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Talia Hibbert is a British New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of contemporary romance and paranormal romance novels.

Best known for works such as the Brown Sisters books and Dirty British Romance, Talia enjoys writing spicy, diverse romance because she truly believes that people of marginalized identities are yet to be painted in a positive light.

Witty by nature, Talia loves makeup and junk food.

She lives in the English Midlands, where her bedroom is full of books, and the world beyond her four walls is virtually non-existent.

Talia is agented by Courtney Miller-Callihan at Handspun Literary.

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Genres: Contemporary , Paranormal , Romance

United Kingdom


Non Series

  • Merry Inkmas (2017)
  • Work for It (2019)
  • Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute (2023)

Brown Sisters

  1. Get a Life, Chloe Brown (2019)
  2. Take a Hint, Dani Brown (2020)
  3. Act Your Age, Eve Brown (2021)

Dirty British Romance

  1. The Princess Trap (2018)
  2. The Roommate Risk (2018)
  3. Guarding Temptation (2020)

Just For Him

  1. Bad for the Boss (2017)
  2. Undone By the Ex-con (2018)
  3. Sweet On the Greek (2018)

Monsters and Mates

  1. Mating the Huntress (2018)


  1. A Girl Like Her (2018)
  2. Damaged Goods: A Ravenswood Novella (2018)
  3. Untouchable (2018)
  4. That Kind of Guy (2019)

The Rogue Series

  1. Rogue Nights (Book Six) (2018)
Monsters and Mates
The Rogue Series

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Merry Inkmas

Cash Evans knows exactly what he wants for Christmas. Too bad he can’t have her.

The infamous tattoo artist's been watching geeky Bailey Cooper for months, but that’s all he’ll ever do: watch. Bailey’s too sweet, too smart, too good for the likes of him, and he knows it. So Cash keeps his distance…until a Christmas miracle makes him Bailey’s boss.

Socially awkward Bailey learned long ago that men just aren’t worth the hassle. Take her new boss, Cash: he’s a brooding beast who avoids her like the plague, but he also fixes her plumbing, helps the homeless, and offers Bailey a place to stay for Christmas.

She’s never met anyone so confusing—or so impossible to resist. And the more Bailey learns about Cash and his demons, the more she thinks it’s time to stop fighting.

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1913651084
Publisher: Avon
Work for It

Between men like us, trust doesn't come easy.

In this village, I’m an outcast: Griffin Everett, the scowling giant who prefers plants to people. Then I meet Keynes, a stranger from the city who’s everything I’m not: sharp-tongued, sophisticated, beautiful. Free. For a few precious moments in a dark alleyway, he’s also mine, hot and sweet under the stars…until he crushes me like dirt beneath his designer boot.

When the prettiest man I’ve ever hated shows up at my job the next day, I’m not sure if I want to strangle him or drag him into bed. Actually—I think I want both. But Keynes isn’t here for the likes of me: he makes that painfully clear. With everyone else at work, he’s all gorgeous, glittering charm—but when I get too close, he turns vicious.

And yet, I can’t stay away. Because there’s something about this ice king that sets me on fire, a secret vulnerability that makes my chest ache. I’ll do whatever it takes to sneak past his walls and see the real man again.

The last thing I expect is for that man to ruin me.

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1913651008
Publisher: Nixon House
Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute

Bradley Graeme is pretty much perfect. He’s a star football player, manages his OCD well (enough), and comes out on top in all his classes...except the ones he shares with his ex-best friend, Celine.

Celine Bangura is conspiracy-theory-obsessed. Social media followers eat up her takes on everything from UFOs to holiday overconsumption—yet, she’s still not cool enough for the popular kids’ table. Which is why Brad abandoned her for the in-crowd years ago. (At least, that’s how Celine sees it.)

These days, there’s nothing between them other than petty insults and academic rivalry. So when Celine signs up for a survival course in the woods, she’s surprised to find Brad right beside her.

Forced to work as a team for the chance to win a grand prize, these two teens must trudge through not just mud and dirt but their messy past. And as this adventure brings them closer together, they begin to remember the good bits of their history. But has too much time passed...or just enough to spark a whole new kind of relationship?

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2023
Ebook: B0B52ZKN8C
Publisher: Joy Revolution

Brown Sisters

Get a Life, Chloe Brown

Chloe Brown is a chronically ill computer geek with a goal, a plan, and a list. After almost—but not quite—dying, she’s come up with seven directives to help her “Get a Life”, and she’s already completed the first: finally moving out of her glamorous family’s mansion. The next items?

Enjoy a drunken night out.

Ride a motorcycle.

Go camping.

Have meaningless but thoroughly enjoyable sex.

Travel the world with nothing but hand luggage. something bad.

But it’s not easy being bad, even when you’ve written step-by-step guidelines on how to do it correctly. What Chloe needs is a teacher, and she knows just the man for the job.

Redford ‘Red’ Morgan is a handyman with tattoos, a motorcycle, and more sex appeal than ten-thousand Hollywood heartthrobs. He’s also an artist who paints at night and hides his work in the light of day, which Chloe knows because she spies on him occasionally. Just the teeniest, tiniest bit.

But when she enlists Red in her mission to rebel, she learns things about him that no spy session could teach her. Like why he clearly resents Chloe’s wealthy background. And why he never shows his art to anyone. And what really lies beneath his rough exterior…

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-0062941206
Publisher: Avon
Take a Hint, Dani Brown

Danika Brown knows what she wants: professional success, academic renown, and an occasional roll in the hay to relieve all that career-driven tension. But romance? Been there, done that, burned the T-shirt. Romantic partners, whatever their gender, are a distraction at best and a drain at worst. So Dani asks the universe for the perfect friend-with-benefits—someone who knows the score and knows their way around the bedroom.

When big, brooding security guard Zafir Ansari rescues Dani from a workplace fire drill gone wrong, it’s an obvious sign: PhD student Dani and former rugby player Zaf are destined to sleep together. But before she can explain that fact to him, a video of the heroic rescue goes viral. Suddenly, half the internet is shipping #DrRugbae—and Zaf is begging Dani to play along. Turns out his sports charity for kids could really use the publicity. Lying to help children? Who on earth would refuse?

Dani’s plan is simple: fake a relationship in public, seduce Zaf behind the scenes. The trouble is, grumpy Zaf is secretly a hopeless romantic—and he’s determined to corrupt Dani’s stone-cold realism. Before long, he’s tackling her fears into the dirt. But the former sports star has issues of his own, and the walls around his heart are as thick as his... um, thighs.

The easy lay Dani dreamed of is now more complex than her thesis. Has her wish backfired? Is her focus being tested? Or is the universe just waiting for her to take a hint?

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-0062941237
Publisher: Avon
Act Your Age, Eve Brown

Eve Brown is a certified hot mess. No matter how hard she strives to do right, her life always goes horribly wrong. So she’s given up trying. But when her personal brand of chaos ruins an expensive wedding (someone had to liberate those poor doves), her parents draw the line. It's time for Eve to grow up and prove herself—even though she's not entirely sure how…

Jacob Wayne is in control. Always. The bed and breakfast owner’s on a mission to dominate the hospitality industry and he expects nothing less than perfection. So when a purple-haired tornado of a woman turns up out of the blue to interview for his open chef position, he tells her the brutal truth: not a chance in hell. Then she hits him with her car—supposedly by accident. Yeah, right.

Now his arm is broken, his B&B is understaffed, and the dangerously unpredictable Eve is fluttering around, trying to help. Before long, she’s infiltrated his work, his kitchen—and his spare bedroom. Jacob hates everything about it. Or rather, he should. Sunny, chaotic Eve is his natural-born nemesis, but the longer these two enemies spend in close quarters, the more their animosity turns into something else. Like Eve, the heat between them is impossible to ignore... and it’s melting Jacob’s frosty exterior.

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-0062941275
Publisher: Avon

Dirty British Romance

The Princess Trap

Cherry Neita is thirty, flirty, and done with men. As far as she can tell, they’re overrated, overpaid, and underperforming – in every area of life. But a girl has needs, and the smoking-hot stranger she just met at the office seems like the perfect one-night stand…

Prince Ruben of Helgmøre is reckless, dominant, and famously filthy. The outcast royal is rebuilding his reputation – all for a good cause – but he can’t resist a pretty face. And bossy whirlwind Cherry’s got the face, the body, and the attitude to make Ruben’s convictions crumble. Even better, when she propositions him, she has no idea who he really is.

But when paparazzi catch the pair, erm, kissing in an alleyway, Ruben’s anonymity disappears faster than Cherry’s knickers. Now the press is in uproar, the palace is outraged, and Ruben’s reputation is back in the gutter. There’s only one way to turn this disaster around – and it involves Cherry, some big fat lies, and a flashy diamond ring. On her left hand.

Unfortunately, Cherry isn’t pleased with Ruben’s ‘fake engagement’ scheme…and neither is the king.

