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Tony J. Forder is a British bestselling author of mystery, thriller and crime suspense novels.

Although he now writes on a full-time basis, Tony was once a business manager and even owned a business during two different spells.

For more than two decades, he worked as an IT network engineer and manager in education prior to becoming a writer.

His journey to becoming a writer began when his short story, Gino's Bar and Grille, won a competition—subsequently getting published in the Dark Voices 2 anthology.

Tony currently lives in Peterborough, England, with his wife.

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Genres: Crime Suspense, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

United Kingdom


Non Series

  • Degrees of Darkness (2017)
  • Fifteen Coffins (2020)

The Royston Chase Crime Series

  1. The Huntsmen (2021)


  1. Criminal Shorts: UK Crime Book Club Anthology (2020)
  2. Dark Voices 2 (1990)
  3. Dark Voices 4 (1992)

DI Bliss Series

  1. Bliss Uncovered: Prequel novella (2020)
  2. Bad to the Bone (2017)
  3. The Scent of Guilt (2018)
  4. If Fear Wins (2018)
  5. The Reach of Shadows (2019)
  6. The Death of Justice (2019)
  7. Endless Silent Scream (2020)
  8. Slow Slicing (2020)
  9. The Autumn Tree (2021)
  10. Darker Days to Come (2022)
  11. The Lightning Rod (2022)

Mike Lynch Series

  1. Scream Blue Murder (2017)
  2. Cold Winter Sun (2018)
The Royston Chase Crime Series

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Degrees of Darkness

Pre-teen girls are being kidnapped and their families viciously killed.

So when the daughter of former DI Frank Rogers vanishes, and his son is killed, Frank launches a determined investigation to apprehend the perpetrator.

An unlikely chain of events however changes everything.

The murderer has not only reached out to the authorities, but also reveals that he is willing to speak—albeit with Frank alone.

So when the lifeless remains of the first kidnapped girl is found, Frank knows that he must act swiftly if he wants to see his daughter alive again.

But how is the deranged killer selecting his victims?

And how can Frank stop someone hiding in the open?

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 979-8583524679
Publisher: Independently published
Fifteen Coffins

When Sydney Merlot, who works for the FBI, goes back to her northern California hometown to close down her father’s PI firm after his death, she finds herself in trouble following a high school shooting.

Although a number of local law enforcers, including the county sheriff, who is Sydney’s old friend, believe that the tragedy ended after the gunman was taken down, Sydney isn’t too convinced.

And she isn’t the only skeptical one.

Still dealing with her fair share of agony, things get worse for Sydney after she receives threats and intimidation.

In the end, the truth will either be Sydney’s salvation, or her demise?

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8688655988
Publisher: Independently published

The Royston Chase Crime Series

The Huntsmen

When DS Royston Chase is called to the scene of a fatal road collision, his task is to identify the girl who died alongside the ex-Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police. Paired with the bold and strident DC Claire Laney, Chase is given the task of closing the case quickly and quietly.

But when the girl’s DNA provides a familial link to a child who vanished from her home twenty years earlier, Chase and Laney refuse to accept the coincidence. The pair start looking harder at the ex-cop’s life, at which point they encounter serious opposition. Perhaps deadly serious.

Because the establishment looks after its own, and soon it’s not only their bosses getting in the way of a thorough investigation. Chase and Laney find themselves seemingly at odds with everyone, fighting to save their own reputations as well as the case. But neither will rest until they identify their young victim, no matter what the cost...

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8461071226
Publisher: Independently published


Criminal Shorts: UK Crime Book Club Anthology

This book, which has been published by the UK Crime Book Club Facebook group, is an exciting collection of short stories created by beloved crime writers who are members of the group.

Contributions are by: Tony J. Forder, Andrew Barrett, Ben Bruce, T. G. Campbell, Brian W. Caves, Lexie Conyngham, M. W. Craven, Robert Crouch, Jan Edwards, Susan Handley, Michael Kerr, Jon Mayhew, Kath Middleton, Wilf Morgan, Barbara Norrey, Cecilia Peartree, John Penfold, Jack Probyn, Will Templeton, Sam Thomas, Bill Todd, and Paula Williams

All the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to a specific charity.

