son (2022)
  5. Esther's Amish Bravery (2022)
  6. Joseph's Amish Dream (2022)
  7. The Amish Bible Story Series Trilogy Boxset (2022)

Amish Fairytale

  1. Amish Snow White (2020)
  2. Amish Beauty and the Beast (2020)
  3. The Princess and the Amish Pauper (2021)
  4. Amish Aladdin (2022)

Covert Police Detectives Unit

  1. Undercover Amish (2016)
  2. Amish Under Fire (2018)
  3. Amish Amnesia (2019)
  4. Amish Alias (2020)
  5. Amish Assassin (2020)
  6. Amish Accident (2022)
  7. Amish Identity (2023)


  1. More Amish Christmas Miracles (2021)


  1. The Amish Author's Christmas (2021)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Nichole's Voice

In order to save her mother's life, Nichole Carson killed her abusive father.

Nichole and her mother Helen plan their escape from home, but it all goes wrong when they are discovered and attacked by Nichole's father.

Moments later he is dead, and Nichole is haunted by the memories.

Nichole and her mother Helen move from Brooklyn, New York, to a small town in Maine where Nichole is the new girl at school. Shy, unfashionable, and awkward, Nichole dreams of becoming a famous country singer. She uses playing the piano and singing to tune out her problems and memories.

She vows to never let anyone hurt her again, so she shuts everyone out.

Even though her father's death was an accident, Nichole feels guilty and is constantly tormented by memories. At school she meets twin siblings James and Janelle, two pastor’s kids who gradually break down her walls. They open her eyes to what a Christian life looks like as they start a band, bring her to church, and show her God's love.

Nichole wants to open her heart to God, but she feels like a fraud, unworthy of forgiveness.

As the three friends begin to bond, Nichole is blind to James' growing feelings for her. Feeling empty, she begins an online dating relationship with an anonymous boy from school, sharing her darkest secrets with him.

After escaping her abusive home in Brooklyn, she thought she was finally safe. What starts out as innocent messaging back and forth turns into Nichole's worst nightmare when Nichole agrees to meet this boy in person at the prom.

And she thought her abusive father had been dangerous.

If Nichole survives this deadly tryst, how will she ever learn to trust again? And most of all, how will she ever accept God's forgiveness and finally forgive herself?

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2018
Ebook: B079C6PQFX
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House


Attending an Amish Wedding

Ever wondered what it would be like to go inside an Amish home, make Amish friends, or go to an Amish wedding?

In this sequel to Ashley's Amish Adventures: An Outsider Living With the Amish, now you can experience it all for yourself in this true story for middle grade readers and young adults. In this second book of the series, bestselling author Ashley Emma returns to the Amish community of Unity, Maine to attend an Amish wedding and brings along her twelve-year-old dance student, Hailey. Because of this journal's 30+ incredible photos, you will literally get to see the places you are reading about as you read.

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1732987906
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House
Fearless Author: Prepare, Publish, and Launch Your Own eBook

Have you always dreamed of becoming an author? Do you want to build your business, get high-paying leads on autopilot, and beat your competition?

Fearless Author will teach you everything you need to know about how to launch and market your own eBook fearlessly.

Whether your goal is to achieve your dream of becoming an author or you want to skyrocket your business by using your book as your “Ultimate Business Card," this no-fluff guide will show you a plan you can implement quickly.

When you use the free printable Book Launch & Marketing Checklist that you can download on my website (see inside book for link), you won’t even have to take notes unless you want to.

Discover how to:

-Build your email list on autopilot

-Use beta readers to improve your book

-Get reviews

-Get editorial reviews

-Choose the best categories and keywords

-Launch your eBook

-Market your book consistently long-term

-Use permafree books to build your fan base

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 979-8780793526
Publisher: Independently published
Ashley's Amish Adventures: An Outsider Living with the Amish

Ever wondered what it really would be like to live in an Amish community?

Now you can experience what Amish life actually looks like in this true story for middle grade readers and young adults. This journal will show how the Amish of Unity, Maine live their everyday lives with its fascinating photos. Join bestselling author Ashley Emma as she travels to the Amish community of Unity, Maine and stays with three Amish families for a total of a week a half as part of her research for her Amish novels.

