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Amelia Hutchins is an author of paranormal romance, currently living in the great Pacific Northwest with her family.

Whenever she is not writing, Amelia can be found hanging out with fans, on her author page, or dreaming about her latest twisting plots.

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Genres: Fantasy / SF, Paranormal , Romance



  1. Such Violent Delights (2018)
  2. Tempted by Fae (2020)
  3. E.V.I.E. (2020)
  4. Devour (2022)

Kingdom of Wolves

  1. Alpha's Claim (Book 7) (2021)

The Darkest Fae

  1. King of the Shadow Fae (2021)

Urban Fantasy Romance

  1. Bulletproof Damsel (2021)

Vampire Brides

  1. Forever Immortal (2019)

Vampire Mates

  1. Immortal Hexes (2019)

Within the Darkness

  1. Moon-Kissed (2020)

Cursed Coven Series

  1. Wicked Hexes (2019)

Guardian's Diaries

  1. Darkest Before Dawn (2014)
  2. Death Before Dawn (2017)

Legacy of the Nine Realms

  1. Flames of Chaos (2020)
  2. Ashes of Chaos (2020)
  3. Ruins of Chaos (2020)
  4. Crown of Chaos (2022)

Playing with Monsters Series

  1. Playing with Monsters (2016)
  2. Sleeping with Monsters (2018)
  3. Becoming his Monster (2019)
  4. Revealing the Monster (2021)

The Elite Guards

  1. A Demon's Dark Embrace (2015)
  2. Claiming the Dragon King (2018)
  3. A Demon's Plaything (2019)
  4. The Winter Court (2019)

The Fae Chronicles

  1. Fighting Destiny (2013)
  2. Taunting Destiny (2013)
  3. Escaping Destiny (2014)
  4. Seduciny Destiny (2015)
  5. Unraveling Destiny (2017)
  6. Embracing Destiny (2020)
  7. Crowning Destiny (2020)
  8. Whispers of Fate (2022)

Wicked Knights

  1. Oh, Holy Knight (2019)
  2. If She's Wicked (2019)
Kingdom of Wolves
The Darkest Fae
Urban Fantasy Romance
Vampire Brides
Vampire Mates
Within the Darkness
Cursed Coven Series

Detailed book overview


Such Violent Delights

Eleven all new stories from twelve top paranormal romance authors. From Heaven to Hell, fae worlds, superheroes, and even through the looking glass, these holiday themed short stories bring a whole new meaning to the 12 days of Christmas.

All proceeds from the sale of the anthology will be donated to charity.


Stacey Marie Brown – Descending Into Madness (A Winterland Tale)

Chantal Fernando – Suck Me

Jessica Florence – Hero Holiday Trials

Amelia Hutchins – Oh, Holy Knight (Wicked Knights, #0.5)

S.L. Jennings – Devil’s Darling (A Se7en Sinners Short)

Amo Jones – DYAVOL

Knox & Miers – Deck the Demons (A Halfblood Huntress Prequel)

Kim Loraine – On A Cold Winter’s Night

Anne Malcom – Buried Destiny

R. Scarlett – The Winter Solstice

Alice K. Wayne – The Nutcrackers (A Breed Christmas Short).

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1729748411
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Tempted by Fae

A Midnight Coven Anthology

Fourteen worlds. Fourteen women. One fate they can't escape.

From bestselling authors of fantasy and paranormal romance comes a breathtaking set of all new stories, available for a limited time only.

Whether kick ass, shy, or vulnerable, the women in Tempted by Fae get more than they bargain for when mysterious and sexy immortals cross their paths.

Give in.

It's only forever.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8643002178
Publisher: Independently published

13 Slayers. 13 Missions. 13 Standalone Stories Set within a Universe of Violence.

Welcome to the world of E.V.I.E.

A place where vampires come to die.

These Slayers don't play. They're fierce, badass, and court the creatures of the night. Some protect our existing reality, while others venture to realms far away to hunt down bloodsucker bounties. Each plot and twist comes at a price.

There will be blood. There will be death. There will be forbidden affairs.

These stories have bite and feature passion and kickass heroines.

Enter if you dare. And don't forget your stake.

This is a limited edition charity anthology. All proceeds benefit Best Friends Animal Society, and each story includes a Happily Ever After/Happily For Now ending.