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8699863136
Publisher: Independently published
Dark Voices 2

This book is an anthology of terrifying and hair-raising tales that are the works of both new and veteran writers in the genre.

Gino's Bar and Grille, Tony J. Forder’s story, got published in this collection after his story won a national short story competition which was officiated by an editor from Pan Books.

Other authors in this collection include: John Brunner, Ramsey Campbell, Brian Lumley, William F. Nolan, Guy N. Smith, Brian Stableford, and many others.

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 1990
ISBN: 978-0330313735
Publisher: Tor
Dark Voices 4

This book is an anthology of terrifying and hair-raising tales that are the works of both new and veteran writers in the genre.

Tony J. Forder’s story made it into the collection after he sent it to Pan just two years after being featured on Dark Voices 2.

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 1992

DI Bliss Series

Bliss Uncovered: Prequel novella

Fresh out of uniform, DC Jimmy Bliss plunges into the heart of a covert operation.

Recruited by a gang of villains to crack a safe, he is gravely concerned over the fate of his operation after being found where he shouldn’t be.

Although everything goes as planned on the big day, Bliss’s world turns on its head after the head of the gang suddenly changes the location of the crime.

How will he deal with the fact that he doesn’t know whether his team is aware of what has become of him?

As matters get out of hand, Bliss ends up at the hands of a ruthless villain who will do whatever it takes not to get caught.

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8696848907
Publisher: Independently published
Bad to the Bone

When a human skeleton is discovered in a woods in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, DI James Bliss and DC Penny Chandler are brought in to uncover the mystery.

Not long afterwards, they discover that the remains, which belong to a woman who was killed by a vehicle in the nineties, were actually relocated from its initial burial site.

The only problem is that the victim neither has a record, nor is there evidence that the accident took place.

Things get more intriguing when two officers connected to the accident are murdered.

Faced with numerous intimidations, will Bliss and his team give in to the threats? Or will they ensure that justice is served?

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1912175178
Publisher: Bloodhound Books
The Scent of Guilt

DI James Bliss returns to Peterborough more than a decade after leaving the city, only to find himself in the middle of a devastating murder investigation.

Elsewhere, Penny Chandler, now a DS focusing on sexual crimes in the English capital, offers to interview victims of rape incidents which occurred in Peterborough.

A connection then emerges between Chandler’s rape investigation and Bliss’s murder investigation.

However, when the investigations hit a brick wall, a former cop emerges with startling details about similarly mysterious cases in America.

Could this be a killer whose deranged ways transcend international borders?

Will Bliss manage to uncover their motive?

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1912175970
Publisher: Bloodhound Books
If Fear Wins

When a viciously burned body is discovered in a country lane, DI James Bliss and Penny Chandler are handed the investigation.

Following on recent missing person reports, the two detectives are convinced that the victim could be one of the missing persons.

Although they manage to uncover the identity of the victim, Bliss and Chandler have every reason to believe that the killing could very well have been a terrorist attack.

Things get more complicated for Bliss after a figure from his past solicits his help.

With MI5 and the Counter-Terrorist Unit involved, will Bliss and Chandler solve perhaps their most demanding case yet?

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1912604319
Publisher: Bloodhound Books
The Reach of Shadows

Recuperating in the aftermath of a road accident, DI James Bliss is immediately plunged into an investigation about the killing of Jade Coleman.

When he learns that the victim had filed a stalking report, with two of the members of his team tasked with taking the victim’s statement, Bliss is forced to question his colleagues.

But as the number of suspects increase, Bliss’s own past comes under scrutiny.

Why was Coleman targeted?

Why did she unexpectedly walk away from her job?

What is the identity of her female friend?

Will Bliss manage to answer all these questions? Or will his past destroy him before he does?

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1912986019
Publisher: Bloodhound Books
The Death of Justice

Upon arriving at the scene of a gruesome murder, DI James Bliss immediately observes a pattern from a previous murder.

The only difference is that whilst the second victim was beheaded, their head is missing.

When another lifeless body without a head is found soon afterwards, Bliss and his committed team of detectives discover that a serial killer is on the loose.

Even more shocking is that there are four other victims who were beheaded.

The Lincolnshire team however believes that they not only know the killer’s motive, but also know the next probable victims that the killer is targeting.

