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Tom Goymour is a British author of short stories and novellas that are rife with mystery, suspense, ghost stories and dark tales.

Born in Cambridgeshire in the 1960's, Tom has a full time job at a special school.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t inhibit him from pursuing his other passions, as he manages a professional print and graphics business, on top of his writing.

Tom loves classical music, football, and hanging out with his family.

He currently lives in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England with his large family.

A firm believer in possibilities, Tom is convinced that anybody can achieve their life goals provided they have the drive and motivation to overcome whatever challenges they may face along the way.

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Genres: Dark Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

United Kingdom


Non Series

  • I'll Be There For The Replay: A Ghost Story For Christmas (2013)


  1. Burning: An Anthology of Short Thrillers (2018)

Mysteries Of The Oracle

  1. Prophecy of Peace (2015)

Short Stories

  1. Psychosis: 'Nil by Mouth' (2017)
  2. Second Chance: A Collection of Short Dark Tales (2017)
  3. The Darkness of the Knight (2017)
  4. The Wall of Retribution (2017)
  5. Going Home: A Spooky Tale for Halloween (2017)

The Spirit of Peterborough Series

  1. A Place in Time (2016)
  2. The Night Runner (2016)
  3. The Ghost Walks (2016)
  4. Where A Good Man Falls (2016)
  5. The Spirit of Peterborough (2014)
Mysteries Of The Oracle

Detailed book overview

Non Series

I'll Be There For The Replay: A Ghost Story For Christmas

Just an ordinary family, with a talented mother.

A ghostly but spiritually uplifting tale for Christmas time that will stir your warmest emotions.

'Suddenly, she remembered hearing it before, - someone else was playing it years ago . . . As she played on into the melancholy passages of the Chorale section it was as if someone was there with her, watching over and reassuring her that everything would be all right.'

Sometimes in life strange things happen, and when they do it's usually for a reason.

As Paula Patterson's big day loomed ever closer ghostly things started to happen around her that affected her whole family.

Who was it playing the piano in the village church that foggy December evening?

What does Aunt Molly know that she is not telling.

And, when all is done, who will be there for the replay?

Author: Tom Goymour
First Release: 2013
Ebook: B00G8H2LJ2


Burning: An Anthology of Short Thrillers

If you woke up with a gun in your face, what would you do?

Plagued by mysterious dreams which are quickly becoming a real-life nightmare, where would you turn?

What was the real truth behind the Iraqi invasion and the search for WMDs?

What if the one person you relied on to keep you safe, instead became your jailer?

Forced to confront the mistakes of your past, where would you hide?

14 original stories with one red-hot connection… Burning.

Thrillers to shock. Thrillers to excite. Thrillers to challenge and make you think.

An anthology of 14 original short stories by a collection of outstanding thriller writers.

Author: Tom Goymour
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1912946006
Publisher: Burning Chair Limited

Mysteries Of The Oracle

Prophecy of Peace

. Billy Sheppardy and Michael Frey have known each other since childhood, they’ve done many things together and shared many secrets. What they don’t know is why they find themselves on a trail of mystery and intrigue that leads them to a murky field in a bleak corner of Essex, England on this cold autumnal evening.

As they reminisce, recalling their strong memories from the past, events seem to lead them towards something beyond their understanding, but who else is on the trail?

The hidden estoric wisdom must be understood if they are to avoid the looming danger that is closing in around them, then, pieces of the past will be uncovered and fall into place.

But, what is the significance of the wallet that Billy’s Grandad found as a small boy back in 1944?

And what happened ten decades ago that has shaped present events to become so important?

Author: Tom Goymour
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1521301470
Publisher: Independently published

Short Stories

Psychosis: 'Nil by Mouth'

The first thing you see when you open your eyes is the face of the Doctor looking down at you. You don't remember anything else – it's going to take time, and it might be a long journey, but you will get there in the end.

When things go seriously wrong, be grateful just to get back to the place where you were. Ahead, there is light, behind – only darkness.

Author: Tom Goymour
First Release: 2017
Ebook: B07641CDL1
Second Chance: A Collection of Short Dark Tales

When a front room wall gets redecorated with help from a blast from the past, the unlikely outcome triggers a chain of events that leads it’s victim to his nemesis.

Cheating death can be the best and the worst thing:

People are not what they seem, and the consequences of falling victim to a state of psychosis, and then a supernatural fantasy-type experience are huge.

Things become very close to the edge as something eats away at him, fast.

He must deal with the demons in front of him . . . even the devil – himself, before he can confront his deepest, darkest secret in a ghostly tale from a Christmas long past.

Doesn’t everybody deserve a second chance?

In this series of short stories we follow the same individual on that journey of missed opportunity and final redemption. As such, these stories all link together. They are however complete individual stories in their own right, and so although it is helpful and probably advisable to read them in chronological order, it is not essential.

Author: Tom Goymour
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1973514473
Publisher: Independently published
The Darkness of the Knight

He who plays with fire usually burns, bringing forth destruction unto himself and to those all around.

A face familiar to some returns to an English village to visit an old friend. Suspicion becomes rife among many of the residents when they hear he emerged out of the darkness from across the marsh.

Something is going to happen in the village tonight, but nobody is saying what. Nobody, that is, except Vincent Carruthers who takes the visitor by the hand, and between them they resolve to uncover a sinister plot based on a false prophecy. But is it truly false?