Introduction by Addison Cain

Stories by:

Amelia Hutchins

Anna Edwards

Ariel Marie

Claire Marta

Dee Garcia

Elle Christensen

K Webster

Kimbra Swain

Lexi C. Foss

Lily Archer

Mila Young

Rochelle Paige

Sandra R. Neeley

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1950694884
Publisher: Lexi C. Foss

Devour is a collection of novellas by the cult, an insanely talented group of authors including Laura Thalassa, C.N. Crawford, Linsey Hall, J. Bree, Amelia Hutchins and many more!

With these brand new prequels, side stories, and standalones, you can reconnect with beloved characters and discover more about what your favorite authors are up to. And what’s more? None of these will end on a cliffhanger!

If you love fantasy and paranormal romance in all its forms, Devour is for you. From enemies to lovers, to fated mates, possessive alphaholes to cinnamon rolls, there’s a story for every taste.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2022
Publisher: Twisted Mirth Publishing

Kingdom of Wolves

Alpha's Claim (Book 7)

Ten years ago, I looked my mate in the eye, and I lied to him.

I told him he wasn’t my mate and that I never wanted to see him again.

I did it to save his life from my father, the alpha of the pack.

Now Saint is back, and he’s the king of all alphas, with an entire pack created of other alphas he saved from what my father did to them.

The thing is, Saint is back for revenge against those who wronged him, and I’m at the top of his list.

I did it to save his life, but the cost will be my own.

Ten years ago, she broke my heart and ripped out my soul.

Her father sent me away to a place worse than hell.

I escaped the fate he chose for us and built a pack that couldn’t be broken.

I’m the King of Alphas, and I’m heading straight for her.

Braelyn broke me, but I intend to break her apart until there’s nothing left but her worthless soul, and when I reach it? I intend to rip it apart too.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8736629282
Publisher: Independently published

The Darkest Fae

King of the Shadow Fae

I’d trained my entire life to take over the hunter guild. When the unthinkable happened, my father was taken, and I was forced to step up. The moment I took control, everything began to unravel around me. The transition should have gone smoothly, and it would have if Kieran Knight hadn’t shown up. He’s an egotistical maniac with a secret agenda and a psychotic need to possess and control me. There’s one thing Kieran didn’t count on, though. No one owned me. There’s too much at stake to allow myself to be influenced or for him to stand in my way.

Just when I thought I had everything under control, our enemies attacked the hunter guild from every angle, and my whole world was kicked out from beneath me. Everything I thought I knew was now questioned, and I didn’t know who could be trusted or where to turn. To make matters worse, Kieran had his hand in the pockets of every Immortal House in town, preventing my allies from helping me find my dad and from discovering why bodies from Otherworld creatures were piling up at dumpsites around town.

I may have been played at every turn, but now I know the truth, and I intended to show the world what one pissed-off hunter would do when the odds were against her. I’m Xariana Anderson, and I came into this world fighting, and I’ll leave the same way if I’m forced to do so.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2021
Ebook: B09KT7LGTJ
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins

Urban Fantasy Romance

Bulletproof Damsel

One sassy female weapons master...who doesn't get out much.

One alpha-hole who lays claim to her the moment he sets eyes on her.

She's a weapon in the hands of her enemies, and Rhys intends to use her.

An ancient family feud between the legendary Van Helsing’s and Silversmith's who once made their legendary weapons...

What can possibly go wrong?

When Remington comes face to face with Rhys Van Helsing, the world will never be the same again.

For Remington Silversmith? Apparently everything.

Mature audience only. Previously released in E.V.I.E.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8705758487
Publisher: Independently published

Vampire Brides

Forever Immortal

Isadora MacPherson isn’t having the best of weeks, as her entire world has been turned on its head.

When a simple mission turns out to be a perfectly laid trap by the Prince of the Hybrids, Isadora ends up being held captive by the egocentric monster with gorgeous eyes.

With each touch, he leaves her yearning for more.

When Cian sought out to take the hunter’s greatest weapon and use it against them, the last thing he expected was to fall in love with his prisoner.

She makes his blood boil, awakening his inner beast.

When foes become lovers, how far will they be willing to go to test their mating bonds?

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2019
Ebook: B07R8P6C2T

Vampire Mates

Immortal Hexes

"One vampire. One witch. A love that could have lasted through the ages."

