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Julie James is an American New York Times and USA Today bestselling author.

She worked as a clerk for the United States Court of Appeals after graduating from law school, before practicing law for a number of years with one of the largest firms in the country.

Julie then began writing screenplays before substituting the practice of law for full-time writing after Hollywood producers optioned two of her scripts.

Her books, which have been translated into twenty-two language, have made it to Amazon’s Best Books of the Year, the American Library Association’s Reading List for Top Genre Novels and Booklist‘s Top 10 Romances of the Year.

She currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, with her husband and two children.

More about Julie James

Genre: Romance

Born: 1974

United States


Berkley Sensation
  1. Just the Sexiest Man Alive (2008)
  2. Practice Makes Perfect (2009)
  3. Something About You (2010)
  4. A Lot Like Love (2011)
  5. About That Night (2012)

Detailed book overview

Berkley Sensation

Just the Sexiest Man Alive

Taylor Donovan is quite unfazed, whether in the courtroom or in her personal life. No man can rattle her, not even her cheating ex-fiancé—until she meets Jason Andrews.

Jason Andrews loves the fact that women worship him. So when he attends coaching lessons for his role in his next blockbuster legal thriller, People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” is perplexed by the fact that her coach, Taylor Donovan, ignores his charms.

Immune to his cues and unimpressed by the spotlight, she is unlike any other woman he has ever met.

And the more she rejects him, the more he realizes that they could very well be destined for each other.

Author: Julie James
First Release: 2008
Ebook: B005I7501E
Publisher: Berkley Trade Pub
Practice Makes Perfect

Payton Kendall and J.D. Jameson are lawyers at the same firm.

Payton, a feminist to the core, has struggled hard to succeed in a profession dominated by men. Although from a rich and fortunate family, the conceited J.D. has done everything it takes to ignore her.

As co-workers, they have maintained the professional boundaries for eight long years for the sole reason of making partner at the firm.

But when requested to work together on a big case, the spark between them turns into an intense connection: one that quickly escalates into a battle of the sexes after it is revealed that only one of them is poised to be named partner.

Author: Julie James
First Release: 2009
Ebook: B00DJYLJ72
Publisher: Penguin USA
Something About You

An intense love making session in a hotel room in Chicago ends in bloodshed. Of all the hotel rooms rented by all the adulterous politicians in Chicago, it just had to happen next to a room where female Assistant U.S. Attorney Cameron Lynde is staying in.

And what are the odds that of all the FBI agents in Illinois, the high-profile homicide just had to be assigned to Special Agent Jack Pallas?

Jack still blames Cameron for a botched crackdown three years ago that almost destroyed his career.

The two can work together, but only if they overcome the palpable sexual tension between them.

Author: Julie James
First Release: 2010
Ebook: B0030DHPAM
Publisher: Berkley
A Lot Like Love

Jordan Rhodes gets to attend some of the most exclusive parties in Chicago, being the daughter of a billionaire and the owner of the best wine store in the city.

When the FBI come calling for assistance to crash the charity fundraiser of a prominent restaurateur who launders money for the mob, Jordan accepts--with the promise of her brother’s release from prison.

Agent Nick McCall of the Bureau is paired with Jordan for the mission. When their assignment is however compromised, they two have to act like a real couple.

The acting nonetheless starts feeling more and more real.

Author: Julie James
First Release: 2011
Publisher: Berkley
About That Night

Although the chemistry between Rylann Pierce and Kyle Rhodes was intense from the moment they meet, the billionaire heir stood her up on their first date.

Nine years later, the two meet in a courthouse. Kyle Rhodes is the star witness in a high-profile criminal case while Rylann Pierce is a stunning assistant U.S. attorney.

When the two decide to work together, their only rule is that they won’t mix business with pleasure.

Kyle however doesn’t give up too easily. He always gets what he wants, and what he wants right now is the one woman he has never forgotten.

Author: Julie James
First Release: 2012
Ebook: B00QAUR3JU
Publisher: Berkley