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Gavin Gardiner is a British author of horror.

He has so far authored For Rye (2021), his Amazon bestselling debut novel, and a novella, The Last Testament of Crighton Smythe (2021).

Gavin has also written a number of short stories and non-fiction articles, analyses and reviews.

Born and raised in Scotland, where he has never contemplated leaving, Gavin currently makes his home in Glasgow, where he lives with his incredibly patient girlfriend and a very demanding kitten.

He likes horror and can always find time for a cheese and jam sandwich.

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Genre: Horror

United Kingdom


Non Series

  • For Rye (2021)


  1. The Last Testament of Crighton Smythe (2021)
Non Series

Detailed book overview

Non Series

For Rye

Renata Wakefield, a traumatised novelist on the brink of suicide, is drawn back to her childhood hometown following her mother's ritualistic murder. Before long, she becomes ensnared in the mysteries of Millbury Peak as one question lies heavy:

Who killed Sylvia Wakefield?

As the answer draws nearer, as madness continues to envelop the quaint country town, Renata will come to realize that the key to all this insanity lies with one man - the world's leading writer of horror fiction. His name is Quentin C. Rye, and he will guide her to the revelation that true madness lies within.

Discovering that the darkness of her family's history runs deeper than she ever could have imagined, Renata Wakefield's eyes will finally be opened to one single, hideous truth, which will awaken a long-dormant evil.

Author: Gavin Gardiner
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1838345907
Publisher: Burton Mayers Books


The Last Testament of Crighton Smythe

Crighton Smythe could see how everyone was going to die - except himself. A social outcast who relied on his mother to keep him, Crighton had to use his 'knack' to his advantage when Mrs Smythe took ill and financial pressures began to mount.

But as his visions started to increase in intensity, and his hatred of the city around him began pushing him to his limit, he found himself wondering how much more he could take.

Then he died.

In his own words, let Crighton Smythe tell you the story of how he perished. Where is he now?

Discover for yourself.

Author: Gavin Gardiner
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1838484552
Publisher: Burton Mayers Books