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1913651053
Publisher: Nixon House
The Roommate Risk

Jasmine Allen believes in bad luck, great wine, and the seductive power of a stiletto heel. What she doesn’t believe in is love. Her life is perfect without all that romance rubbish—until a plumbing disaster screws everything up and leaves Jas homeless. Luckily, she has someone to turn to: her best friend Rahul.

For seven years, Rahul Khan has followed three simple rules.

* Don’t touch Jasmine if you can help it.

* Don’t look at her arse in that skirt.

* And don’t ever—ever—tell her you love her.

He should’ve added another rule: Do not, under any circumstances, let Jas move into your house.

Now Rahul is living with the friend he can’t have, and it’s decimating his control. He knows their shared dinners aren’t dates, their late-night kisses are a mistake, and the tenderness in Jasmine’s gaze is only temporary. One wrong word could send his skittish best friend running.

So why is he tempted to risk it all?

NB: Previously published as Wanna Bet?.

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1916404359
Publisher: Nixon House
Guarding Temptation

Protective. Obsessive. And rough around the edges.

James Foster knows the rules: you don’t fall for your best friend’s little sister. Nina is too young, too reckless, and too busy saving the world to be tied down by the commitment he craves. If he was smart, he’d stop wanting her.

But she’s the one thing on earth James just can’t quit.

Fierce. Principled. And impossible to resist.

Political campaigner Nina Chapman is sick of one-time things. She wants forever, and she wants it with her brother’s best friend—but James still sees her as a child to be coddled. So when a controversial article lands Nina in hot water, she finds herself under his protection and under his roof. It’s a shame James doesn’t want her in his bed, too.

…Or does he?

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1913651060
Publisher: Nixon House

Just For Him

Bad for the Boss

Nobody denies the boss. Until her.

Theodore Chamberlain is known for his cold focus and harsh demands - in the boardroom and the bedroom. His employees call him inhuman, all-powerful, terrifying. Theo calls them idiots.

Until he meets a fierce new hire with knockout curves and a mind like a whip. Suddenly, Theo no longer wants to be feared...

As a child, Jennifer Johnson survived hell. But these days, hell better look out for her. There's no way strong, smart Jen's going to risk it all for some forbidden office romance. Her older, domineering boss might be hot as sin, but she's the one who'd end up burned.

The problem is, beneath his commanding façade, Theo's surprisingly sweet...and extremely difficult to resist.

When a threat from Jen's past resurfaces, her powerful boss becomes her unflinching protector. Can Theo save Jen from the evil that stalks her? And will Jen ever give in to her desires and dare to be bad for the boss?

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2017
Ebook: B09TFWX1JF
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Undone By the Ex-con

Is she strong enough to seduce her greatest enemy?

Isaac Montgomery is a millionaire, a murderer, and high society's latest novelty. After all he's been through, it should take more than a prima ballerina with a cut-glass accent to get under his skin. But when Isaac meets Lizzie Olusegun-Keynes, he doesn't just lose his cool. He f--king melts.

After a recent diabetes diagnosis, Lizzie is losing control of her body, her career - and, it seems, her desires. She shouldn't want a man as coarse and cruel as Isaac, but the lust between them burns just as bright as their hatred. And when Lizzie's beloved brother is threatened, the issue is taken out of her hands.

Whether she wants to or not, she will pursue Isaac; her brother's safety depends on it. There's only one problem: she's starting to fall for the brooding, secretly sweet ex-con. The ex-con she must betray.

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2018
Ebook: B09VNMX8ZX
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Sweet On the Greek

This soccer star is determined to win…his woman's heart.

For millionaire footballer Nikolas Christou, one look is all it takes. The minute he sees Aria Granger, he’s a goner. Playboy Nik knows lust—intimately—but his need for Aria goes far beyond that. Of course, the plus-sized beauty isn’t interested in romance…but Nik isn’t interested in giving up.

Aria Granger has sworn off relationships for her own good. After all, her ex nearly murdered her best friend, so clearly her taste is questionable. When charming, gorgeous Nik bounds into her life, Aria can't decide if he's as innocent as he seems...or if her bullsh*t-ometer is broken.

The super-sweet sports star claims he needs a fake girlfriend to protect him from 'misunderstandings'. And Aria, with her tattoos, piercings and dangerous scowl, fits the bill. But there's no way a guy as handsome as Nik can be that bad at handling relationships. Can he?

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1916404397
Publisher: Nixon House

Monsters and Mates

Mating the Huntress

This Halloween, love bites back…hard.

Chastity Adofo knows a monster when she sees one. As soon as Luke Anthony wanders into her family’s coffee shop, she recognises the evil lurking beneath his charming smile and fantastic arse. The handsome werewolf is determined to have her—but she’s determined to cut out his heart.

Little does she know, Luke’s plans for her are far more pleasurable than murder. And when the full moon rises, all bets are off…

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2018
Ebook: B07HLV1R85
Publisher: Nixon House


A Girl Like Her

Ruth Kabbah is okay with being an outcast.

Between her autism, her comic book nerdery, and the whiff of scandal her small town can’t forget, Ruth will always be Ravenswood’s black sheep. Since she prefers silence and solitude to gossip and pub crawls, that suits her just fine—until Evan Miller comes to town.

Ex-military man Evan is gorgeous, confident… and he’s Ruth’s new neighbor. Unlike everyone else, he doesn’t seem to mind her crotchety ways or her cooking disasters. In fact, if Ruth didn’t know any better, she might think Evan likes her.

But Ruth’s been burned before, and some lessons are hard to forget.

She can’t let her guard down—no matter how many home-cooked meals Evan brings over. Because affection is temporary, trust is made to be broken, and the heat of desire is a dangerous thing to play with.

So why does this man feel so safe?

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1916404304
Publisher: Nixon House
Damaged Goods: A Ravenswood Novella

Second chances shouldn’t feel so sinful.

Laura Burne‘s husband is a monster, her diamond ring is a trap, and her pregnancy is the push she needs to finally escape. She runs away seeking safety… and finds Samir Bianchi, her long-lost teenage sweetheart.

With his kind eyes and dirty smile, Samir’s still hot as hell—and he still treats Laura like a goddess, baby bump and all. The wild boy she spent one magical summer with is every inch a man, and he’s more than ready to care for her tiny family.

But Laura’s been keeping a secret Samir might never forgive. When she finally confesses, will he remain by her side? Or is this fairytale ending too good to be true?

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1916404311
Publisher: Nixon House

Sleeping with the staff wasn’t part of the plan.

Sensible, capable, and ruthlessly efficient, Hannah Kabbah is the perfect nanny… until a colossal mistake destroys her career and shatters her reputation. These days, no-one in town will hire her—except Nathaniel Davis, a brooding widower with a smile like sin and two kids he can’t handle.

Prim and proper Hannah is supposed to make Nate’s life easier, but the more time he spends around his live-in nanny, the more she makes things…hard. He can’t take advantage of her vulnerable position, but he can’t deny the truth, either: with every look, every smile, every midnight meeting, Nate’s untouchable employee is stealing his heart.

The trouble is, she doesn’t want to keep it. Forbidden love isn’t high on Hannah’s to-do list, and trust isn’t one of her strengths. When dark secrets threaten to destroy their bond, Nate’s forced to start playing dirty. Because this reformed bad boy will break every rule to finally claim his woman.

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1916404328
Publisher: Nixon House
That Kind of Guy

She wants a fake relationship. He needs something real.

If there’s one thing Rae can’t stand, it’s pity. She’s forty, frazzled, and fed up—so attending an awards ceremony alone while her ex swans about with his new wife? Not an option. To avoid total humiliation, Rae needs a date of her own. And her young, hot-as-hell new best friend is the perfect candidate…

Zach Davis, king of casual hookups, has a secret: the notorious womaniser craves emotional connection, and anonymous encounters leave him feeling hollow. After years of performance, Zach’s desperate to be himself. So why does he agree to play Rae’s fake boyfriend? And why does it feel so easy?

When the line between pretence and desire blurs, Zach’s forced to face an unexpected truth: there’s nothing phoney about his need for Rae. But the jaded divorcée’s been hurt by playboy men before. Can a weekend of faking it prove that Zach’s for real?

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1916404335
Publisher: Nixon House

The Rogue Series

Rogue Nights (Book Six)

Seven tales of romance, hope, and passion. Even after the roughest night, dawn promises new beginnings:

Resisting Desire by Talia Hibbert

Dropped Stitches by Annabeth Albert

Parking Lot Cowboy by Rebecca Crowley

Dare to Dream by Hudson Lin

The Coffee Shop Around the Corner by Shae Connor

Love Your Face by Ainsley Booth

Sacred Son by Robin Covington

NB: Here is the complete list of the series by various authors:

1. Rogue Desire (2017)

2. Rogue Affair (2017)

3. Rogue Acts (2018)

4. Rogue Hearts (2018)

5. Rogue Passion (2018)

6. Rogue Nights (2018)

7. Rogue Ever After (2019)

Author: Talia Hibbert
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1730789625
Publisher: Independently published