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Roberta Franklin is a German author of romance novels.

Born in Kempten, Roberta studied History and English Literature in Munich.

She has throughout her career served as a journalist, a Social Hostess on a cruise ship, and as an insurance agent.

Roberta however now works as a freelance translator and indexer.

Married to the love of her life in 2018, she now shares her time between London and Athens.

More about Roberta Franklin

Genre: Romance

Born: 1973



Non Series

  • The Professor And The Bird (2016)
  • Treasures of the Deep Blue Sea (2018)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

The Professor And The Bird

Professor Angelopoulos, a mature and celebrated archaeologist, crosses paths with Sally while working in the terrible heat of the Kanesh desert in Turkey.

A youthful Irish girl, Sally arrives at the archaeological camp after being injured in a motorcycle accident.

It is while there that she unearths a piece of clay with the oldest inscription in an Indo-European language—arguably one of the most significant archaeological discoveries in history.

With the help of the Professor and other camp members, Sally must protect the rare artifact from a wealthy American collector, and ensure that it ends up in the safety of the Archaeological Museum, to be displayed to the public.

Author: Roberta Franklin
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1848977358
Publisher: Olympia Publishers
Treasures of the Deep Blue Sea

Professor Nikos Angelopoulos and Sally, his young assistant and lover, can’t wait to enjoy their vacation together on the Greek island of Crete.

Following their adventure in Anatolia, all they are anticipating is some replenishing R&R.

But while scuba diving, Sally comes across ancient carved figures on the sea bed, one which Nikos identifies as Hittite.

Given the rare nature of the discovery, the two reach out to Hasan, Nikos’s Turkish friend and colleague, to assist with the evaluation, and also get a team of divers to search for more.

Things however get more intriguing when Sally mysteriously vanishes after a midnight swim.

Who could be responsible for her kidnapping?

Author: Roberta Franklin
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1788301558
Publisher: Olympia Publishers