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Elizabeth Finn books in order

Elizabeth Finn is an American author of contemporary romance novels.

She is quite passionate about books, and loves creating tales full of angst, with beloved characters that will warm your heart, and romance that will leave you yearning for more.

Elizabeth likes writing about flawed and wounded characters that always bring out their best sides while on their journey.

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Genres: Contemporary , Romance

United States

Non Series

  • The Rules Regarding Gray (2014)
  • The Innocent Liar (2015)
  • Kane's Hell (2015)

Bristol Island Books

  1. The Fight for Us (2014)
  2. Inappropriate (2015)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

The Rules Regarding Gray

A ballerina by profession, Gracelynn has dedicated her entire life to her trade. Her life isn’t adventurous due to her high level of discipline.

However, when her boyfriend grants her some freedom, will she accept or decline the offer?

Jasper is everything but disciplined.

As such, “sharing” a girl with his closest friend isn’t anything new by his standards.

However, when he encounters Gracelynn, he discovers just how special she is.

She is unlike any other woman he has ever met.

But Gracelynn is off-limits.

Will Jasper fight for something that isn’t his?

Although she is too good for his best friend, is Jasper good enough for her?

Author: Elizabeth Finn
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1502342195
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
The Innocent Liar

Although Fiona was determined to make a fresh start in Jackson, Wyoming, her hopes are shattered after her job interview goes south.

Eli won’t buy into her lies, despite the fact that his father asked him for a favor.

How can he hire someone who even lies about their real name?

Relationships can’t be built on lies, yet these two are inexplicably drawn into a relationship.

But Eli can’t trust women, due to his broken past.

Do they have a future together, given that Eli only needs the truth?

And when Fiona’s past returns to haunt them, will Eli manage to protect the innocent liar?

Author: Elizabeth Finn
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00WTHPSB8
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Kane's Hell

At one point the closest of friends, the blossoming young love between Kane and Helene ended in the worst of ways.

Sent into opposite paths, a lot has changed more than a decade later.

Although Helene is sharp, motivated and successful, her accomplishments only hide the deep childhood wounds that she carries.

Kane on the other hand has resorted to brawls, liquor and messing up his life as a coping mechanism.

So when fate reunites the former lovers, their past becomes an impediment that no coping mechanism will overcome.

Will Kane and Helene find the courage to rekindle what they once shared?

Or will he plunge her into his fiery hell?

Author: Elizabeth Finn
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1522839040
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Bristol Island Books

The Fight for Us

When Isaiah relocates to a new town with his daughter Natalie, their new chapter is clouded by the fact that Natalie is bullied at her new school.

When Joss is invited to school to discuss her daughter’s participation in a bullying incident, she is appalled by her child’s behavior.

Although they don’t have the best of starts, given the circumstances that bring them together, Joss and Isaiah gradually fall for each other.

But Isaiah moved there in an effort to run away from his shattered past, and the thought of moving on terrifies him.

Will he overcome his fears and allow himself to live again?

Author: Elizabeth Finn
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00KB1E4WI
Publisher: Elizabeth Finn

Romance writer Dylan Corbett moves to Bristol Island in a desperation to run away from her dark past.

There, she crosses paths with her gorgeous neighbor Cohen Jessup.

When an undeniable attraction is sparked between the two, his job and her dark secrets immediately become insignificant.

However, as they will soon discover, their relationship is not only inappropriate, but also forbidden.

As the neighbors continue encountering one another, will Cohen, for the first time ever, break his own rules for someone?

And when Dylan’s past returns, will she submit herself to Cohen, or allow her secrets to consume them both?

Author: Elizabeth Finn
First Release: 2015