Will Bliss and his team stop the killer before it’s too late?

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2019
ISBN: ‎978-1912986774
Publisher: Bloodhound Books
Endless Silent Scream

When DI James Bliss saves fifteen-year-old Molly from taking her own life, he is completely oblivious of how much the teenager will affect his life.

Upon discovering that the girl is a drug courier, Bliss knows that he must protect her.

Although he intends on taking her somewhere safe, a local drug dealer and a sinister figure assigned by the supplier, won’t rest until they destroy her.

When a freelance journalist is murdered, Bliss’s former lover reappears.

The Major Crimes is under intense pressure to capture the killer.

Struggling to balance between two investigations and the will to protect Molly, will Bliss manage to save the teenager for a second time?

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1673554403
Publisher: Independently published
Slow Slicing

Called in to conduct investigations after fragments of human flesh are found in different parts of the country, DI James Bliss and his team soon learn that the victim had endured a vicious and particular kind of torture.

Soon enough, they find themselves looking into the unsolved case of a woman ruthlessly murdered in London close to three decades ago.

Are the killings retaliatory, or are they just the actions of ageing killers desperate to cover their tracks?

As the investigations hit a crescendo, Bliss is led to the most unlikely of suspects.

Forced to order a sting operation, the good detective makes a shocking discovery.

Yet still, the worst is yet to come...

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8654426741
Publisher: Independently published
The Autumn Tree

When the lifeless remains of a youthful woman strangled to death is discovered, DI James Bliss races to the scene.

Among the victim's clothing is his business card, which has a shocking message written at the back.

The card was just one of five cards that Bliss had given to trafficked young women that he and his colleagues had rescued.

However, the victim isn’t one of the women that he had handed his business cards to.

Who does the card belong to?

Undertaking their most complicated case yet, the detectives think that they’re close to uncovering the mystery.

But as they will soon discover, corruption knows no bounds.

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8744642686
Publisher: Independently published
Darker Days to Come

DI Bliss and his team absorb two new cases which don’t initially present as major crimes.

But who is the man who stepped in front of an express train? Did he willingly commit suicide or was he coerced? And what, if any, connection is there to an abandoned vehicle whose owner cannot be traced?

As Bliss and his team dig deeper they soon realize there are three people now missing – a journalist, a mother, and her young daughter. But as the investigations continue, the team struggle with too many unanswered questions. What they do know is that lives are at risk, and the chances of finding all three still alive decrease with each passing hour...

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8415928798
Publisher: Independently published
The Lightning Rod

DI Bliss attends the aftermath of an apparent murder-suicide – but the scene tells him and his colleagues something very different occurred. Now the Peterborough Major Crimes Unit face an adversary like no other.

They have no idea why his victims had to die. They have no idea who he is. They have no idea where he might strike next – only that he will.

But while the killer is cunning, leaving no evidence for them to find, his biggest mistake might be in underestimating the team now hunting him. Because when Jimmy Bliss is on the case, all bets are off.

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2022
Ebook: B0B529XN3P

Mike Lynch Series

Scream Blue Murder

When Mike Lynch witnesses a vicious murder in a lay-by, he snatches the victim’s car in an effort to evade capture.

But whilst running away from the sinister figure, Mike discovers something terrible: the young daughter of the victim and her nanny are hiding at the back of the car.

Upon offering to assist the woman and the child, it doesn’t take long for Mike to uncover the identity of the victim.

So when he identifies the murderer, Mike realizes just how much trouble he is in.

Will he risk is own life for two complete strangers?

As more blood is shed, Mike learns who his friends are, and who he really is.

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 979-8733328256
Publisher: Independently published
Cold Winter Sun

When Mike Lynch is informed by his ex-wife about the disappearance of the nephew of her new husband, he volunteers to help search for the youthful man—albeit with the help of friend Terry Cochran.

The duo soon end up in New Mexico, after the vehicle of the person they are looking for is discovered abandoned by the desert road.

Not long afterwards, a county Sheriff and a Native American fixer get caught up in the same mystery.

So when they encounter two fake cops, Mike and Terry sense something fishy about the missing guy.

Who are they looking for? More importantly, who is after them?

Author: Tony J. Forder
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1912604760
Publisher: Bloodhound Books