Come along on the fascinating journey as Ashley learns everything she can about the Amish as she rides in buggies, shells buckets of peanuts, attends Amish church services, helps make 100 quarts of applesauce, learns Amish customs, and teaches in the schoolhouse. Most of all, she makes lasting friendships with the Amish which make the characters in her novels so realistic.

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1732987944
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House
30 Days of Amish Prayers: Prayers from an Amish Mother's Heart

The Amish are known for praying without ceasing, and it's time we learn more about that from them.

With this new ebook from bestselling Amish fiction authors Grace Given and Ashley Emma, take a moment each day to clear the clutter from your mind, breathe, and talk with your Heavenly Father.

Tell him what's on your mind.

In this busy life we have so many things that demand our attention--our children, our church, work, chores, and our goals all need our time and energy.

But it is also important to spend time with the Lord each day and feed your soul, just as you feed your body.

The prayers in this book are short and written in the perspective of an Amish mother. They cover a wide range of topics such as:

-being a better example for your children

-dealing with stress

-time management

-becoming a better friend


-money management

-spending more time with your children

-simplifying your life


-serving others

-becoming closer to God

-and more

Embark on this 30-day journey to a stronger, more meaningful prayer life, and become closer to your Creator.

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2019
Ebook: B07PF75H5L
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House
Legit Work-At-Home Jobs: A Quickstart Guide to 22+ Jobs and Business Ideas with Links To Help You Get Started

Have you ever wished you could work from home--or anywhere you want in the world? Let this work-at-home mom help you on your journey.

Whether you want to make a full-time income, work while staying home with your kids, or start a side hustle, this book shows you 22 real work-at-home jobs and business ideas along with the resources you need to get started right away.

Bestselling Author Ashley Emma now makes a full-time income working from home while being a stay-at-home mom of 3 young children. In this book, Ashley Emma recommends legit companies who hire people to work from home along with excellent online courses she’s taken that can help you start your own business. (This book contains affiliate links*.)

These courses teach:

-How to Become a Social Media Manager

-Legal Transcript Proofreading

-Content and Article Writing/Freelance Writing

-How to Become a Virtual Assistant

-How to Become a Scopist (legal transcript editor)

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1732987975
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House
Amish for a Week: The True Story of an Author Staying with the Amish: A Journal with 90+ Photos

When Ashley Emma was a small child, she knew she wanted to become an author. When she was 20, she decided to stay with Amish families to do research for her writing.

This journal captures her unique experience and the friendships she made with the Amish in Unity, Maine, who opened their homes and their hearts to this curious, young author.

Ever wondered what it would be like to stay inside an Amish home, make Amish friends, or go to an Amish wedding? Now you can experience what everyday Amish life actually looks like in this journal. This updated, improved version now has 90+ photos from Amish communities in Maine and Pennsylvania.

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1734610819
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House

Amish Bible Story

Hosea and Gomer's Amish Secret

Gomer is not your typical Amish woman.

On the outside, Gomer seems like a lovely, sweet, young Amish woman, but she's hiding a scandalous secret.

Gomer was created to sing. Most of all, she loves to sing on stage for the audience--she loves the applause, the lights, and the performance--but her Amish community forbids it.

So, she sneaks out at night to sing in downtown bars, lying to her entire community while leading a double life.

Hosea hears from God in a dream, telling him to marry Gomer despite her sins. Gomer promises to stop sneaking out once they are married, and Hosea wants to believe her because he loves her. Even though Gomer's brother and Hosea's parents advise him against it, Hosea marries Gomer.

When Gomer breaks her promise and continues to sing in bars even after the birth of their second child, their family begins to crumble, but Hosea's steadfast love for Gomer holds true.

When the church elders threatens to shun her, Gomer leaves for good. It seems as though all hope is lost, especially when their son asks if his mother will ever come back. Hosea knows he will need a miracle from God for his wife's heart to change, and he knows true love will conquer all.

But how can Hosea find his wife, bring her home, and piece their family back together again when it seems impossible?

