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Victoria Hislop books in order

Victoria Hislop is a British International bestselling and #1 Sunday Times bestselling author of literary fiction and historical fiction novels.

Born in Bromley, Kent, she studied English at Oxford before going on to work in publishing.

She also worked in public relations and as a journalist before eventually becoming a full-time novelist.

Victoria has a husband and two children, with whom she lives with in Kent.

Her books, which have sold millions of copies across the globe, have been translated into over 30 languages.

More about Victoria Hislop

Genre: Literary Fiction

Born: 1959

United Kingdom


Non Series

  • The Island (2005)
  • The Return (2008)
  • The Thread (2011)
  • The Sunrise (2014)
  • Those Who Are Loved (2019)


  1. Sink or Swim: Energy, Motivation, Performance (2001)
  2. Fix Your Life - Now! (2002)

Short Story Collection

  1. The Last Dance and Other Stories (2012)
  2. RED: The Waterstones Anthology (2012)
  3. Cartes Postales from Greece (2017)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

The Island

On the verge of making an important decision, Alexis Fielding yearns to learn about her mother’s past.

Although Sofia only reveals that she was raised in a tiny Cretan village before moving to London, she eventually decides to help her daughter learn more by giving her a letter to take to an old friend in Crete.

Upon reaching Plaka, Alexis discovers that it’s quite close from the small and uninhabited island of Spinalonga.

When she meets with Fotini, Alexis learns the shocking truth about her great-grandmother Eleni and her daughters, in a story of misfortune, war and love.

It’s only then that she learns how she is tied to the island, and the secrets that hold them together.

Author: Victoria Hislop
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-0061340321
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
The Return

Underneath the stunning towers of the Alhambra lies a terrible secret.

Although Sonia Cameron is completely oblivious of the city’s dark past, a coincidental conversation and some fascinating old photos plunges her into the remarkable story of Spain during the civil war.

Nearly a century earlier, the café belonged to the tight-knit Ramírez family.

The army coup of 1936, under the command of Franco, however destroyed the tranquility of the nation, unleashing a period of grief and devastation.

Torn apart by politics and misfortune, everybody is forced to pick a side, battling a personal war as Spain crumbles to the ground.

Author: Victoria Hislop
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-0061715419
Publisher: Harper Perennial
The Thread

Dimitri Komninos is born in Thessaloniki in 1917, the year that an inferno ravaged the multicultural city.

However, that is only the begining of a series of disasters that will forever alter the future of the city.

Once a city where Christians, Jews and Moslems lived in peace, the peace is no more.

Five years later, Katerina seeks refuge in Greece after her home is raided by the Turkish Army in an attack that left her mother dead.
When Dimitri and Katerina meet, their lives are forever changed.

Thessaloniki, 2007. A youthful Anglo-Greek is desperate to make a decision after learning about his grandparents.

Will he become the new guardian of his people?

Author: Victoria Hislop
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-0062135582
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
The Sunrise

It’s the summer of 1972.

Famagusta, Cyprus is the most stunning resort city in the Mediterranean.

One enterprising couple is on the verge of launching the most striking hotel in a region where Greek and Turkish Cypriots live in peace.

Among them are the Georgious and the Özkan families which moved there following years of ethnic turmoil on other parts of the island.

Underneath the stunning city however lies simmering unrest.

So when bedlam characterizes the island as a result of a Greek coup, the Turkish Army is sent to protect their people living in Famagusta.

As forty thousand individuals take off with their belongings, two families are left behind—thus their tale.

Author: Victoria Hislop
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0755377800
Publisher: Headline Review
Those Who Are Loved

Themis hails from a family resentfully torn apart by politics.

As a youthful woman, her rage emanating from corroborators of the Nazi regime forces her to join the communists.

Ultimately captured and imprisoned in the infamous islands of Makronisos and Trikeri, Themis is forced to make a life-changing decision.

Bearing no regrets whatsoever for fighting for the communists, the remainder of her life is troubled by some of her decisions.

However, almost forty years following the end of the civil war, Themis eventually attains catharsis.

This moving book about Greece’s dark past explores the story of a woman who is both good and bad, and her quest for justice.

Author: Victoria Hislop
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1472223227
Publisher: Headline Review


Sink or Swim: Energy, Motivation, Performance

This is a self-help book for men who never read them.

Perfectly designed for overworked, overstressed and terribly under-exercised men, this book sheds light on some techniques that can help such men to not only lead a healthy lifestyle, but also have the right mental attitude.

It contains very simple changes in exercise, diet and effective techniques of managing your time.

Author: Victoria Hislop
First Release: 2001
ISBN: 978-0091856939
Publisher: Random House UK
Fix Your Life - Now!

Most men start having trouble with their weight by the time they attain the age of forty.

They work for longer hours, never share a lot quality of time with their families, and usually have a terrible sex life.

This book could however help.

Authored by Victoria Hislop and Duncan Goodhew, this guide is meant for the overweight and out of shape men who desperately want to change their lives.

It explores how men can make their lives better by simply changing their diet, exercising and managing their time well.

Get the tips, practice them and start living your best life today.

Fix Your Life - Now!

Author: Victoria Hislop
First Release: 2002
ISBN: 978-0091884505
Publisher: Vermilion

Short Story Collection

The Last Dance and Other Stories

This book is a collection of ten moving stories by the #1 Sunday Times Bestselling author, Victoria Hislop.

From the stunning streets of Athens to the picturesque villages of Greece, Victoria brings to life a huge array of characters, from a lonely clergyman to fighting brothers, an unwelcomed stranger to a groom haunted by music and a recollection of old events.

The sweet-and-sour stories, revolving around love, loyalty, division and reunion, will leave your thinking about them long after you have finished reading the book.

Author: Victoria Hislop
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0755397105
Publisher: Headline
RED: The Waterstones Anthology

This book is a collection of amazing short stories by some of the leading writers in their fields.

Revolving around the theme of red, it contains eighteen tales, both fiction and on-fiction, that look back on the best and worst of 2012—the view of our world as per the authors.

Edited by Cathy Galvin, the contributors include: Victoria Hislop, Will Self, Max Hastings, Emma Donoghue, Andrew Motion, Cecelia Ahern, Anthony Horowitz, Hanif Kureishi, Rachel Cusk, Christopher Reid, Lionel Shriver, David Harsent, Suzanne Moore, John Gray, Jackie Kay, David Almond, Alice Oswald, and Simon Van Booy.

Author: Victoria Hislop
First Release: 2012
Ebook: B009ZM6RGU
Cartes Postales from Greece

The postcards continued to be sent for weeks.

Although it was addressed to a name that Ellie isn’t familiar with, other than the initial “A”, there isn’t much of a return address.

But on the bright side, the gorgeous skies and fascinating images of Greece on the cartes postales makes her days better.

However, the letters stop being sent after six months.

The incredible montage she has created on the wall of her apartment encourages her to visit the country in order to feel its natural beauty.

But on the day of her departure for Athens, Ellie receives a notebook; one revealing about a man’s trip to Greece.

Thus untangles the tale of “A”.

Author: Victoria Hislop
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1472223210
Publisher: Review