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Reyna Favis is an author of paranormal and supernatural suspense novels.

Born in German, she holds a PhD in Biology.

Before she became a writer, Reyna was just one lab tragedy away from turning into a super villain. How the world would have been different…

A K9 handler for a search and rescue team, she is more often than not being dragged by a SAR dog while on assignment in the woods.

Reyna currently lives in New Jersey with her husband, and their cats and dogs.

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Genres: Fantasy / SF, Paranormal , Suspense



A Zackie Story of Supernatural Suspense

  1. Soul Search (2016)
  2. Soul Scent (2017)
  3. Soul Sign (2019)
A Zackie Story of Supernatural Suspense

Detailed book overview

A Zackie Story of Supernatural Suspense

Soul Search

Fia can’t stand the dead. With hair-raising injuries and shattered bodies, the spirits torment her with the pain of their last moments alive.

Now all grown up after being raised in an institution, the assaults only intensify.

Determined to find a place free from the dead so that she can adapt to living among the living, Fia moves to the deserted woods with a SAR team.

Terrible mistake.

Upon seeing a Psychopomp taking a lifeless boy to the afterlife, Fia is determined more than ever to discover how she can unshackle herself from the dead.

Will she be able to defeat her necrophobia and serve the Guide of Souls?

Author: Reyna Favis
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1530380718
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Soul Scent

Fia, an unsettled psychic, leads two different lives.

On one hand she works for a search and rescue team committed to saving those in danger, while on the other hand she serves an ancient Psychopomp, and is tasked with helping the non-living transfer to the afterlife.

When an armed and distressed woman however vanishes into the forest, the search and rescue team embarks on a body searching assignment.

However, when mysterious things take place, Fia solicits the help of Cam, the British mentor and Psychopomp expert.

But as they will soon learn, nothing is ever what it seems.

Author: Reyna Favis
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1974580965
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Soul Sign

When Fia encounters an eerie doll made from human hair, the psychic and her irritable British mentor and Psychopomp expert, Cam, launch a determined quest to find how the doll could be connected to the Victorian memento mori photos of deceased children concealed in an old building.

As they continue with their investigations, the two discover clues which trail back to a terror-stricken lost soul and her participation in an old killing.

Will Fia and Cam manage to differentiate the truth from lies before a vindictive spirit leads to the destruction of innocent people?

Author: Reyna Favis
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1694622181
Publisher: Independently published