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8784766441
Publisher: Independently published
Abraham and Sarah's Amish Baby

When Sarah moves to a new town, she thinks it’s too late to find love, even though it is her dream to become a mother to a house full of children.

Then she meets Abraham.

Abraham has been waiting his entire life for the woman of his dreams, even though he could have married any of the single woman in the community who have been pining for him, including Catherine, his meddling neighbor.

When Abraham meets Sarah, he knows instantly she’s different.

After overcoming the obstacles of nosy neighbors, rumors, and miscommunications, they are finally married, but their hardships have only just begun.

Sarah experiences the anguish of several heart-wrenching miscarriages, and she wonders if they will ever have children. With every baby she loses, she begins to lose her faith more and more. While her friends continue to have multiple children, she feels alone and discouraged.

Abraham and Sarah know in their hearts that they are meant to have children, but what if they are wrong? And if they are meant to have children, how will God make it possible?

Just when all seems lost, God once again answers their prayers in a miraculous and unexpected way that begins a new chapter in their lives.

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8767031887
Publisher: Independently published
Boaz and Ruth's Amish Love

When Ruth's husband Mahlon dies one morning on his way out the door, she thinks she will never find love again--but little does she know that God has a miraculous plan for her future.

Her mother-in-law, Naomi, has lost her husband and now both of her sons. Bitter with grief, she thinks her life is over and moves back to her hometown, Unity, Maine. Ruth goes with her, even though Naomi urges her not to follow her.

In Unity, Ruth catches the eye of successful farmer Boaz Petersheim. He's drawn to her not only because of her beauty, but because of her loyalty and devotion to Naomi.

When Ruth asks for a job harvesting wheat in his fields, he immediately hires her because he can see how much she wants to take care of her mother-in-law, even though she is the only female worker among his male employees.

Wanting to help them even more, he even lets them stay in his rental house for free, and Naomi makes a new friend on the farm who lifts her spirits.

Ruth's arrival in Unity causes an upheaval in Sylvia Berger's life. Sylvia has always believed she and Boaz belong together, so when she notices Boaz falling for Ruth, she makes it her mission to destroy Ruth's reputation--but it goes too far.

When rumors sweep through the community after a near-death experience, who will Boaz believe?

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8408569144
Publisher: Independently published
The Amish Prodigal Son

Since he was a child, hot-headed Theodore Yoder has dreamed of joining the military, but the Amish church forbids it. His father told him to give up his dream long ago, not wanting his son to leave the community, and he encourages him to get married and settle down instead.

Though Theo is in love with Evelyn Glick and always thought he would marry her, his desire to join the military is stronger than his teenage love for her—he knows his ultimate purpose in life is to serve his country.

Knowing she would never leave the Amish for him, he writes Evelyn a note and secretly leaves Unity, Maine, for basic training, breaking her heart.

After foolishly squandering his father’s inheritance, the military transforms Theo from a rebellious, reckless teenager into an honorable, brave man. He nearly loses his life saving the lives of his comrades who once made fun of him for being Amish, receiving a Purple Heart.

For years, Theo has been secretly exchanging letters with Evelyn, but suddenly, her letters stop coming, making Theo realize just how lonely he truly is and how much he misses her.

After his tours in Afghanistan end, Theo longs to go home again, but will his father accept him back into the family? And most of all, is Evelyn still waiting for him to come home, or has she given up hope on him?

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2022
Ebook: B09MF4V1TP
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House
Esther's Amish Bravery

To escape her Amish life for just one day, Esther Albrecht puts on Englisher clothing with her friend Laura Miller, sneaking off to a nearby town to go to the movies. That’s when Esther literally bumps into Xavier Carmichael, who gives them invitations to an elite charity gala.

Esther loves her Amish community and her family, but she longs to experience the outside world and to travel. More than anything, she wants to find love, but none of the young men in Unity, Maine, interest her.

Esther and Laura sneak out to go to the gala, where Esther dances with Xavier all night long, then she finds out he is a wealthy contractor who develops rural land into commercial properties. Following a whirlwind romance, Esther marries Xavier and leaves her home for him, but never tells him she grew up Amish, afraid of what he would think of her.