Avery lived by three simple rules. Never be outside after dark. Fight for her survival. Never allow her heart to be ruled by the man who shattered it before disappearing.

Conner’s only mission in life is to hunt down the witch who killed his father and make her pay.

However, the only problem is that she is the only woman he has ever loved.

He walked away to save her life, but she robbed him of everything in return.

Can he for once overlook their sexual tension and avenge the death of his father?

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1687397904
Publisher: Independently published

Within the Darkness


Alexandria Helios is on a mission to find her brother. Landon disappeared on his quest to find the Sacred Library that holds the cure to the moon sickness affecting their people. There is one problem. Her journey will take her through the Kingdom of Night and directly into Torrin’s path as the head of the Night King’s army.

He’s egotistical, sexy, sin incarnate, and everything she knows she shouldn’t want, but his whispered promise of dark desires awakens something deep within her that makes him hard to resist.Torrin didn’t expect the lead assassin of the Moon Clan to walk into his trap.

Alexandria has ignited something within him he thought was gone, and he knows he shouldn’t crave her, but he does. She’s a fire in a world of ice, bathed in blood and moonlight that calls to the darkness within him.

Secrets are unraveling as both are tossed into a ploy that neither is destined to survive. Can they find common ground and work together to defeat the darkness? Or will the world come crashing down around them as they tear each other apart?

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1952712067
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins

Cursed Coven Series

Wicked Hexes

"One heavily hexed witch. One heavily bewitced Viking."

How far would you go to save your loved ones? Laura would do whatever it takes to protect her loved ones from the curse her mother placed centuries ago. Even if it translates to taking the life of the only man she has ever loved again.

How far would you go protect the woman you loved? For Braydon, he’ll do anything to win over his mate and make her as his Queen. Even if it means making her believe he is the bad guy.

Braydon has loved Laura from the moment they met, and he is willing to fight her to make her his once more.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1702575751
Publisher: Independently published

Guardian's Diaries

Darkest Before Dawn

Hello Diary,

It’s been a while since I last wrote down my thoughts.

As you know, my dad is the modern-day Noah—still trying to save everyone from the end days on the horizon.

Nothing in his preparation manuals could however prepare us for what transpired.

I, on the other hand, was not prepared for Jaeden and Lachlan. I don’t even think there is any girl who would have been prepared for those two.

When civilization collapsed, deadly creatures emerged from the shadows.

Nobody truly knows what will become of all this.

Anyway, I’ll have to go now. More details soon.


Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0991190997
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
Death Before Dawn

Hello Diary,

I don’t know when I’ll have another chance to write, so I’ll have to make this fast.

The search for my brother has revealed to me so many things that have made me question everything I know.

Jaeden and I have been having a rough time. He and the other vampires are acting mysteriously, and the wolves are only a little better.

A Sentinel has been on our trail. I’m not sure if he can train me or if he is just here to kill me.

I’m drifting further away from everything I know, and I have no one else to trust.

Anyway, I’ll have to go now. Hopefully more details soon.

~ Emma

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0997005554
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins

Legacy of the Nine Realms

Flames of Chaos

Upon returning to the Human Realm of Haven Falls to look for one of their own who went missing, Aria and her sisters are stunned to learn of the changes that took place in their absence.

Nothing is no longer what it seems, including Knox, the handsome and egocentric man who declared himself King.

An undeniable tension is formed between the two when Aria discovers that she is much more than a mere witch in the Hecate bloodline.

Will she welcome her ferocious side in order to find her sister and save her family, or will Aria be destroyed by Knox‘s fiery kisses and scorching embrace?

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-0997720181
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
Ashes of Chaos

Creating a new House of Magic is hard work. Aria knew she had a tall task ahead of her, cleaning up the mess her family had made in the Nine Realms, but nothing could have prepared her for the horrors that awaited within the Nine Realms.

Dark magic has taken hold of the lands as Aria finds herself in the middle of an ongoing war while playing cat and mouse with Knox, who hunts her relentlessly.

To make matters worse, Aria's creature has grown impatient and is doing everything she can to get back to the monster within Knox, even knowing that Aria's heart is on the line.

How far will Aria go to protect those she loves from Knox's wrath? How long can she evade the man stalking her every waking hour as her body and mind fight against the growing need for him to claim her? Can she break the curse that has plagued the Hecate bloodline for over 500 years while protecting her heart?