What has happened to The Reverend’s daughter? And what part does Old Glennie and the practice of witchcraft play on this, the darkest of nights as it threatens to repeat the horror of something that happened twelve years earlier?

This mystery is set in England in 1975. The dark suspense will keep you guessing. This is the penultimate short story from the collection entitled ‘Second Chance’. but holds its place as a standalone story.

Author: Tom Goymour
First Release: 2017
Ebook: B077WV4CZC
The Wall of Retribution

When the layers are stripped back, our darkest secrets surface; they cannot be papered over permanently.

When mum asked me to repaper the front room wall, I never expected it to lead to a blast from the past. I met up with an old mate who could help me out, some things never change. But what I never saw coming was what was to happen next. How could I have done? And, will I live to tell the tale?

Author: Tom Goymour
First Release: 2017
Ebook: B075MN3CVM
Going Home: A Spooky Tale for Halloween

If you were ever thinking of venturing out on the night of Halloween, then, I dare you; things might not turn out how you expect. At the very least, be on your guard, and in fact, you should be very afraid.

What happened to me when I went out with friends one Halloween I did not see coming . . . and I never thought it would end like this...

Author: Tom Goymour
First Release: 2017
Ebook: B076TBS483

The Spirit of Peterborough Series

A Place in Time

An ancient artefact, and a mystery ghost

The unlikely discovery of an ancient artefact changes the life of Neil Pressland. His wife Judy, and best friend Nasra wonder what it has got to do with any of them - especially as the find took place over a decade ago? A mystery ghost figure appears from many centuries earlier but what Neil must discover is why he is haunted by the present.

British ghost stories with a hint of Time travel?

The first of a series of stories based in Peterborough UK. Just an ordinary city full of people like you and me, steeped in history and totally unique, but it could be anywhere, really, it could. Every city holds secrets from its past that lie dormant ready to affect the future, but what if there was more than that? What happens when something from another time rises to the surface to confront us? The three of them soon find themselves drawn into something very deep and dark that is shaping their future.

Spooky mysteries have their way of piecing the bits together

Can Nasra work it out and get to Neil in time? Is he really who he seems to be? And as gradually his ghost gifts emerge, we wonder what can he really know about the past? As the plot thickens and pieces of an uncomfortably placed jigsaw start to fall into place, Nasra realises she must act fast to ensure their summer ends in the way it was always meant to be.

Author: Tom Goymour
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B01M61OEV7
Publisher: Verbum Publications
The Night Runner

Josh Penfold knows someone is watching him, but who lurks in the shadows, across the town centre square and under the railway bridge? History repeating itself provides the trigger that draws Josh into this complex spooky mystery, emotionally linked to his past. First a mystery ghost appears to him, then a stranger haunts him night and day, but is he able to make any real sense of it? What is it that his mother and uncle know but are not telling?

This tale of ghost suspense finally unravels itself to reveal a mystery English to the core…

Peterborough, just an ordinary city full of people like you and me, steeped in history and totally unique, but it could be anywhere, really, it could. Every city holds secrets from its past that lie dormant ready to affect the future, but what if there was more than that? What happens when something from another time rises to the surface to confront us?

Author: Tom Goymour
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B01MCU75XO
Publisher: Verbum Publications
The Ghost Walks

A mystery ghost roams the streets of Peterborough! Best friends Abbey and Amy only went on the Ghost walk tour for a bit of fun one summer evening . . . but things get very uncomfortable as they start to discover more about events from the past, and a mystery ghost girl freaks them both. As the summer draws to a close Abbey and her friend are in for a torrid time. Amy thought she liked spooky mysteries . . . until that night! Now, will she ever accept what has really happened? Abbey holds the angelic key but can she put it to good use? As her ghost gifts her a window of opportunity she must take it if their lives are to return to normal.

Author: Tom Goymour
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B01M6TNSYL
Publisher: Verbum Publications
Where A Good Man Falls

A family move to a picturesque village just outside Peterborough but soon find that their new home, their friendly neighbour, and it seems, perhaps the whole area are harbouring a secret from the past that only they can uncover. As the McBrides find themselves being drawn deeper into this mystery, ghostly clues start to surface, and they soon realise there is far more to it than just moving to a haunted house. . . so how does it involve them?

Author: Tom Goymour
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B06XC851TJ
Publisher: Verbum Publications
The Spirit of Peterborough

'It was dark, very dark. For me it often starts off in a dark place, but I can change things. I can see it all from here, no matter that it's dark it makes no difference to me. High up from my central vantage point on this bitter cold night my mind is clear as I float high over the city.'

The 'Spirit of peterborough' can see it all,

Peterborough - just an ordinary city full of people just like you and me, steeped in a history, totally unique - just like any other city. These haunting ghost stories all contain elements of strange, unusual - even paranormal happenings that hold a relevance to anywhere. They are chilling tales within a contemporary setting loosely based on true events from the past.

A family move to the suburbs in search of a long dead relation only to find that something of quite a spiritual nature seems to be taking place and a deep mystery from the past is surfacing around them.

Two teenagers innocently embark on an adventure one summer evening that proves to be full of mystery and suspense resulting in an outcome they will never forget.

A young man finds his life changes after receiving a spiritual warning . . . from a figure waiving from the lake!

These stories are all based on real documented historical ghostly events from the past and I promise, you'll never see your home town or city in quite the same light again after reading this. They will have you thinking …it could happen to me…!

Author: Tom Goymour
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0992957308
Publisher: Verbum Publications