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Jen Frederick is the USA Today bestselling author of Unspoken (2013), which forms part of The Woodlands Series, and Sacked (2015) which is the first part of the Gridiron Series.

She currently lives in the Midwest with her husband, her daughter and their boisterous dog.

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Genres: Contemporary , Romance, Young Adult

United States


Non Series

  • Want You (2018)
  • Bombshell (2019)

Gridiron Series

  1. Sacked (2015)
  2. Jockblocked (2016)
  3. Downed (2016)
  4. Played (2017)

Kerr Chronicles

  1. Losing Control (2014)
  2. Revealed to Him (2015)

The Jackson Boys Series

  1. The Charlotte Chronicles (2014)
  2. Be Mine (2018)

The Woodlands Series

  1. Undeclared (2013)
  2. Undressed (2016)
  3. Unspoken (2013)
  4. Unraveled (2014)
  5. Unrequited (2015)
  6. Unwritten (2017)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Want You

I may only be nineteen, but I already know that all I want is Leka Moore.
I couldn’t care less that he took me in when he was barely more than a kid himself.
I couldn’t care less that everyone thinks that I shouldn’t be with him.

I took her in after finding her in a dark alley. Had I not, she would probably have died that night.
She became the glimmer of hope in my otherwise dark life.
As she grew up, I taught her the right path to follow.
But now that she is an adult, I’m starting to feel things that no decent man should ever feel.
I should do the right thing and save her from the greatest danger of all—me.

Author: Jen Frederick
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1722116361
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

You wouldn’t believe the horrific look I had on my face when I saw the father of my child at the supermarket.

One moment I was arguing with my young daughter about how many grapes she could fit in her tiny mouth, and the next moment I was throwing things at the guy who ghosted me after informing him about my pregnancy.

Despite my numerous attempts to reach him, he never got back to me.

Now, he is not only paying for the damage but also followed me home—claiming that he never received my letters.

From patching drywall, to doing the laundry, he seems like the perfect guy. Soon enough, the heated stares turn into passionate love making.

Should I fully let him back into my life?

Author: Jen Frederick
First Release: 2019
Ebook: B07MH2Y4KD

Gridiron Series


No quarterback ever wants to go up against Knox Masters. He is a warrior, a champion and…a virgin.

Knox is the determined type who always gets what he wants.

An all American Football player with NFL pros scouting him, the only two things he still hasn’t gotten are the national title and Ellie Campbell.

She may be his teammate’s sister, but that won't stop him from trying to win over her heart—even though he has never met her before.

Determined to make a fresh start, the last thing that Ellie wants is a relationship.

She however holds a dark secret, one which may compromise everything Knox is pursuing.

Author: Jen Frederick
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1517214708
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

College junior Lucy Washington has always played it safe. From her health, to her mock trial team, and dating boring guys, she avoids trouble like plague.

That’s until a handsome jock walks into her life—stealing her breath away.

For once, Lucy is tempted to step out of her comfort zone.

Although linebacker Matthew “Matty” Iverson is in line to take over the team captaincy, he faces competition from his quarterback Ace Anderson.

Matty however has a plan, one that involves winning over the heart of Lucy who so happens to be Ace’s childhood best friend.

He is convinced that he can have both the girl and the captaincy. But what happens when he falls hard for the girl?

Author: Jen Frederick
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1523886098
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Having been kicked out of his old school, two-time national champion JR “Ace” Anderson is given a second chance to prove his worth.

But upon arriving at his new school, his new teammates make it apparent that they don’t like him.

However, the one person willing to accept him is the daughter of his new coach—the one girl he needs to stay away from.

Bryant Johnson has made it her mission to make everyone happy, even if she gets hurt in the process.

When she meets Ace, she embraces the challenge of fixing the wounded warrior.

However, the hardest part will be not falling for him.

Author: Jen Frederick
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1540662781
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Ty Masters ran over Ara Martin on the first day of school and the two have been best friends ever since.

Although Ara has been in love with him from the first day, she has kept her feelings under wraps for the past four years—fearing the actions of her famous father. That’s until one drunken moment weeks before graduation changes everything.

College football star Ty Masters may be on the brink of being drafted into the NFL, but his personal life is a mess.

He doesn’t like his agent, his brother can’t stop giving his opinion, and he yearns for a gorgeous woman that he can’t have.

Despite the obstacles he faces, nothing will stop him from winning over Ara's heart.

Author: Jen Frederick
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1978049031
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Kerr Chronicles

Losing Control

I will do whatever it takes to keep my mother alive, even if it means asking Ian Kerr for help.

I may not know a lot about him, but I do know that he has more money than I will ever need, and that is all that matters.

Ian is willing to spend it on me, but it won’t be without a string attached.

Furthermore, he also wants me to help him plan for revenge.

My body shakes uncontrollably whenever he says my name.

Whereas this may have began as a mission to save my mother, now it’s all about what he makes me feel.

Author: Jen Frederick
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1503944107
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Revealed to Him

Never one to be defined by his past, Jake Tanner is the successful owner of a security firm.

Despite having a prosthetic hand and foot, women can’t seem to have enough of the tough and handsome veteran.