Maybe the answers lie with the mysterious silver-haired men that have come to Aria's aid, or perhaps they are just like everyone else wanting to kill or claim her, realizing she is the key to winning the war. Aria intends to bring the Nine Realms and the male stalking her to their knees in this fast-paced, action-packed, and sexy epic fantasy adventure.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1952712043
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
Ruins of Chaos

Aria’s in the hands of her enemies, and things are going from bad to worse. Those who she thought were allies have become enemies, and enemies have become allies. On top of that, Knox’s history is unraveling, and it might just be Aria’s undoing.

Will they overcome what was done to the Nine Realms? Or will the truth destroy them both?

Aria’s plans are all coming apart and with everything on the line, how far will Aria go to protect those she loves from Knox’s anger?

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1952712081
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
Crown of Chaos

A king who craves to possess her mind, body, and soul...

A council who has deemed her too dangerous to live...

And a fate she never asked for, but can’t escape from...

What’s a girl to do?

Within the Nine Realms, deception runs deep.

War lingers on the horizon, as armies gather deeply within the shadows.

The land has chosen its hero, but war demands a heavy price—one Aria may not be prepared to pay.

Those she thought she could trust have deceived her.

The council has declared her the enemy.

Everything that can be taken from her has been wrenched from her grasp.

When everyone is pushing her to become the villain they claim her to be, will she be able to become the monster the realms need?

They created Aria to rule the Nine Realms, but now they fear she’s too dangerous and ruthlessly savage to live.

Will she allow them to guide her future, or will Aria blaze her own path and choose her own future?

Well-behaved women never make history.

But no one forgets the misbehaved woman with murderous intent, honed claws, and sharp teeth.

War may not be the only thing setting the world to ruin.

Are you brave enough to enter the Nine Realms?

There’s a queen rising, and in chaos, she’ll reign.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8410013321
Publisher: Independently published

Playing with Monsters Series

Playing with Monsters

My coven has, for centuries, been hidden in the shadows.

Keeping away from the ‘real world’, we hide ourselves from monsters and other creatures on this planet.

Our refuge is in the Colville National Forest, nestled in a town guarded by magical barriers.

An ancient curse prevents us from being found, until now.

History has a way of repeating itself.

A new player is in town and he’s coming for me.

For centuries we have avoided him, but the monster has finally found us.

Will he destroy me and everything I hold dear?

Will the people I love perish because of what I’ve done?

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0997005530
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
Sleeping with Monsters

Would you do whatever it takes to protect the ones you love?

What if the ultimate price of saving them is your soul? Would you pay it?

I could have sworn that I was ready for what was coming. I genuinely thought that if I made sacrifices, I could stand a chance of winning this game.

Right now, I'm neither afraid of the darkness nor the monsters that lurk in the shadows.

That’s because in a desperate move to protect my loved ones, I became what I feared most.

Sometimes to fight monsters, you have to become one.

My biggest fear however is whether I will be able to come back from it.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0997005592
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
Becoming his Monster

Ever sacrifice your soul? Yes.

Ever died to protect your loved ones? Yes.

Ever returned as something the world has never seen since the beginning of mankind? Yes.

Ever made your enemies wish that the gods had never created them? Well, I’m still working on this one…

Are you ready to play? I’m coming back: darker, angrier and more dangerous than ever before.

Heaven has fallen, Hell has risen and the walls that once separated man from monsters are about to come crumbling down.

In this game, rivals become friends and enemies become lovers.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-0997720129
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
Revealing the Monster

I ended my life to protect Lucian from his enemies. It should have been the hardest decision to make, but it wasn’t. Now I find that Lucian kept even more secrets, deadly ones that threaten to destroy me. I thought I won the game that he and Katarina played, but he’s never stopped shuffling the pieces on the board. Even so, I’ve found peace in his violence and learned to accept my fate within his embrace.

As our enemies are revealed, and worlds crashed down into ours, everything is on the line again. Could we survive his latest betrayal, or would it destroy us all?

Lena wasn’t supposed to pay for my sins, but she did. I hadn’t intended for her to suffer the consequences of my actions. I’d put pieces into motion to give her back the things that mattered most to her. She may never forgive me when she learns the cost I paid or the decisions I made.