Esther shares a blissful marriage with Xavier as they raise their family together—all her dreams have come true, yet she misses her family.

Esther finds out Xavier’s company plans to build a strip mall right next to her former home in Unity, Maine, which would bring too much traffic and tourists who want to see the Amish, threatening to destroy their simple way of life.

Because Esther was never baptized into the church, she isn’t shunned, but she hasn’t spoken to her family in years. She wants to intervene for them, but can she convince her husband to not build the mall next to her former home without admitting that she’s been lying to him for their entire marriage?

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2022
Ebook: B09MF5J8HP
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House
Joseph's Amish Dream

Joseph was always his father's favorite son--but it cost him everything.

When his brothers grow jealous of their father's favoritism toward their youngest brother, they frame him for a terrible accident, forcing him to leave home as a teen and live with some family friends who are Amish.

In Unity, Maine, Mr. and Mrs. Beachy trust Joseph completely when they see how wise he is. They even let him run their business, which he turns into a wildly profitable furniture-making company. Everything he touches prospers.

When Mrs. Beachy has a dream about her troubled daughter Samantha, Joseph interprets it, saying that Samantha will betray the family in some way. She dismisses the idea, not believing her daughter could ever deceive her.

Samantha sees how wise and handsome Joseph is and is determined to make him fall in love with her, but he only sees her as a friend. After once again being blamed for a crime he did not commit, Joseph finds himself in jail, where he still finds a way to prosper.

When he returns to Unity, he has lost the trust of almost everyone except for the fearless and optimistic Laura Miller, a local Amish baker whom he falls in love with.

It seems as though everything and everyone is trying to keep them apart until Joseph interprets a dream for the Bishop that comes to fruition. The Bishop's trust in him finally starts to turn his life around--until tragedy strikes again.

Will Joseph regain the trust of the Amish community so that he can join the Amish and marry the woman of his dreams, or will tragic events and family deceptions continue to keep them apart?

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2022
Ebook: B09VK13NXX
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House
The Amish Bible Story Series Trilogy Boxset

Escape to the peaceful, picturesque Amish community of Unity, Maine, where these three retold Bible stories are set. You will laugh, cry, and smile as you read these stories about family struggles, sweeping romance, buried secrets, steadfast faith in God, and the courage to persevere.




Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8430947743
Publisher: Independently published

Amish Fairytale

Amish Snow White

An heiress on the run. A heartbroken Amish man, sleep-walking through life. Can true love's kiss break the spell?

After his wife dies and he returns to his Amish community, Dominic feels numb and frozen, like he's under a spell.

When he rescues a woman from a car wreck in a snowstorm, he brings her home to his mother and six younger siblings. They care for her while she sleeps for several days, and when she wakes up in a panic, she pretends to have amnesia.

But waking up is only the beginning of Snow's story.

Snow's real name is Adriana Daniels, and in order to protect herself and her niece from a dangerous relative, she must keep her true identity a secret from Dominic and his family. So, she pretends to have amnesia, hiding out within the Amish community, lying to everyone--especially Dominic.

As Adriana and Dominic grow closer, she feels more guilty with each passing day about lying, especially after they took her in when she was a stranger.

But time is running out, and Adriana’s niece needs her now more than ever.

Can Adriana trust Dominic with her secret, even if it means he’d risk losing everything to help them?

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1734610833
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House
Amish Beauty and the Beast

She’s an Amish beauty with a love of reading, hiding a painful secret.

He’s a reclusive, scarred military hero who won’t let anyone in.

Can true love really be enough?

On her way home from the bookstore, Belle’s buggy crashes in front of the old mansion that everyone else avoids, of all places.

Though she just moved to Unity, Maine, she's already heard the rumors of the vicious beast of a man who lives there, tormented by tragedies of his past.

But Belle’s not afraid of monsters.

What she finds inside the mansion is not a monster, but a man. Scarred both physiologically and physically by the horrors of military combat, Cole’s burned and disfigured face tells the story of all he lost to the war in a devastating explosion.

He's been hiding from the world ever since.

After Cole ends up hiring her as his housekeeper and caretaker for his firecracker of a grandmother, Belle can’t help her curiosity as she wonders what exactly Cole does in his office all day.

