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Graeme Hampton is a Scottish author of crime, mystery, suspense and thriller novels.

Born in Paisley and raised in Stirling, he holds a BA in English Literature from Stirling University.

Upon leaving school, Graeme went on to train as a stage manager, working in London for several years, before returning to Scotland in his late twenties to pursue his undergraduate studies.

A number of years later, after undertaking dull jobs and undergoing terrible times, Graeme decided to become a full-time writer.

Know No Evil, the first installment of the D.I Denning and D.S Fisher Series, was published in July 2019, followed by Blood Family in early 2020, and The Darkness Within in January 2021.

Graeme, who currently lives in Hastings, East Sussex, England, is working on his fourth book in the series.

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Genres: Crime Suspense, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

United Kingdom


D.I Denning and D.S Fisher

  1. Know No Evil (2019)
  2. Blood Family (2020)
  3. The Darkness Within (2021)

Detailed book overview

D.I Denning and D.S Fisher

Know No Evil

"Old crimes don’t stay buried forever…"

It’s high summer, and London sizzles in the grip of a heatwave. But when the body of young mother, Leanne Wyatt, is discovered in an East London park, the heat rises to boiling point for D.I. Matthew Denning. Under pressure to solve the case, and fast, he delves into Leanne’s history and finds that she was close to some dangerous individuals – could one of them have taken her life in an angry rage? But when another woman is found dead in similar circumstances, Denning is forced to consider that a killer stalks the capital’s streets.

But when young, ambitious, D.S. Molly Fisher, discovers a horrifying link to these deaths and a killing spree in South London a decade ago – a terrifying summer where young women died at the hands of a psychopath the press dubbed ‘The Bermondsey Ripper’, the case is blown wide open.

Anthony Ferguson is serving a life sentence for the crimes, so are these new deaths the result of a copycat killer - or did the police convict the wrong man? Whatever the case, Denning and Fisher need to stop a killer in his tracks – before he sets his sights on them.

Author: Graeme Hampton
First Release: 2019
Ebook: B07S5CQMFM
Publisher: Hera
Blood Family

"All families have secrets...some are deadly."

When D.I. Matthew Denning is called in to investigate a house fire in a North London street, he never anticipated the horrors that awaited him. As Denning and D.S. Molly Fisher search the wreckage, the bodies of the Galloway family – Brian and Ellie, son Simon, daughter Amber and 9-year-old grandson Caleb – are discovered in the smoldering house.

All evidence points to a tragic accident…until Matthew and Molly discover that the family was dead before the fire, murdered in their home by a faceless psychopath. What started as a routine investigation swiftly turns into a murder investigation, with Denning and Fisher hunting a killer who has wiped out three generations with a shotgun.

But as the case deepens, Denning and Fisher discover that the Galloways were no ordinary family. Like all families, they harbor secrets - but unlike others, their secrets were so deadly, someone is willing to spill blood to keep them hidden…

Author: Graeme Hampton
First Release: 2020
Ebook: B081QL53SN
Publisher: Hera
The Darkness Within

"You can run... but death will always find you."

A man is discovered on a leafy North London street, fighting for life after a brutal beating. DI Matthew Denning and his team are quickly called in to to track down the monster responsible.

Except the victim is hiding secrets of his own. His name shows that he was reported missing two decades ago - but it’s clear that the missing person is not the same man lying broken in a hospital bed.

A visit to a squalid East London flat unearths a victim with his throat slit, his body left to decompose. A sad end to any life - but when it is identified as former DCI Frank Buckfield, star of the Met police, the case takes on a new significance.

Two seemingly unrelated cases - but as Denning, along with DS Molly Fisher, investigates further, they uncover links between the two victims that lead back to a ring of silence cloaking the blackest of crimes.

But as Denning and Fisher try to track down a killer with revenge on their mind, they find themselves pitted against a psychopath who will kill to keep their secrets hidden. Can they uncover the truth, before they end up the latest victims?

Author: Graeme Hampton
First Release: 2021
Ebook: B08NWQ15GQ
Publisher: Hera