The thing is, there’s no world where Magdalena isn’t mine. I’d do whatever it took to keep her, and I’d destroy worlds to ensure she stays with me.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1952712098
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins

The Elite Guards

A Demon's Dark Embrace

Never has Olivia ever questioned the teachings of the Witches Guild, nor the Elders. It’s the only life that she has ever known.

For centuries, Ristan has tried to contain his true nature, keeping his Demon in check.

They say Hell is full of good meanings, but Heaven is full of good works. And for Olivia, her action can’t be without consequences.

Desperate to unleash revenge against the girl who wronged him, Ristan plans to humiliate and torture Olivia without harming her.

But what happens when an undeniable magnetic pull is formed?

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B017T1GBN2
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
Claiming the Dragon King

When the Horde came, they wiped out the dragon race and took everything.

They however didn’t kill everyone.

Now bound by honor to avenge his people and reclaim his palace, Blane—the the Dragon King—is plotting a devastating move against the Horde.

What he however didn’t expect was to find Ciara, instead of the Horde King’s offspring.

Ciara has lived through the torture of her own father. Having earned her place among the Elite Guard, she is unfortunately captured by him. And in one fateful night, her entire destiny is changed.

Having tasted unimaginable passion at the hands of her captor, will she surely survive the heat of the Dragon King?

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0997720105
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
A Demon's Plaything

Lilith has spent her life in the remains of what was her mother’s court after the Horde attack.

Summoned to her father’s court, her whole world turns on its head when she is offered to the Horde to settle a tithe owed to them.

Although she would choose death over kneeling to the Horde, Lilith will have to do it if she wants to protect her secrets.

Accepting to wed one of the evasive, wanted brides of the lesser courts, Asrian anticipates finding a spoiled and excessively cared for princess.

Instead, he finds someone completely different in the Shadow Court.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 979-8681338659
Publisher: Independently published
The Winter Court
Offered to the Horde to settle a tithe owed to them by her court, Icelyn is now a prisoner to the egotistic prince that makes her desire things she’s never thought possible.

Sinjinn had a one job, to get Cailean to the Winter Court to claim his bride. Instead, he ends up falling for his prisoner.

Why shouldn’t he claim her? Well, because she is his brother’s bride.

Therein begins the complicated love triangle.

It will only take one arrow to alter the destiny of the three lives forever.

Will they escape the blood oath, or will Sinjinn lose Icelyn to a brother who has no interest in her?

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-0997720143
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins

The Fae Chronicles

Fighting Destiny

Have you ever heard of the old Celtic mythical beings known as the Fae? Well, this is my world.

What started out as a strange assignment has now become a relentless mission by my friends and I, one that entails uncovering who is killing off Fae and Witches alike.

The only problem is that I detest the Fae and the egocentric Prince of the Dark Fae who is obsessed with controlling me. But as much as I hate him, the wickedly sexy Prince triggers an intense fire in me that I never thought I could ever feel for a Fae.

My friends and I however can’t trust anyone, as nothing is ever what it seems.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0991190911
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
Taunting Destiny

Adam and I are in the middle of identity crises.

Time on the other hand isn’t on our side. More and more Fae are dying and we have figure out who is responsible.

Having been betrayed by the people I trusted, the one person I shouldn’t trust is drawing me deeper into his world.

Ryder has dark and dangerous secrets.

He pulls my heart with each touch whilst still avoiding to get too attached to me.

I have always been in control of my destiny—at least that’s what I thought.

But from the look of things, destiny is taunting me.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0991190959
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
Escaping Destiny

I was mistaken to think that things couldn’t get any worse.

After finding out what I really wanted, I was forced to give him up.

And just as I discovered my real identity, I was presented as a gift to the evasive Horde King—the legendary creature I was hidden from for more than two decades.

In a desperate bid to protect Ryder, I reluctantly handed myself over to the Horde King.

Nothing is however going the way I thought they would.

The Horde King thinks he has complete control of me, but I still have choices.

Embracing destiny or escaping it?

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0991190935
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
Seduciny Destiny

It was barely six months ago that my world had turned on its head. Things have however changed for the better, so much that I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

I am no longer an Enforcer. I am no longer a Witch. I don’t even despise the Fae anymore—for the most part.

As for the wickedly sexy Fae? He is no longer the Dark Prince, but rather the father of my children.