Why is Cole's office so off-limits to Belle? What is he hiding in there?

An old and mysterious hand-written letter, a sweet dog named Beast, buried regrets, and their mutual love of books will either bring them closer or tear them apart, but only if Cole can lower his guard and let someone in again.

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1734610840
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House
The Princess and the Amish Pauper

Arabella and Damaris look like identical twins, but their lives couldn't be more different. One is an heiress from Germany who is about to inherit a multi-million-dollar bakery, and one is an Amish baker from Maine.

What happens when they secretly switch places?

In order to get away from the pressure of inheriting her family's company, Arabella Blackwood escapes to the Amish community of Unity, Maine, hoping for some peace and quiet before beginning her new life. Her parents want her to marry the awkward son of their biggest competitor, Stefan Castle, which would save their business and pay off their debts.

In Unity, Arabella meets Damaris Kauffman, a baker who looks exactly like her. Damaris longs to travel to Europe, but her Amish community bans flying on airplanes.

Arabella and Damaris decide to secretly switch places temporarily, thinking that no one will get hurt. Damaris gets to travel to Germany on the paid vacation of a lifetime. All she has to do is pretend to be Arabella and spend time with Stefan Castle before the wedding. 

Arabella stays in Unity and pretends to be Damaris, taking on all of her chores without electricity, even though she grew up with maids and chefs catering to her. And she’s never gone more than a day without her cell phone or internet.

What could possibly go wrong?

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1734610857
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House
Amish Aladdin

Being a thief is all Aladdin has ever known until he meets Jasmine Byler, the bishop’s daughter, in Unity, Maine while trying to steal from her booth at the farmers’ market. Instead of reporting him to the police, she lets him keep the food he tried to steal, and Aladdin is stunned by her kindness.

Aladdin isn’t Amish like her. In fact, he knows nothing about the Amish—but he’s determined to learn everything about the Amish that he can so that he can impersonate an Amish man and ask her on a date. How can a homeless thief like him pass as a righteous Amish man? What if she recognizes him from the farmers’ market?

After Aladdin meets Gene, a local businessman from Unity, Gene wants to grant Aladdin one wish to thank him for protecting him from a pair of muggers. Gene offers him money, but Aladdin only wants one thing: to become an Amish man so he can win the heart of Jasmine Byler.

Fortunately, Gene grew up near the Amish of Unity. After Gene teaches Aladdin everything he knows about the Amish, cleans him up, and gives him a place to stay, he introduces Aladdin to the community as a man who has just moved to Unity but wants to join the Amish.

As Aladdin gets to know Jasmine, he falls even more in love with her, but her stepfather Bishop Byler wants his daughter to court Jeffrey, a young man who lives down the lane and is determined to marry her and inherit the family's farm.

Just when Aladdin thinks things can’t get any worse, someone from Aladdin’s past catches up to him, threatening not only any chance he has with Jasmine, but also her life.

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2022
Ebook: B09RF7Y3NX
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House

Covert Police Detectives Unit

Undercover Amish

Detective Olivia Mast would rather run through gunfire than return to her former Amish community in Unity, Maine, where she killed her abusive husband in self-defense and witnessed her family’s murder.

After an Amish man is murdered, the community will not pursue justice or answer questions from the police, so she begrudgingly dons her old prayer kapp and heads to Unity to investigate the murder undercover.

To make things even worse, her captain also orders her to protect the man she dated as a teen: Isaac Troyer, who was attacked on the night of the murder but cannot remember the incident.

The handsome and quirky cabinet maker begins to fall for Olivia once again, unaware that she carries a 9mm under her skirt as she must fake her way into rejoining the Amish community to gain the people’s trust.

After another murder, some deadly pranks, and a kidnapping, Olivia realizes she needs Isaac's help most of all because of his personal ties to the suspect.

Will Isaac be willing to break Amish rules to help her arrest the killer? Or will he be unable to forgive her for lying to the community…and for lying to him?

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1732987913
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House
Amish Under Fire

After Maria Mast’s abusive ex-boyfriend is arrested for being involved in sex trafficking and modern-day slavery, she thinks that she and her son Carter can safely return to her Amish community.

