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Ron Faust books in order

Ron Faust is an American author of thriller books.

He is known for writing the Dan Shaw thrillers, as well as several standalones.

Gifted with skillful mastery of suspense and a keen eye for engrossing storylines, Faust has entertained readers all over the world with his thrilling narratives that leaves readers yearning for more.

Prior to launching a career in writing, Faust enjoyed a stint as a professional baseball player. He also worked for newspapers in various locations including Colorado Springs, San Diego, and Key West.

More about Ron Faust

Genre: Thriller

Born: 1936

United States

Non Series

  • Snowkill (1974)
  • The Burning Sky (1978)
  • The Long Count (1979)
  • Death Fires (1980)
  • Nowhere to Run (1981)
  • In the Forest of the Night (1993)
  • When She Was Bad (1994)
  • Fugitive Moon (1995)
  • Lord of the Dark Lake (1996)
  • Split Image (1997)
  • Jackstraw (2013)
  • The Wolf in the Clouds (2013)

Dan Shaw

  1. Dead Men Rise Up Never (2004)
  2. Sea of Bones (2004)
  3. The Blood-Red Sea (2005)

Detailed book overview

Non Series


In a small village snuggled in the snow-shrouded French Alps, the son of a long-dead, high-ranking Nazi who had terrorized the area during the war, Adolph Streicher, vanishes on the ice-slick slopes. Robert Holmes, a vacationing American journalist and mountain climber, tries to unravel the son’s disappearance.

Instead, he becomes ensnared in a desperate and deadly plot, sparked by the arrival of one man—Walter Streicher, twin brother of the notorious Nazi. Or is he Adolph? The mystery soon explodes into bloodshed and a desperate chase across the blizzard-swept Alpine peaks.

NB: This book is also known as Tombs of Blue Ice.

Author: Ron Faust
First Release: 1974
ISBN: 978-1620454244
Publisher: Turner
The Burning Sky

To salvage his broken-down ranch, near-bankrupt Ben Pearce devises a hunting scheme, the consequences of which he cannot begin to imagine. The prey: three rare, fierce cats—a leopard and two mountain lions caught in the wild. The predators: an arrogant Texas millionaire, his beautiful but disturbed wife, and their near-psychopathic teenage son. 

Each of them will hunt one of the animals with only Ben as guide: first the wife, then the son, and finally the Texan. In a closed New Mexico canyon, a hunt conceived in evil will run its deadly course when the hunters discover that the leopard is stalking them—an unexpected twist in this terrifying game that will forever change their lives.

Author: Ron Faust
First Release: 1978
ISBN: 978-1620454282
Publisher: Turner
The Long Count

His name was Jim Racine, and years ago he had been a top heavyweight contender in the United States. But now he’s over the hill and desperate, so he takes a fight in a corrupt South American country—and accidentally kills a young man in the ring. The public outrage forces an investigation, and the government refuses to return his passport. 

Racine is in limbo, but he figures if he can get to the U.S. Ambassador, his problems will be over. But when he crashes the Ambassador’s party, he runs into a group of young terrorists who kidnap Racine along with the Ambassador and a few of his friends. 

When the terrorists murder a couple of bystanders in cold blood, Racine knows the hostages are next. But he’s a survivor, and they’re going to have a hell of a time killing him—even if his only escape involves taking all the hostages with him.

Author: Ron Faust
First Release: 1979
ISBN: 978-1620454305
Publisher: Turner
Death Fires

A movie cast and crew on location becomes the setting for murder and depravity.

The Director: Visionary and perverse, he coaxes and prods his cast and crew as he tries to bend them to his will in the pursuit of his surrealistic masterpiece. The Actress: Ravishing beautiful, she despises the filmmaker almost as much as she fears him. The Cinematographer: He clashes with the Director’s spontaneous and unorthodox methods, and denies his own clouded past with the Actress. The Actor: A glorious hunk of manhood, he’ll do anything for and with anybody, as long as sex, alcohol, or drugs are involved...As the cameras roll on a desolate stretch of Mexican coast, and the gruesomely mutilated body of a crew member is found, a terrifying scenario unfolds—and art becomes a matter of life and death.

Author: Ron Faust
First Release: 1980
ISBN: 978-1620454329
Publisher: Turner
Nowhere to Run

A young American in Mexico becomes involved in a web of deceit and murder, and finds he can rely on no one but himself to save his life.

