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Pete Haynes is a British writer and playwright.

At about the age of fifteen, Pete and his friends went to see groups play at the Marquee Club, something that drove his yearning to be part of a group.

Having left school as a teenager, he bought himself a drum kit at seventeen and formed a group with some of his friends at the end of nineteen seventy five.

For them, it mattered little that they were unable to play, as it was more about having the feel and attitude—getting away from many of the acceptable things in the mainstream.

Pete was a drummer in the punk group The Lurkers before going to university at the age of thirty where he trained to be a lecturer for people with special needs.

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Genres: Non-fiction, Thriller

United Kingdom


Non Series

  • The Offender's Nemesis (2016)
  • Cool Water (2014)
  • Malayan Swing (2009)


  1. An Unlikely Fooligan (2009)
  2. God's Lonely Men (2007)

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Non Series

The Offender's Nemesis

The Offender's Nemesis is the most popular television show that deals with 'undesirables' in a society gripped with fear.

The 'Offenders' themselves are mocked, tortured and killed in barbaric ways.

Alan Manville, the most famous celebrity in the country, hosts the show.

When Chris Kirby sees his brother on the show, his entire life tumbles down, as he is separate from his wife and daughter.

Will he be reunited with his family? Will he succeed in finding his brother?

This is the story of Chris, his desperate search for his family and the discovery of things that he never thought existed.

Author: Pete Haynes
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1910705445
Publisher: New Haven Publishing Ltd
Cool Water

Set in Belfast in the year 2000 after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, this story explores the relationship between the establishment and street criminals.

What however makes it stand out is the comprehensive consideration it gives to Donny Campbell—the primary character.

Donny Campbell is a notorious paramilitary figure.

He finds a kindred spirit in Lord Roddy Harding, a man working in the highest levels of society.

But when Donny Campbell becomes a liability, their relationship is ruined; something that prompts the British state to ‘dispatch’ one of its most efficient foot soldiers.

Through the book, we come to learn more about Donny's personal development, from his childhood experiences to his adult sexuality and psychotic personality.

Author: Pete Haynes
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1907565762
Publisher: Caffeine Nights Publishing
Malayan Swing

Aidan is a forty five year old man who has been transferred from the safety of a group home where he had developed a positive self-identity, to a ‘community’ that is characterized by fear, brutality and indignity.

Through the book, readers gain a deeper understanding of the brutal and lonely forces that those who are mentally ill are exposed to, just as much as they are exploited by.

From building his self-esteem to developing his skills as a way if being self reliant, everything that Aidan learnt over the years counts for nothing as he is thrown into a world where he is neither respected nor encouraged; a world where his disabilities are heavily highlighted through his experiences and daily interaction.

Author: Pete Haynes
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-0955185168
Publisher: London Books


An Unlikely Fooligan

This is an autobiographical account of Pete Haynes’s experience and feelings during his trips to Japan.

His first trip was a week or so before the 2002 FIFA World Cup while the second trip came a year later. The story is told through the experience of the second visit with reflections of the trip a year earlier.

As Pete explores another culture with no particular mission in mind, he comes he comes to develop his own comparisons between his culture and that of Japan in a subjective rather than academic manner.

‘Fooligan’ is a mispronunciation for the English football hooligan.

Because of his distinct physical features, this unlikely fooligan draws the attention of the indigenous people whose knowledge is limited to the image that the media has created of the ‘fooligans’ set to arrive for the World Cup.

Author: Pete Haynes
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-1906085148
Publisher: Headhunter Books
God's Lonely Men

Having played as the drummer in West London band The Lurkers, the author speaks of the journey of the late seventies Punk Rock phenomenon whilst still upholding an outsider’s view on society at large.

He documents of their progress from the pubs and clubs to Top of the Pops and then back again, all while giving a humorous look into the music business.

This is not just a mere rock ‘n’ roll fable, God’s Lonely Men is a book for anyone interested in people and their attitudes towards each other in a story that explores on right and wrong and won’t ever stutter in taking sides.

Author: Pete Haynes
First Release: 2007
ISBN: 978-1-906085-04-9
Publisher: Headhunter Books