But the danger has only just begun.

Someone begins stalking her, and they want blood and revenge. When Maria returns home to her former Amish community in Unity, Maine, Agent Derek Turner goes with her as her undercover bodyguard, and tries to blend in with the other Amish men.

For him, it’s personal. He’s determined to arrest her stalker and shut down the sex trafficking ring that he believes may have killed his late wife four years ago.

The Amish way of life and their solid faith draws Derek in. He hasn't even prayed ever since his wife died, but living among the Amish makes him long for a stronger relationship with God. Maria's secretive eyes, painful past, and cautious demeanor intrigue him.

As the human trafficking ring begins to target the Amish community, Derek wonders if the distraction of her will cost him his career…and Maria's life.

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1732987920
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House
Amish Amnesia

When Officer Jefferson Martin witnesses a young woman being hit by a car near his campsite, all thoughts of vacation vanish as the car speeds off. When the malnourished, battered woman wakes up, she can't remember anything before the accident. They don't know her name, so they call her Jane.

When someone breaks into her hospital room and tries to kill her before getting away, Jefferson volunteers to protect Jane around the clock. He takes her back to their Kennebunkport beach house along with his upbeat sister Estella and his friend who served with him overseas in the Marine Corps, Ben Banks.

At first Jane’s stalker leaves strange notes, but then his attacks become bolder and more dangerous.

Jane is fluent in several languages including German, she dresses conservatively, loves to read and write, loves going to church, and can cook better than a professional chef. When Jefferson tells her about an assignment he had investigated a sex trafficking ring in the Amish community of Unity, Maine, it triggers Jane's memory.

Jane gradually remembers an Amish farm and wonders if that's where she's from...or if she was held captive there.

With Jefferson's service in the military, he has painful memories and dark regrets. As Jane teaches him about God's love and forgiveness that he used to know as a child, Jeff opens his heart back up to God. Maybe helping Jane get her life and memories back can help Jeff forget the lives he’d taken and lost in the Marines.

But the more Jefferson falls for her, the more persistent the stalker becomes in making Jane miserable…and in taking her life.

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1732987982
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House
Amish Alias

Threatened. Orphaned. On the run.

With no one else to turn to, these two terrified sisters can only hope their Amish aunt will take them in, but the quaint Amish community of Unity, Maine, is not as safe as it seems.

After Charlotte Cooper’s parents die and her abusive ex-fiancé threatens her, the only way to protect her younger sister Zoe is by faking their deaths and leaving town. The sisters’ only hope of a safe haven lies with their estranged Amish aunt in Unity, Maine, where their mother grew up before she left the Amish.

Elijah Hochstettler, the family’s handsome farmhand, grows closer to Charlotte as she digs up dark family secrets that her mother kept from her.

When someone plays several sick pranks on Charlotte, she suspects her ex has tracked her down and is playing mind games with her. Or is it someone inside the community who wants her gone?

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1734610802
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House
Amish Assassin

When nurse Anna Hershberger finds a man with a bullet wound who begs her to help him without taking him to the hospital, she has a choice to make.

Going against his wishes, she takes him to the hospital to help him after he passes out. She thinks she made the right decision...until an assassin storms in with a gun. Anna has no choice but to go on the run with her patient.

This handsome stranger, who says his name is Connor, insists that they can’t contact the police for help because there are moles leaking information. His mission is to shut down a local sex trafficking ring targeting Anna's former Amish community in Unity, Maine, and he needs her help most of all.

Since Anna was kidnapped by sex traffickers in her Amish community, she would love nothing more than to get justice and help put the criminals behind bars.

But can she trust Connor to not get her killed? And is he really who he says he is?

All Anna knows is she’s falling in love with Connor, even though she’s not entirely sure she can trust him.

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1734610826
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House
Amish Accident

While driving through Amish country in Unity, Maine, Freya Wilson accidentally hits an Amish man with her car in a blizzard, instantly killing him.

Panicked, she leaves him there in the road and drives away, afraid that if she is arrested, her violent ex will locate her using his connections with the police...and kill her.

