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Sharon L. Higa books in order

Sharon L. Higa is an American author and psychic.

Born in Anaheim, California, Sharon has been an avid writer since the age of six.

She draws her writing inspiration from her travels across the globe and from experiences as an amateur ghost hunter.

A lover of horror, supernatural thrillers, fantasy/action et al, Sharon L. Higa is also a passionate animal rights advocate.

She live in East Tennessee, along with her five cats and a dog.

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Genres: Fantasy / SF, Horror


Non Series

  • Number 6 (2014)
  • Z-Regen (2016)
  • The Dam (2013)
  • One Night in the Eternity Of... (2017)
  • Horrors and Occupational Hazards (2014)

Searchers Inc

  1. Rose And Steel (2014)
  2. Desert Tracks (2016)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Number 6

Head Curator of the New York Public Library, plenty of friends and acquaintances among her co-workers, a snug apartment close to her work, and Tansy, her beloved cat; Ida Moreno seemed to have a very decent life…until everything changed in one petrifying moment.

Raped and brutally murdered by someone in the dead of night, Ida’s soul ascends from her body and witnesses the final moments of her life. Free yet filled with rage, it’s up to the ‘new spirit body’ to find the murderer and bring him to justice!

Author: Sharon L. Higa
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1494951368
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

It’s February 1, 2031, and a deadly virus, termed 'The Zombiefication Plague' by the media, is quickly spreading across the globe. The infection turns its victims into incensed, putrid creatures attacking every living individual in their wake.

Dr. Carl Gavois races against time to create the right antidote, but will the CDC researcher come up with a solution, or will the fate of humanity be doomed forever?

Author: Sharon L. Higa
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1539549994
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
The Dam

No stress, zero politics and getting paid for doing what he loved most; Paul Harvey, a scuba diver, thought his new job with TVA would be perfect.

He even convinced Steve James, his best friend of fifteen years and diving buddy, to come down and work with him. He may have heard the rumors about the dam, but would a seasoned veteran of the waters ever buy into the ‘urban legends’?

Sometimes, the real danger is what we can't see…

Author: Sharon L. Higa
First Release: 2013
Ebook: B00FNF8D2O
Publisher: J Ellington Ashton Press
One Night in the Eternity Of...

Unlike most vampires who relish dangerous situations and have a high affinity for 'Night-Life Party' scenes, Homer Chao lives happily with the homeless, the disenchanted, the shunned or forgotten; those who he feels he is most comfortable with.

Earning an uncomplicated living and working at a simple job, they only know him as 'Homer'-the soft-spoken guy with a big heart .Until one night…

Author: Sharon L. Higa
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1546650768
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Horrors and Occupational Hazards

Ever feel like your job is dull, perhaps too routine, or just a dead end? Well dust off your resume, grab a pen and flip through the job opportunity pages of ‘Dark Possibilities’ where you will hopefully find one that will spark your interest.

A hair salon where hair designs are displayed rather uniquely? An auto shop that services the surreal as well as the real? A Funeral Parlor where the Director will go the extra mile for his clients? A Landscaper who quite rightly has a green and red thumb?

Occupations that will have you scrambling for your job application…or not!

Author: Sharon L. Higa
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1502949523
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Searchers Inc

Rose And Steel

It was strange when a one-month-old baby, wrapped in burlap, was found in a yacht floating off the coast of Catalina Island; even stranger when five other one-month-old infants were found under similar inexplicable circumstances.

Shane Rose and Jason Range, childhood best friends, create an investigation agency, but not without the help of ‘others’ who are like Shane.

When their crew of seven is summoned by the FBI to help trace and break up an international child trafficking ring, it becomes personal when two twin girls, gifted like them, go missing.

Author: Sharon L. Higa
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1495969218
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Desert Tracks

Shane Rose is having a good time with his crew as they enjoy their first Christmas holiday together, until a phone call informs them of the discovery of a body on the I-15 freeway headed towards Las Vegas in sunny Southern California; tortured and tied with a barb-wire tied.

They as such embark on a mission to identify the murderer, but will their special skills be sufficient enough to locate the fiendish killer in the vast desert between California and Nevada?

Author: Sharon L. Higa
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1523956425
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform