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Helen Fields books in order

Helen Fields is a British international bestselling author of crime, mystery, thriller and historical fiction novels.

She studied law at the University of East Anglia before attending the Inns of Court School of Law in London.

Helen practiced criminal and family law for more than a decade before eventually leaving the bar.

She then put her wealth of experience as a barrister to good use by writing crime novels.

Her books, which are set in Scotland, have been translated into a number of languages across the globe.

She has a husband and three children.

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Genres: Crime Suspense, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

United Kingdom


Non Series

  • These Lost & Broken Things (2020)
  • The Shadow Man (2021)
  • The Last Girl to Die (2022)

D.I. Callanach Series

  1. Perfect Remains (2017)
  2. Perfect Prey (2017)
  3. Perfect Death (2018)
  4. Perfect Silence (2018)
  5. Perfect Crime (2019)
  6. Perfect Kill (2020)
  7. One for Sorrow (2022)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

These Lost & Broken Things

It’s 1905 in London.

The wealthy are living lavish while the impoverished are dying.

When Sofia Logan suddenly becomes a widow, with no money and two young children, she knows she’ll stop at nothing to provide for her family. But can she kill?

Emmet Vinsant, a rich industrialist, employs Sofia in one of his gaming houses. But what Sofia doesn’t know is that her new boss knows a lot more about her past than he has told.

Gifted at counting cards and identifying swindlers, she does her work well.

But what happens when Sofia ends up playing a part in someone’s death, due to the intense expectations of her boss?

Author: Helen Fields
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-0957124653
Publisher: Wailing Banshee
The Shadow Man

American criminal profiler Dr Connie Woolwine arrives in the Scottish capital with the sole purpose of assisting in an investigation.

Joining forces with Detective Inspector Brodie Baarda, a renowned abduction expert from London, the two seek to solve the mystery behind the vanishing of a youthful woman with a rich and influential father-in-law.

But that is not the only thing that they need to worry about.

A series of bold and continuous abductions then take place.

The Shadow Man is on the loose in Edinburgh, doing whatever he wants whenever he pleases.

And the reason behind his actions will shock everyone involved in the case—none more so than Connie.

Author: Helen Fields
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-0008379308
Publisher: Avon
The Last Girl to Die

In search of a new life, seventeen-year-old Adriana Clark’s family moves to the ancient, ocean-battered Isle of Mull, far off the coast of Scotland. Then she goes missing. Faced with hostile locals and indifferent police, her desperate parents turn to private investigator Sadie Levesque.

Sadie is the best at what she does. But when she finds Adriana’s body in a cliffside cave, a seaweed crown carefully arranged on her head, she knows she’s dealing with something she’s never encountered before.

The deeper she digs into the island’s secrets, the closer danger creeps – and the more urgent her quest to find the killer grows. Because what if Adriana is not the last girl to die?

Author: Helen Fields
First Release: 2022
Publisher: Avon

D.I. Callanach Series

Perfect Remains

When Luc Callanach left his amazing career at Interpol to become a Detective Inspector in Edinburgh, the last thing he ever expected was to be handed his first case even before he settles into his new office.

A woman named Elaine Buxton has mysteriously vanished. Not long afterwards, her lifeless remains are found.

The killer was however keen enough not to leave any clues behind.

Soon afterwards, another accomplished woman is kidnapped while making her way into her home.

Who could be the person responsible?

Will Callanach be able to prevent the loss of another life, given the deranged nature of the killer on the loose?

Author: Helen Fields
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0008282493
Publisher: Avon
Perfect Prey

Amidst the merrymaking at a rock festival, the lifeless body of a viciously murdered charity worker is discovered.

Although the rock event was attended by thousands of revelers, nobody claims to have seen the assailant.

The next week, the lifeless remains of a primary school teacher are discovered in a dumpster on the backstreets of Edinburgh.

The woman was seemingly throttled with her own woolen scarf.

Detective Inspectors Ava Turner and DI Luc Callanach are seemingly going nowhere with the case, given that they have no clues—until they do.

The clues are however appearing before the killings take place….

Author: Helen Fields
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0008181581
Publisher: Avon
Perfect Death

A ruthless serial killer is on the loose in Edinburgh.

Crafty and meticulous, he takes the lives of his victims in the most sinister of ways; handing them a slow and disturbing death.

Even worse is that the victims are completely oblivious of the poison flowing through their veins—until very little can be done.

How can Detective Chief Inspector Ava Turner and Detective Inspector Luc Callanach apprehend a killer who is seemingly invisible?

How exactly do you trap a killer who derives pleasure from the agony of others, whilst watching from a distance?

Callanach and Turner are faced with their most difficult case yet…

Author: Helen Fields
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0008181611
Publisher: Avon
Perfect Silence

When the brutally murdered remains of a young girl are discovered by the roadside on the outer part of Edinburgh, pathologists make a startling discovery. On the young girl’s skin is the outline of a doll.

Detective Chief Inspector Ava Turner and Detective Inspector Luc Callanach don’t have any leads to follow, until a doll made of skin is discovered next to an abandoned infant.

The investigations take another turn after another youthful woman is found brutally murdered.

A ruthless serial killer is playing a deadly cat and mouse game.

Will Luc and Ava stop the killer before more innocent lives are lost?

Author: Helen Fields
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0008275174
Publisher: Avon
Perfect Crime

Stephen Berry is on the edge of a bridge. Were it not for suicide prevention counselor Damien Maclure, Stephen could have probably taken his own life.

However, a week later, the lifeless remains of Stephen are discovered.

From the look of things, Stephen seems to have jumped to his death.

But is that what really happened?

Chief Inspector Ava Turner and Detective Inspector Luc Callanach are struggling to solve a series of apparently unrelated killings in Edinburgh.

The intrigue intensifies when Callanach suddenly becomes the main suspect.

Author: Helen Fields
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-0008275204
Publisher: Avon
Perfect Kill

Bart Campbell is aware that he may never make it out alive.

Drugged and abducted from his home in Edinburgh, he is alone and confined in what looks like a shipping container.

Unbeknownst to him is the fact that he is on his way to France where his devastating fate has already been decided.

While investigating different cases, Chief Inspector Ava Turner and Detective Inspector Luc Callanach soon discover that the victims are being ferried to France and exchanged for women being trafficked into the country.

The life of Bart, and a number of victims, now rests in the hands of Ava and Luc.

Author: Helen Fields
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-0008275242
Publisher: Avon
One for Sorrow

One for sorrow, two for joy

Edinburgh is gripped by the greatest terror it has ever known: a lone bomber is targeting victims across the city, and no one is safe. 

Three for a girl, four for a boy

In their jobs, DCI Ava Turner and DI Luc Callanach deal with death every day. But when it becomes clear that every bomb is a trap designed to kill them too, the possibility of facing it themselves starts to feel all too real. 

Five for silver, six for gold

With the body count rising daily and the bomber’s methods becoming ever more horrifying, Ava and Luc must race to find out who is behind the attacks – or pay the ultimate price…

Seven for a secret never to be told…

Author: Helen Fields
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-0008379339
Publisher: Avon