Adam Lapp left the Amish after his brother’s death and became a police officer for one main reason: to track down the person who killed his brother and left him to die. In his mind, he imagined a cold-hearted, mean drunkard with cigarette breath--not a beautiful, kind, mysterious red-headed woman.

He is instantly drawn to Freya, who is clearly on the run from someone. When she confesses to accidentally killing his brother Robert, he wants to hate her. He should want to arrest her and haul her to jail. After all, she’s the person he’s been trying to track down.

The community welcomes Freya into their lives, but not everyone in town is so eager to forgive Freya for killing one of their own.

Adam shouldn’t fall in love with the woman who killed his brother…but he does. He couldn’t protect his brother, but will he be able to protect Freya when her worst nightmare threatens her life?

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8417433276
Publisher: Independently published
Amish Identity

After surviving human trafficking, Alexis gets a second chance at life. Will she use it to find love, or let guilt and fear hold her back?

When she was held captive by a sex trafficking ring who kidnapped women--including Amish women--Alexis was forced to spy on the victims and report to her kidnappers or face horrific consequences. The Amish women she spied on forgave Alexis, and after they were all rescued by the Covert Police Detectives Unit, they even became good friends.

Now that she is widowed, Alexis returns to the Amish community to raise her daughter and open a therapeutic equine center. Her dream is to share her love of horses with those in need of therapy, hoping it will heal her own broken heart in the process.

Ben Banks thought his life was over when his wife Estella died, leaving him to raise their baby daughter alone. Ben's book deadline is fast approaching, but he hasn't written anything good since his wife's death. Looking for new inspiration, he visits his good Amish friend Derek in Unity, Maine, where he meets Alexis.

He recognizes Alexis right away as one of the trafficked women he helped rescue from that warehouse a few years ago when he worked for the Covert Police Detectives Unit, and instantly feels a connection to her and her young daughter. Soon enough, words begin to flow from his fingertips to his laptop as he can't stop thinking about Alexis. Their daughters form a strong friendship immediately, bonding as they both share a love of horses and learn to ride.

Just when Alexis thinks she will find happiness and closure, a threat from her past comes back for her.

Can these two widowed souls find healing at the Amish stables and get a second chance at love, or will Alexis' dark past keep them apart forever?

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2023
Ebook: B09Y6C4VDH
Publisher: Fearless Publishing House


More Amish Christmas Miracles

This collection is made up of the following stories:

The Amish Cowboy's Christmas by Adina Senft

Snowflake Wishes by Mary Alford

The Sweetest Gift by Susan Lantz Simpson

Hosea's Christmas Miracle by Ashley Emma

Made to Order Christmas by Dana R. Lynn

The Christmas Letter by Loree Lough

Joseph's Christmas Box by Serena B. Miller

No Room at the Inn by Rachel J. Good

Huckleberry Hill Secret Santa by Jennifer Beckstrand

Unlikely Singing by Jennifer Spredemann

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1940492674
Publisher: Blessed Publishing


The Amish Author's Christmas

What will happen when an undercover author stays in an Amish home to do research for her next novel—but doesn’t tell her new Amish friends she’s writing about them?

On the outside, Ivy Everwood seems to have it all—money, fame, and a seemingly successful author career. Truthfully, she’s alone and unhappy, and her career is actually about to fall apart. What Ivy needs is inspiration and a new perspective.

After seeing a brochure for Isaiah’s Amish Buggy Rides in Unity, Maine, Ivy knows instantly that’s where she wants to set her next romance novel. Ivy calls to inquire about staying with an Amish family, and she’s stunned when Isaiah Miller invites her to stay with his family.

The Millers have no idea Ivy’s agent wants her to write a novel about them. When Ivy shows up at Isaiah’s house, she doesn’t expect his parents and sisters to welcome her, treat her like family, and ask her to spend Christmas with them since she has no family of her own. As she grows closer to the family--especially Isaiah--guilt eats at her.

She doesn’t expect to feel at home for the first time in her life…or to fall in love.

Will Ivy have the courage to reveal the truth before it gets out on its own?

Author: Ashley Emma
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8750591114
Publisher: Independently published