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Savannah J. Goins is an entrepreneurial speaker and the author of young adult fantasy novels.

She has a passion for teaching creatives how to embrace failure, relish the journey, and know when they have arrived.

Savannah uses her background in dragon wrangling as an exotic animal veterinary technician to motivate and inspire audiences with entertaining stories and memorable lessons.

She uses her own lessons from failure to bring out successful outlooks and persuade audiences to chase after things that they previously never thought they were ready for.

Savannah loves animals, coffee and dark chocolate.

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Genres: Fantasy / SF, Young Adult


The Odan Terridor Trilogy

  1. The Gwythienian (2017)
  2. The Crivabanian (2019)
The Odan Terridor Trilogy

Detailed book overview

The Odan Terridor Trilogy

The Gwythienian

Seventeen-year-old Enzi Montgomery has had the stone around her neck for quite a while now.

Although it could occasionally disappear, she never made it happen. It did so on its own, more so during convenient times like when she needed to hide from Caleb again.

It’s also possible that she could be imagining things, as insomnia does that sometimes. She hasn’t really been able to drive out the nightmares ever since that fateful day seven years ago.

But when Enzi however learns that a being from an alien world is looking for the stone, should she get rid of it? Or find out the rest of the secrets that it possesses?

Author: Savannah J. Goins
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0998645520
Publisher: Mason Mill Publishing House
The Crivabanian

“Gaedyen has mysteriously disappeared while the stone has been stolen. The nightmares also continue to haunt Enzi. All of that however pales in comparison to the battle that’s coming.”

Abandoned, lonely and with no options left, Enzi must decide whether or not she can trust the Crivabanians—a squirrel-like beings who want her out of their world.

As she struggles to keep a low profile, Enzi forms an improbable bond with Veri, the witty novice to the local healer.

When she however overhears some devastating news about herself, Enzi endeavors to uncover the truth, with or without Gaedyen.

Author: Savannah J. Goins
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-0998645544
Publisher: Mason Mill Publishing House