Jake however feels bored and uneasy, until he’s contracted to protect a gorgeous writer whose life is under threat.

Living in self-imprisoned fear of the anonymous stalkers who threaten her life, video-game writer Natalie Beck only dreams of life in the real world.

Although she has a hard time trusting people, the more time she spends with Jake, the more the lines blur between professional commitment and lust.

However, as the attraction between the two intensifies, danger draws even closer.

Author: Jen Frederick
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1503947559
Publisher: Montlake Romance

The Jackson Boys Series

The Charlotte Chronicles

Charlotte Randolph was only fifteen when she fell head over heels for Nathan Jackson, her best friend’s handsome older brother.

Although Nate always saw her as nothing more than an annoying kid, all that changed when she got sick. It took an illness for him to realize just how much Charlotte had grown up.

But just when she starts believing that dreams do come true, Nate enlists in the Navy—leaving her behind.

Nearly a decade later, he returns home to make amends for his mistake and win back his first love.

Charlotte has however moved on without him.

Author: Jen Frederick
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1505480269
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Be Mine

At just twenty-years old, Lainey Wilson has lost her home, been abused by a heartless man and now finds herself outside a rickety bar with no money and a crying baby.

When the local team’s new rookie quarterback comes to her rescue, all that Lainey wants to do is fall into his arms—except she is done with football players and men in general.

Although he is sinfully sexy, Lainey just has a lot on her plate. She has a baby to feed, she needs to look for a place to stay and also hide from her abusive ex.

Flirtation has no place in her life and she can’t be consumed by the way he makes her daughter smile.

Nick Jackson isn’t the guy for her, or is he?

Author: Jen Frederick
First Release: 2018
Ebook: B07J1J39MF
Publisher: Pear Tree LLC

The Woodlands Series


Grace Sullivan fell in love with a Marine that she never met, thanks to letters that the two wrote to each other over a period of four years.

She however stopped receiving the letters as soon as his deployment ended.

And ever since that day, Grace has been focusing on her academic and emotional life, vowing that no man—not even Noah Jackson—will ever hurt her feelings again.

Noah has always been about success, stability and control. That’s what even propelled him to join the Marines.

Having gotten his life back, his sole mission is to find Grace Sullivan.

Winning over her heart will however be his biggest challenge yet.

Author: Jen Frederick
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0989247917
Publisher: Pear Tree LLC

Noah and Grace may have found happiness in Undeclared, but their happily ever after is threatened by a devious professor who casts doubt over Noah’s scholarship eligibility.

Presented will two tough choices, will Noah throw away his New Year’s MMA fight for a big payoff or will he accept that the real love isn’t measured by how much money he has but rather by the depth of Grace’s big heart.

This sequel to Undeclared can also be read as a standalone novel.

Author: Jen Frederick
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B00M4Y8C3M
Publisher: Jen Frederick

My reputation has been ruined ever since I made an irredeemable mistake one drunken night. Now everyone at Central College calls me a whore and a slut.
Although I’ve decided to stay away from men and the Central social life, I’m finding it increasingly hard to resist my new biology lab partner who is an ex-Marine.

I operate on instincts as it gives me the thrill I need.
With the ability to fight and with women around me, I’ve got everything I need at Central College—or so I thought.
I haven’t been able to forget her from the moment our fates entwined.
I know I should walk away, but I just can’t.

Author: Jen Frederick
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0989247955
Publisher: Pear Tree LLC

Twenty-five-year-old Sgt. Gray Phillips has got forty-five days of leave to decide whether he wants to remain in the Marine Corps or become a civilian.

His dad wants him to leave while his grandfather wants him to remain in the Corps. Making the decision becomes even harder when Sam comes into the picture.

Despite the fact that two years have passed since Samantha Anderson lost her husband to an IED in Afghanistan just two months after their wedding, the twenty-two year old still hasn’t forgiven herself for not moving with her husband to Alaska when they still could.

When she crosses paths with Gray, taking a risk on this Marine could be exactly what she needs to feel alive and loved again.

Can she however risk losing another military man?

Author: Jen Frederick
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0991426713
Publisher: Pear Tree LLC

To tattoo artist Winter Donovan, her sister and her sister’s ex-boyfriend are the most important people in her life.

She has played by the rules her entire life, until that night when she found a dejected Finn O’Malley grieving over the death of his father.

Finn can’t seem to get over the night he spent with Winter.

He is willing to go to whatever lengths to make her a permanent figure in his life, even if it means separating her from the only family she's got.

Although their love was meant to be unrequited, the actions of one single night results in terrible consequences.

Author: Jen Frederick
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1511721349
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Adam Rees is finally about to fulfill his dream after years of struggling to make it big with his band.
A new lead singer presents him with an alluring tour invite, but only if his sister tags along.
That doesn’t seem like a problem that Adam can’t handle, until he falls in love with the gorgeous Landry.
Is he willing to forgo his musical ambitions for the sake of a woman?

Landry Olsen hasn't had much luck with men.
She decides to take some time off dating, until she falls head over heels for Adam.
Having destroyed her brother’s musical hopes before, Landry is determined not to repeat her mistakes—even if it means forgoing love.

Author: Jen Frederick
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1544152967
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform