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Mick Herron books in order

Mick Herron is a British author of mystery and thriller novels.

Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, he holds a degree in English from Balliol College, Oxford.

His acclaimed Slough House Series, featuring Jackson Lamb, is about MI5 spies who have been exiled to Slough House to undertake boring and unimportant work as a consequence of their own actions, only to end up on the most exciting of adventures.

A huge fan of playing squash, Mick now lives in Oxford and works in London.

More about Mick Herron

Genres: Mystery, Thriller

Born: 1963

United Kingdom


Non Series

  • Nobody Walks (2015)
  • This is What Happened (2018)


  1. The Usual Santas (2016)

Short Story Collection

  1. All the Livelong Day and Other Stories (2013)
  2. Dolphin Junction (2021)

Slough House Series

  1. Slow Horses (2010)
  2. Dead Lions (2013)
  3. The List (2015)
  4. Real Tigers (2016)
  5. Spook Street (2017)
  6. London Rules (2018)
  7. The Marylebone Drop (2018)
  8. Joe Country (2019)
  9. The Catch (2020)
  10. Slough House (2021)
  11. Bad Actors (2022)

The Oxford Books

  1. Down Cemetery Road (2003)
  2. The Last Voice You Hear (2004)
  3. Why We Die (2006)
  4. Smoke and Whispers (2009)
  5. Reconstruction (2008)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Nobody Walks

While working at a factory in France, Tom Bettany is shocked when a mysterious woman leaves a voicemail informing him about the death of Liam Bettany—his alienated 26-year-old son.

Apparently, Liam died after falling from the balcony of his London apartment where he was smoking marijuana.

Determined to uncover the truth behind his son’s demise, Bettany moves back to London.

His return however draws the attention of a couple of people, from imprisoned heads of mafias, to those at the very summit of MI5.

Bettany may have he left his old life behind when he moved out of town, but no one ever truly walks out.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1616956196
Publisher: Soho Crime
This is What Happened

Twenty-six-year-old Maggie Barnes feels as though she is invisible.

Broke and lonely, she lives as a subtenant in London.

With no boyfriend or lover, and no one else to call family other than her alienated sister, Maggie is the sort of person who would mysteriously disappear without anybody noticing.

That makes her the kind of individual that MI5 would need in order to foil an international scheme endangering the lives of innocent British citizens.

For the first time in her life, Maggie has the opportunity to be the heroine.

But with danger at every turn, will she live long enough to complete her assignment?

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1473657359
Publisher: John Murray


The Usual Santas

This book is an exciting collection of short stories that will offer a perfect quick read for the holiday season.

From a youthful woman mysteriously invited for Christmas dinner by someone she has never met, to an aged woman who just wants some peaceful time from her incredibly noisy neighbors, and Jane Austen’s quest to find missing diamonds, these stories will certainly give you the Christmas spirit.

Contributions are by: Helene Tursten, Mick Herron, Martin Limón, Timothy Hallinan, Teresa Dovalpage, Mette Ivie Harrison, Colin Cotterill, Ed Lin, Stuart Neville, Tod Goldberg, Henry Chang, James R. Benn, Lene Kaaberbøl & Agnete Friis, Sujata Massey, Gary Corby, Cara Black, Stephanie Barron and a Foreword and story by Peter Lovesey.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B01AQNYP5Q
Publisher: Soho Crime

Short Story Collection

All the Livelong Day and Other Stories

This book is a collection of five crime and suspense short stories by multi-award winning author, Mick Herron.

In "All The Livelong Day", while on holiday in Derbyshire, a couple’s relationship faces the ultimate test when they plunge into a Hitchcockian nightmare in the form of terrible weather, an isolated farmhouse, and a huge flock of birds.

Other stories contained in this book are about: a normal chat in a motorway cafe which almost uncovers something sinister; twelve cheerful Santas who plan to execute the perfect crime; and Oxford private investigator Zoe Boehm who looks into crimes of true love and fictional killings.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1471323904
Dolphin Junction

In Dolphin Junction, devoted fans and future converts alike will find much to amuse, delight, and terrify them. Five standalone nerve-rackingly thrilling crime fiction stories are complemented by four mystery stories featuring the Oxford wife-and-husband detective team of shrewd Zoë Boehm and hapless Joe Silvermann. The collection also includes a peek into the past of Jackson Lamb, irascible top agent at Slough House.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1641294034
Publisher: Soho Crime

Slough House Series

Slow Horses

The Slough House, in London, England, is where MI5 spies past their peaks are sent to live out what’s left of their unsuccessful careers.

Exiled there as a consequence of their own actions, all that the "slow horses" do now is undertake boring and unimportant work.

But despite their shortcomings, none of Jackson Lamb's band of rejects ever joined the service just to watch from the sidelines.

When a young boy is abducted and held captive, his execution is scheduled to be broadcasted live on the internet.

Nevertheless, the slow horses don’t plan on taking a back seat and watching quietly, despite receiving orders from their seniors.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 978-1616954161
Publisher: Soho Crime
Dead Lions

Exiled to the Slough House to undertake boring and unimportant work as a consequence of their own actions, Jackson Lamb's MI5 spies are called upon to protect a visiting Russian oligarch on the brink of joining the British intelligence.

But soon afterwards, Dickie Bow, one of the spies placed on the assignment, is found dead from supposed heart attack.

Convinced that his colleague was murdered, Slough House leader Jackson Lamb embarks on a quest to uncover the truth.

As they begin joining the clues, they uncover sinister secrets connected to Alexander Popov—arguably the deadliest man on the planet.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1616953676
Publisher: Soho Crime
The List

When an elderly spy named Dieter Hess passes away, his MI5 handler named John Bachelor finds himself in hot water.

With the news of the demise comes the revelation that Dieter used to own a secret second bank account.

This is a matter of grave concern to everyone involved, as the only person who would ever want to maintain a second bank account is a double agent.

Was the deceased a double agent or not?

As deadly as that answer may be, it must be uncovered.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1616957452
Publisher: Soho Crime
Real Tigers

As someone who has spent a huge part of her life working in Intelligence Service, Catherine Standish knows that there is no such thing as an unplanned encounter.

But why would anyone target a recovering alcoholic such as herself that has been banished to the Slough House?

Whatever the case, Catherine is convinced that it has nothing to do with her personal life, and everything to do with the Slough House.

It could perhaps even be about Jackson Lamb.

Lamb may be a lot of things, but he is not one to turn his back on a spy.

In fact, you can even trust him with your life.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1616957988
Publisher: Soho Crime
Spook Street

Despite being retired for two decades, David Cartwright is everything but an old and defenseless man.

In fact, he is more like a filthy old spy with blood on his hands.

He may have brought up his grandson with all the courage and glory, but instead of joining the very best of Spook Street, River Cartwright bas been banished to Jackson Lamb’s band of misfits at the Slough House.

So when Cartwright's panic alarm goes off at the Service headquarters, Lamb is summoned to identify the body.

A befitting person for the job, he will do anything to protect a spy in danger.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1616958695
Publisher: Soho Crime
London Rules

At the Service HQ, Regent’s Park, First Desk Claude Whelan is being taught things the hard way.

Assigned to protect a troubled prime minister, he is on the receiving end of onslaughts from a myriad of places. From articles being written about him by the wife of a boastful MP, to continually being criticized by Lady Di Taverner, his deputy, Whelan just can’t seem to catch a break.

Elsewhere, terror attacks are being unleashed in the country. Someone seemingly wants Roddy Ho dead.

Meanwhile at Slough House, Jackson Lamb’s misfits are being overwhelmed by their own problems.

And they are about to worsen something that is already bad enough.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1641290241
Publisher: Soho Crime
The Marylebone Drop

Once a spook, always a spook.

Even retired spooks know this, given how they never forget their tradecraft.

So when Solomon Dortmund witnesses a mysterious envelope being passed around in a Marylebone café, he is convinced that something sinister is in motion.

Concerned about what he has seen, Solly reveals everything to John Bachelor, an agent who protects retired spooks.

Single and struggling to gain some form of steadiness in his life, John is one step away from living in his car.

With Solly’s revelation, nothing will ever be the same again for a number of people.

NB: This book is also known as The Drop.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1641290135
Publisher: Soho Crime
Joe Country

Things are going terribly at Slough House.

Catherine Standish is once again doing liquor, Louisa Guy is struggling with accepting lost love, and newcomer Lech Wicinski, whose wrongdoings make him an outsider even in the band of misfits, won’t rest until he finds the person who ruined his career.

As for Jackson Lamb, all he wants is a peace of mind. That’s however hard to do, considering that he has dry patches of blood on his carpets.

And when the person responsible comes out of their hiding place, Lamb unleashes his slow horses to go after the man.

But once in Joe country, not everyone will return home.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1473657489
Publisher: John Murray
The Catch

John Bachelor is having it rough.

The spy isn’t assigned to any work in the field, or even seated behind a desk.

His work is to look after retired spooks, which explains his frustrations with his job.

Now a widower at the tail end of his career, John has no place to call a home and no savings after a string of bad luck.

In fact, he now lives in a London flat that belongs to a deceased man. His only hope is that the system won’t catch him and throw him into the streets.

But now that his secret is out there, John has only made himself vulnerable to blackmail.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1641292344
Publisher: Soho Crime
Slough House

Brexit is taking effect.

Still recovering from recent losses, Jackson Lamb’s band of misfits are concerned that they are going to be further ignored.

Slough House has not only been cleared from the Service records, but deadly and mysterious accidents are taking place.

Although Jackson Lamb's team is quite suspicious about everything going on, whom on earth would want them out of the picture?

As the new populist movement gains traction in London, it soon becomes apparent that those deemed excessive have no place.

Anybody wise would take off and let things cool off.

The slow horses are however everything but wise.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1529378641
Publisher: John Murray
Bad Actors

In London's MI5 headquarters a scandal is brewing that could disgrace the entire intelligence community. The Downing Street superforecaster—a specialist who advises the Prime Minister's office on how policy is likely to be received by the electorate—has disappeared without a trace. Claude Whelan, who was once head of MI5, has been tasked with tracking her down.

But the trail leads him straight back to Regent's Park itself, with First Desk Diana Taverner as chief suspect. Has Taverner overplayed her hand at last? Meanwhile, her Russian counterpart, Moscow intelligence's First Desk, has cheekily showed up in London and shaken off his escort. Are the two unfortunate events connected?

Over at Slough House, where Jackson Lamb presides over some of MI5's most embittered demoted agents, the slow horses are doing what they do best, and adding a little bit of chaos to an already unstable situation...

There are bad actors everywhere, and they usually get their comeuppance before the credits roll. But politics is a dirty business, and in a world where lying, cheating and backstabbing are the norm, sometimes the good guys can find themselves outgunned.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2022
Ebook: B093YQYGQ7
Publisher: Soho Crime

The Oxford Books

Down Cemetery Road

Sarah Tucker launches a determined quest to find a girl who mysteriously vanishes after an explosion devastates a silent Oxford neighborhood.

A young childless married woman bored of household life and hosting her husband’s tiring friends for dinner, Sarah buries herself in the investigation that leaves her with more questions than answers.

How can persons previously thought to be dead still be alive?

Something that begins as an investigation in a quiet English suburb reaches boiling point on a hostile Scottish island where Sarah finds herself with a man being targeted by ruthless official forces.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2003
ISBN: 978-1616955830
Publisher: Soho Crime
The Last Voice You Hear

When a woman named Caroline Daniels brutally dies after falling on the path of a train, and her partner skips her funeral, Zoë is more than certain that she doesn’t want to take up the case.

But unfortunately for her, she isn’t the one to make that decision.

Forced by her boss to conduct the investigation, Zoë finds herself attempting to uncover the secrets of a strange woman, while chasing after a man who is nowhere to be seen.

Is she however on the trail on someone who has already found her?

Will she end up losing her life, or overcome her deepest fears?

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2004
ISBN: 978-1616955847
Publisher: Soho Crime
Why We Die

When private investigator Zoë Boehm takes up a case about a gang of thieves who robbed a jewelry store, she hopes that she will have completed the assignment right before tax season.

Never in her wildest imaginations did she ever think that she would end up in a casket.

Now she's entwined with mysterious personalities, beginning with suicidal Tim Whitby, who is determined to protect the gorgeous and wounded Katrina Blake from her deceased husband’s deranged brothers, Arkle and Trent.

Arkle however has a deadly weapon, Tim isn’t afraid of death, and Katrina has dark secrets.

Much like taxes, death seems inevitable in this case.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2006
ISBN: 978-1616955861
Publisher: Soho Crime
Smoke and Whispers

When Sarah Tucker journeys to Newcastle to investigate a case regarding a lifeless body which was discovered in River Tyne, she identifies the victim as private investigator Zoë Boehm.

That however only leaves her with more questions than answers.

Did Zoë take away her own life, or was she the victim of one of her old cases?

Why did she have on a jacket which a killer had stolen years earlier?

And what brings Gerard Inchon to where Sarah is?

Determined to get to the bottom of things, Sarah will do whatever it takes to uncover the truth, even if it means endangering herself.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-1616955854
Publisher: Soho Crime

Louise Kennedy, a teacher at South Oxford Nursery School, is stricken by fear after an armed man storms into the school—holding people hostage.

Jaime Segura however isn’t there to harm anyone. In fact, he is just as terrified as his hostages.

With armed police now surrounding the facility, Jaime is only willing to speak to Ben Whistler, an MI6 accountant who was a colleague of Jaime’s partner, Miro.

Miro has vanished after stealing 250 million pounds set aside for rebuilding work in Iraq.

Jaime is however convinced about Miro’s innocence.

But he isn’t the only one.

Powerful individuals outside the school would rather keep the secret buried.

Author: Mick Herron
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-1616955878
Publisher: Soho Crime