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Sara Gran is an American author of mystery novels.

She is best known for writing books such as Saturn's Return to New York (2001), Come Closer (2003) and Dope (2006), as well as the Claire DeWitt novels.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she holds a B.A. in cultural anthropology from Tufts University.

Gran has over the years worked as a writer, collector, and bookseller, notably working at Manhattan bookstores like Shakespeare & Co, The Strand, and Housing Works.

Her short stories have appeared in Atlantic Unbound, while her books have been translated into over a dozen languages.

Gran has also penned numerous books, scripts, essays, pamphlets, rants, mysteries, prophecies, and many more.

She currently lives in Los Angeles, California where she has a successful career writing for television.

More about Sara Gran

Genre: Mystery

Born: 1971

United States


Non Series

  • Saturn's Return to New York (2001)
  • Come Closer (2003)
  • Dope (2006)
  • The Book of the Most Precious Substance (2022)

Claire DeWitt

  1. City of the Dead (2011)
  2. The Bohemian Highway (2013)
  3. The Infinite Blacktop (2018)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Saturn's Return to New York

Cities and families make up our lives in equal measure: both never stop changing, and both can protect us, hold us—or cut us to the bone. For Mary Forrest, 29, her city and her family are deeply entwined: her mother, Evelyn, is the editor of the most prestigious literary magazine in New York, as much a part of the city as the Chelsea Hotel (now condos) or Green-Wood Cemetery (now five figures per plot). 

In 1999, as gentrification morphs the neighborhoods Evelyn and Mary have known all their lives, Evelyn’s mind likewise starts to slip away. Mary’s life is going the way of the Automat and Luna Park, and she is furious.

As her city, her mother, and the other touchstones of her life start to fade away, Mary looks for hope in astrology, men, friends, and work. But when all seems lost, it’s time to stop looking for happiness outside, and start looking for the guiding stars within.

Author: Sara Gran
First Release: 2001
ISBN: 978-1641290401
Publisher: Soho Press
Come Closer

A recurrent, unidentifiable noise in her apartment. A memo to her boss that's replaced by obscene insults. Amanda—a successful architect in a happy marriage—finds her life going off kilter by degrees. She starts smoking again, and one night for no reason, without even the knowledge that she's doing it, she burns her husband with a cigarette. At night she dreams of a beautiful woman with pointed teeth on the shore of a blood-red sea. 

The new voice in Amanda's head, the one that tells her to steal things and talk to strange men in bars, is strange and frightening, and Amanda struggles to wrest back control of her life. A book on demon possession suggests that the figure on the shore could be the demon Naamah, known to scholars of the Kabbalah as the second wife of Adam, who stole into his dreams and tricked him into fathering her child. 

Whatever the case, as the violence of her erratic behavior increases, Amanda knows that she must act to put her life right, or see it destroyed.

Author: Sara Gran
First Release: 2003
ISBN: 978-1616951009
Publisher: Soho Press

Josephine, a former addict, is offered a thousand dollars to find a suburban couple’s missing daughter. But the search will take her into the dark underbelly of New York she thought she’d escaped—and a web of deceit that threatens to destroy her.

Author: Sara Gran
First Release: 2006
ISBN: 978-0425214367
Publisher: Berkley
The Book of the Most Precious Substance

After a tragedy too painful to bear, former novelist Lily Albrecht has resigned herself to a dull, sexless life as a rare book dealer. Until she gets a lead on a book that just might turn everything around. The Book of the Most Precious Substance is a 17th century manual on sex magic, rumored to be the most powerful occult book ever written--if it really exists at all. And some of the wealthiest people in the world are willing to pay Lily a fortune to find it-if she can. 

Her search for the book takes her from New York to New Orleans to Munich to Paris, searching the dark corners of power where the world's wealthiest people use black magic to fulfill their desires. Will Lily fulfill her own desires, and join them? Or will she lose it all searching for a ghost? The Book of the Most Precious Substance is an addictive erotic thriller about the lengths we'll go to get what we need-and what we want.

Author: Sara Gran
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-0578947099
Publisher: Dreamland Books

Claire DeWitt

City of the Dead

This knock-out start to a bracingly original new series features Claire DeWitt, the world’s greatest PI—at least, that's what she calls herself. A one-time teen detective in Brooklyn, she is a follower of the esoteric French detective Jacques Silette, whose mysterious handbook Détection inspired Claire’s unusual practices. 

Claire also has deep roots in New Orleans, where she was mentored by Silette’s student the brilliant Constance Darling—until Darling was murdered. When a respected DA goes missing she returns to the hurricane-ravaged city to find out why.

Author: Sara Gran
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-0547747613
Publisher: Mariner Books
The Bohemian Highway

When Claire DeWitt’s ex-boyfriend Paul Casablancas, a musician, is found dead in his Mission District house, Claire is on the case. Paul's wife and the police are sure Paul was killed for his valuable collection of vintage guitars. But Claire, the best detective in the world, has other ideas. 

Even as her other cases offer hints to Paul’s fate―a missing girl in the grim East Village of the 1980s and an epidemic of missing miniature horses in Marin County-–Claire knows: the truth is never where you expect it, and love is the greatest mystery of all.

Author: Sara Gran
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0544227781
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
The Infinite Blacktop

Claire DeWitt, the hard-living and tough-talking private investigator, has always been something of a detective. 

As a young girl growing up in Brooklyn, Claire and her two best friends, Tracy and Kelly, fell under the spell of the book Detection by legendary French detective Jacques Silette. They solved many cases together, in the process witnessing human behavior at its worst. The three were inseparable—until the day Tracy vanished without a trace. That is still the only case Claire ever failed to solve.

Later, in her twenties, Claire is in Los Angeles trying to get her PI license by taking on a cold case that has stumped the LAPD. She hunts for the real story behind the death of a washed-up painter ten years earlier, whose successful, widely admired artist girlfriend had died a few months before him.

Today, Claire is on her way to Las Vegas when she’s almost killed by a homicidal driver. In a haze of drugs and injuries, she struggles off the scene, determined to find her would-be killer’s identity but the list of people who would be happy to see her dead is not a short one.

Author: Sara Gran
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1501165726
Publisher: Washington Square Press