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Patrick C. Greene books in order

Patrick C. Greene is an American author of horror and dark fiction.

Raised in a household where his parents worked as a newspaper editor and ER nurse, he grew up hearing terrifying tales about both professions.

Although he went on to pursue a wide array of jobs, from a bouncer to an actor and a martial arts competitor and trainer, Patrick still maintained his passion for writing.

He finally authored his first novel, Progeny, in 2013.

Passionate about horror, kung fu and doom metal, Patrick currently lives in Western North Carolina.

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Genres: Dark Fiction, Horror

United States


Non Series

  • Progeny (2013)

Short Stories

  1. Trick: A Halloween Short Story (2013)

Short Story Collection

  1. Dark Destinies (2013)
  2. Stingy Jack and Other Tales (2017)

The Haunted Hollow Chronicles

  1. Red Harvest (2018)
  2. Grim Harvest (2019)

The Sanguinarian Council

  1. The Crimson Calling (2016)
Non Series
The Haunted Hollow Chronicles
The Sanguinarian Council

Detailed book overview

Non Series


Owen Sterling is an introverted author who lives in a sequestered dwelling at the heart of the forest.

So when his son, Chuck, comes to visit him during the summer, the pre-teen begins having doubts about his father’s home; concerns which intensify when his father has a heated argument with some indigenous hunters.

Local gun-shop owner Zane Carver has a heated argument with Owen after the author declines to allow any hunting or camping within his property—a rule that Zane breaks.

And it doesn’t take long before Zane and his friends learn about Owen’s dark secret; one that is now chasing after them.

Author: Patrick C. Greene
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0985911010
Publisher: Hobbes End Publishing

Short Stories

Trick: A Halloween Short Story

Teenage punks Kell and Toby think that they have it all figured out with their plans of scaring the neighborhood kids to death with their pranks this Halloween.

Crossing paths with a trio of supernatural trick-or-treaters was however never part of their plans.

The two friends are certainly going to learn the real meaning of Halloween.

This Halloween short story is the perfect read for the spooky season.

From trick-or-treaters to supernatural beings and potential butchered body parts, this book is a subtle reminder to never trick, but rather just hand out the candy.

Author: Patrick C. Greene
First Release: 2013
Ebook: B00G15X8LG
Publisher: Sekhmet Press

Short Story Collection

Dark Destinies

This book is a collection of horrifying short stories that will grasp your attention from the very moment you start reading it.

If the mere thought of reading a full novel authored by Patrick C. Greene terrifies you, then perhaps these short stories could be exactly the thing for you.

You’ll be haunted by the tales long after you’ve already finished with the book.

These stories will undoubtedly give you sleepless nights.

The seven tales contained in Dark Destinies include:
Into the Small Hours
Room 422
Bill’s Becoming
Fate by Firelight
High Strangeness in South Haven
Words That Start with the Letter D

Author: Patrick C. Greene
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1481838931
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Stingy Jack and Other Tales

Stingy Jack and Other Tales is a collection of spine-chilling short stories that will leave you terrified.

Come inside, out of the clammy dusk and away from the sinister dark cloud. I would like to introduce you to someone.

Put your treat bag aside and remove that stifling mask. I want you to meet Jack.

You heard that right, Jack—the legend behind the ogling lanterns, just like the one that’s glowing outside.

His tale is however just but the beginning, as it is meant to whet your appetite for the rest of the night.

Author: Patrick C. Greene
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1977976338
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

The Haunted Hollow Chronicles

Red Harvest

The quiet and unexciting farming community of Ember Hollow comes alive every year during harvest time.

Countless pumpkins are carved into lanterns and kids strive to come up with the most terrifying costumes, even as parents acquire enough candy ahead of the Pumpkin Parade.

This year is however unlike any other.

Some members of the community are experiencing horrifying visions, while others fear that they could very well be going insane—or losing something more precious.

One recently sober singer with a golden voice is persuaded to strike an irreversible deal, while one peculiar boy is shackled by his own family due to petrifying reasons.

Will they make it beyond this Halloween?

Author: Patrick C. Greene
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1516108336
Publisher: Lyrical Underground
Grim Harvest

A vicious biker gang is terrorizing the streets of the sleepy town, transforming civilians into werewolves. It’s determined to bring back to life a callous female killer in the body of an oblivious resident.

Deshaun and Stuart, close friends and lovers of death metal, must ensure the safety of their friend Candace, whose deranged brother, nicknamed The Trick or Treat Terror, may resurrect before Halloween.

Abe McGlazer, a clergyman, is behaving mysteriously after a hidden passage is found beneath his ancient church.

Still recovering from the Pumpkin Parade tragedy that occurred the previous year, the residents of Ember Hollow are unaware of the terrors that await them.

Author: Patrick C. Greene
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1516108343
Publisher: Lyrical Underground

The Sanguinarian Council

The Crimson Calling

Hundreds of years after they were wiped out and the demise of their Queen in London’s Great Fire of 1666, very few vampires remain.

A High Council is however formed after a few of the remnants reassemble.

Nonetheless, fresh threats emerge in the form of the contemporary military which is hunting for members of the council, as well as striving to build their own vampire soldiers.

In comes Olivia Irons, a former Black Ops who now leads a normal, secluded life.

When trouble finds her, she is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity by the Sanguinarian Council.

Will she heed to The Crimson Calling?

Author: Patrick C. Greene
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B01M18ZIFC
Publisher: Sekhmet Press