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Frank Haddleton is an American author of historical mystery, best known for writing Walker's Key (2019).

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, he studied for a B.A. degree in Economics at Haverford College, before studying law at Northeastern University where he completed two internships at highly regarded law firms in Boston.

Upon starting his legal profession at Sullivan & Worcester's Tax Department, Frank enrolled in the Graduate Tax Program at Boston University School of Law, where he was the recipient of the Graduate Tax Alumni Achievement Award for attaining the highest grade point average in his class.

Although he has been running his own practice since the early 90s, the bulk of his current work is in property management; only occasionally offering legal services to a few of his long-term clients.

Frank currently resides in the Green Mountain State with his spouse, Brian, except during the winters which they spend in Florida.

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Genres: Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Literary Fiction

United States


Non Series

Walker's Key

As dawn breaks on a summer morning in 1900, Darby Walker, owner of a St. Petersburg, Florida, ferry service, sets out to check on his older brother, Tulley, whose lighthouse across Tampa Bay on Walker's Key has gone dark. The recent death of their father, a ship pilot based on Egmont Key, has been declared a suicide, but Darby knows better, and signs point to Tulley as the murderer.

Going back thirty-five years to Darby's birth in Harwich Port, on Cape Cod, Walker's Key explores the bitter sibling rivalry between overly kind, personable Darby and angry, isolated Tulley. While that sibling rivalry unfolds, Darby learns of a sibling rivalry generations earlier in his family, a rivalry that ended in murder. Of pivotal significance is Darby's grandfather, an abolitionist who rescued slaves from a Florida plantation decades earlier and initiated a family tradition of acceptance far broader than the Walker brothers realize when one of them maliciously exposes the other's private encounter.

When we arrive back in 1900, Darby works to figure out who has murdered his father. When he learns the killer's identity, he must find the inner strength to bring the killer to justice while also saving himself.

Author: Frank Haddleton
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1949066234
Publisher: Onion River Press