With the babies on the way, the land vanishing and the Mages getting closer and closer, alliances will have to be formed if we are all to survive the destruction that's looming.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0991190973
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
Unraveling Destiny

I had a feeling that Destiny still had other plans for me.

The only thing I didn’t know was how hard my life would come crumbling down.

I was wrong to think that I would marry the man of my dreams in a fairytale wedding.

With my world shredded into pieces and Faery exposed, I’m now forced to make tough choices.

Stuck between two worlds, I’ll have to decide the extent I’m willing to go in order to retrieve what was stolen from me.

War is looming closer, and it’s coming right for us.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0997005578
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
Embracing Destiny

War has finally come to Faery.

Truths are now lies, and I can’t trust my instincts anymore.

Ryder however isn’t the only one who has changed.

Although we’re evolving into something unknown, what I do know is that it isn’t what I intended to become.

I’m not certain if I’ll live beyond the war.

The mages viciously slaughter the fae. One of us is holding back, while the other gradually moves towards them.

In order to gain what’s missing inside of me, I’ll have to lose it all.

Forget about everything you think you know about the fae.

Nothing is sacred. Nobody is safe from the monsters we are about to turn into.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1952712005
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
Crowning Destiny

“The last epic Faery battle.”

The dreaded war is finally here, and there is no running away from it now.

We thought that we were prepared to face anything. That was however not the case.

Because I couldn’t change who I was, Destiny intervened, leaving me with no other option but to become the weapon that Faery needed to destroy our enemies.

Will I forgive and learn to see beyond the lies and treachery? Or will I annihilate a world just to bring the love of my life to his knees?

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1952712036
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
Whispers of Fate

Old acquaintances are gathering as events unravel and unmask new obstacles in war-torn Faery.

Kahleena assumed the Fates had offered her a glimpse into her destiny. She expected the events to unfold as they had in her vision. How complicated could it be to convince one male that their futures are united and created for one another? She never anticipated he’d be the smug, arrogant sociopath who aimed to reclaim what was once his. 

It also doesn’t help that he’s the hottest man she’s ever clapped her sights on. Arius is carnality in its truest form. His touch ignites a fire within her that she’s unprepared to feel, and his lips are the tinder which set her soul ablaze with passion.

The walls of the prison have fractured, and Arius is finally free to make those who slaughtered or imprisoned his people pay. Abducting the daughter of the high king and queen is only the first step. Kahleena Danann was supposed to be a mouthy, spoiled princess. She should have been on her knees, pleading for mercy. 

Instead, she stands toe-to-toe with him and savagely declares exactly where he can stick his intentions with voluptuous lips and brilliant eyes flickering with fury. The girl, who is full of innocence and exquisite beauty, is unlike any woman he’s encountered before and threatens all his carefully plotted revenge.

Will Kahleena be capable of withstanding his savagery and heated lips?

Can Arius stick to his plans for vengeance, or will one golden-eyed beauty ruin everything he’s been planning for the last millennium?

Will Synthia and Ryder be able to face the truth of what is heading straight for their kingdom? Or will it force them to confront the enemies hell-bent on making them pay for the atrocities carried out in the past?

Welcome back to Faery, where nothing is what it seems. With two factions about to collide, who will rise and become the true ruler of the Realm?

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8428763621
Publisher: Independently published

Wicked Knights

Oh, Holy Knight

Erie is having the worst week. With her time of freedom elapsed, she is about to be claimed by an overgrown and broody Templar Knight.

Callaghan will do whatever it takes to save his race. Bound by the Templar Code, he has served diligently as the protector of humanity.

A lot however depends on his ability to catch one female and continue with his lineage before he runs out of time.

Should he fail to beat the hour glass, a curse placed by ancient witches will befall both races.

Will he be able to trap the little she-wolf who is determined not to be owned by him?

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 109589921X
Publisher: Independently published
If She's Wicked

Erie is the only creature that can save my race from imminent extinction.

The only problem is that we broke her, but broke the wrong parts.

And now, she has an unquenchable rage hotter than the infernos of Hell.

They say that if you want something so bad, you have to fight in order to get it. Well, they are a bunch of idiots.

He is so wrong to think that I can be saved. I don’t want to be saved. All I want is to destroy everything and everyone that ever hurt me.

I’m not their savior; I’m their destroyer.

Author: Amelia Hutchins
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-0997720167
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
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