In the baking heat of a Mexican resort town, life is spare but satisfying for David Rhodes, American exile and tennis bum, who is content with his low-key existence. But when a young female American drifter is found raped and murdered at the bottom of the seaside cliffs, Rhodes, an illegal alien, is an easy target and an immediate suspect—particularly to the town’s sadistic police chief. David’s comfortable life explodes in a sudden hell of accusation, imprisonment, and flight that can only end in one final, nightmarish confrontation.

Author: Ron Faust
First Release: 1981
ISBN: 978-1620454343
Publisher: Turner
In the Forest of the Night

Trapped in a jail cell in a troubled Central American republic, Martin Springer, an idealistic U.S. volunteer doctor, faces execution. His “crime”: having witnessed the massacre of an entire village by government forces. 

His beautiful and determined wife, Katherine, arrives in the country with money in hand to try and save him, but she too is arrested. Her crime: Resisting the advances of General Vaca, the sadistic head of the secret police. Her punishment: imprisonment and degradation in a low-class brothel. 

When word of his wife’s plight reaches Springer, somehow he must escape from his dungeon cell, find his wife and rescue her, and kill her tormentors—and in the process shed some of his humanitarianism and take on some of the brutality of his captors.

Author: Ron Faust
First Release: 1993
ISBN: 978-1620454367
Publisher: Turner
When She Was Bad

Christine Terry is rescued after spending 19 days in the Caribbean on a life raft, then mysteriously escapes from the hospital before she can be questioned about the wreck and disappearance of the yacht she was on—and its owners. 

Cynical but likable reporter Dan Stark is suspicious but obsessed, and soon finds that she is absolutely nothing that she pretends to be. He agrees to help her retrieve a fortune in stolen emeralds from the sunken boat, but when she abandons him on an empty atoll, he vows revenge. 

Soon, like Chantal (her real name), he learns to change himself and his appearance to fit the situations he meets in pursuit of her. After more than one dangerous engagement with her over the next several years, he discovers a much more personal reason for tracking her down to a final confrontation.

Author: Ron Faust
First Release: 1994
ISBN: 978-1620454381
Publisher: Turner
Fugitive Moon

Teddy Moon, ace major league relief pitcher, manic-depressive, and occasional amnesiac—is convinced that he’s being framed for the bizarre murders of several transsexuals who are turning up in the garbage chutes of his team’s various hotels. 

Hounded by the police, the Legion of Fear, and the elite cadres of the Politically Correct, Teddy takes off cross-country on a manic binge to find someone who doesn’t think he did it. He appeals to an ex-wife in Iowa, his heretical psychiatrist at the Alamo Ranch Sanitorium in New Mexico, and finally throws himself into the many arms of his neo-Hindu girlfriend in Hollywood, but no one believes his story—and why should they?

Only Moon, with the help of his alter egos Don Coyote and the Baseballman, can find the truth—and the murderer. Maybe.

Author: Ron Faust
First Release: 1995
ISBN: 978-1620454404
Publisher: Turner
Lord of the Dark Lake

Jay Chandler, an American archaeologist excavating an ancient Greek temple, is surprised to find himself invited to a weeklong party on an exotic island paradise owned by eccentric tycoon Alexander Krisos. 

The annual event—swarmed with European nobility, Texas oilmen, ballerinas and bullfighters, millionaire politicos in exile, Japanese potentates, artists, and gorgeous models—is the sort of orgiastic party many would kill to attend. But no one really expects murder to become part of the festivities...until it does. 

From the party’s start under the bright Aegean sky to the finale in the island’s underworld of dark caves, the guests are pulled to their destinies by a force as powerful as any invoked by the Greek gods—and Chandler must confront a Minotaur as deadly as the mythic one.

Author: Ron Faust
First Release: 1996
ISBN: 978-1620454428
Publisher: Turner
Split Image

A man brutally murders another in a peculiar hunting incident—and then proceeds to assume his persona, his life, and his wife.

When a petty argument with an arrogant stranger deep in a Wisconsin forest over who killed a deer escalates to murder, playwright Andrew Neville’s life becomes a tangled web of deceit—and self-deception. Back in hometown Chicago, Neville attends the funeral of the man he’s murdered and meets his widow, Claudia, and her 3-year-old son. 

Neville gradually insinuates himself into the widow’s confidence and conceives a plan to seize the victim’s life—his wife, his son, his work, his wealth, and even his persona and appearance. Neville will become he man he killed. It appears nothing can stop him—except the obnoxious Chicago PI who’s determined to prove that Neville and Claudia murdered her husband together.

Author: Ron Faust
First Release: 1997
ISBN: 978-1620454442
Publisher: Turner

Thomas Jackstraw, heir to a long family tradition of proud military men, was drummed out of West Point twenty years ago when he wouldn’t denounce fellow cadets for cheating. In the two decades since, he has traveled the world as a highly paid mercenary, training Third World armies and guerrilla factions and sometimes leading them into battle. 

After his young bride dies in a suspicious car crash, he grows disillusioned and retreats from the world of emotion. His latest job takes him to a small backwater republic in South America, where he spends his nights drinking and his days trying to build an army from a ragtag group of rebels. So when Jackstraw, an excellent marksman, is offered a small fortune to fake the assassination of a U.S. vice-presidential candidate, things get really complicated—especially when he and the attractive, amoral politician, Rachel Valentine, meet and hit it off very, very well.

Jackstraw suspects a double-cross, however, and plots an alternate escape route. But he’s a step behind the trickery. When the staged shooting goes horribly awry, he barely survives and makes his way back to the U.S., where he becomes a fugitive hunted by every law enforcement agency in the nation. As he works his way across the country, he must use all his considerable skills to evade capture and turn the tables on the shadowy forces conspiring against him.

Author: Ron Faust
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1620455210
Publisher: Turner
The Wolf in the Clouds

An isolated cabin high on a stormy Colorado mountain that becomes snowbound in a raging blizzard. A homicidal maniac with superb mountaineering skills and sharpshooting aim with a rifle. Two local forest rangers unaware of what they’re walking into—and the trio of college kids they have come to rescue. As the freezing temperatures drop even lower, and the snow on the mountain above them accumulates, the danger and the tension pick up nightmare speed.

Author: Ron Faust
First Release: 2013
Ebook: B00CRNCPC4
Publisher: Turner

Dan Shaw

Dead Men Rise Up Never

Dan Shaw, night school law student, ex-Army cop, and part-time investigator for hotshot attorney Thomas Petrie, has 57 hours to find a man who may already be dead. 

Peter Falconer is one of the golden boys of Bell Harbor, Florida—or he soon will be after inheriting the family fortune. But what seems to be yet another typical case of murder for profit and passion is about to take a sudden U-turn. 

For Shaw is about to uncover a brand of thrill killing whose sheer evil he can’t begin to fathom. And Shaw had better get to the bottom—and fast—or the hunt taking him from the Keys to the Caribbean and into the eye of a tropical storm will cost him his life.

Author: Ron Faust
First Release: 2004
ISBN: 978-1620454466
Publisher: Turner
Sea of Bones

Dan Shaw hopes to be a lawyer someday—if he can only stay out of prison long enough to pass the bar. Neither is likely when he agrees to help hotshot Florida attorney Thomas Petrie track down a slick con man who’s swindled a consortium of well-to-do Paradise Key clients out of $22 million. 

But the charismatic Victor Trebuchet and his sexy partner in crime are a lot more dangerous than anyone imagined. And the silken counter-sting set up in an Italian villa to snare the couple may end up trapping Shaw instead. With that much money on the line, anyone is liable to betray anyone. But in the meantime, Shaw’s living the high life and he’s in way over his head. Soon he may find himself doing hard time—or worse—in a watery grave at the bottom of Bell Harbor.

Author: Ron Faust
First Release: 2004
ISBN: 978-1620454480
Publisher: Turner
The Blood-Red Sea

Dan Shaw has been practicing law only four months and he’s already burned out. Add the fact that he’s just lost his longtime girlfriend and the cops are scouring his dubious past, and it’s no wonder that Shaw decides to set sail for the summer and get away from it all. But even alone in the middle of the sea, trouble finds him—in the enticing form of Katherine Adams. 

When Shaw hauls her out of the ocean, she’s naked, nearly drowned, and has little memory as to how she got that way. But the real story is even more twisted. Her husband, Cesar Cardinal, is a diplomat, a playboy, and a high-stakes gambler. He’s feigned his wife’s suicide at sea and taken their young son to a heavily armed compound in the Dominican Republic, where U.S. law can’t touch him. But that’s not going to stop Shaw, who can’t deny his feelings for Katherine. From Bell Harbor to Santo Domingo, he’s baiting a trap with his own life...and there’s no telling what he’ll catch.

Author: Ron Faust
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-1620454503
Publisher: Turner