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Ms. Missy Jane is the alter ego of a Texas mother of four.

Her journey to writing was inspired a few years ago after she completed reading the book The Outstretched Shadow by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory.

Whenever she isn’t writing, Missy can be found reading, taking photos of her four lovely daughters and training her husband of over twenty years to believe that she’s always right.

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Genres: Fantasy / SF, Romance

United States


Non Series

  • They Call Me Death (2009)
  • Love In Disguise (2009)
  • A Teddy Bear for Christmas (2010)
  • Day Shift (2011)
  • Resignation (2011)
  • Educating Macey (2011)
  • Heather's Redemption (2013)

Erotic Arts

  1. Erotic Influence (2014)
  2. Erotic Images (2020)

Archangels Series

  1. Trusting an Angel (2014)
  2. Desiring A Demon (2015)
  3. Saving Her Angel (2016)

Gargoyle Masters

  1. Born of Stone (2014)
  2. Born of Magic (2019)

Sophisticated Women

  1. Lunchtime Sex (2013)
Sophisticated Women

Detailed book overview

Non Series

They Call Me Death

My name is Alexia Williams and in my world, North America is divided between north and south, but not like in the history books.

Having joined the Combined Human States Army after losing my entire family to the shifters, my mission has been simple: defend the wall and protect my species.

I neither like nor pity them. And I’m certainly not attracted to them, until one saves my life.

Andor is unlike any other shifter I have ever met. A three-hundred-year-old golden eagle, all he wants is to find the missing shifters who could be in my lands.

But how can I help a species I hate and fear? Moreover, in his land, they call me Death.

Author: Missy Jane
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-1605044521
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Love In Disguise

Miranda is gradually falling in love with her boyfriend, Trevor. The only problem is that his ex-girlfriend, Felicia, doesn’t seem to have gotten over him.

Slender in shape, Miranda is quite opposite from Trevor’s bosomy redhead ex.

Nevertheless, Trevor still insists that he only wants Miranda and nothing more.

Is he really telling the truth, or is he just buying time with her only to dump her as soon as somebody better comes along?

Determined to find out, Miranda devices a plan involving a costume; one that will surely knock his boyfriend’s socks off.

Will her dream man become a pumpkin at midnight, or is this really love in disguise?

Author: Missy Jane
First Release: 2009
A Teddy Bear for Christmas
Author: Missy Jane
First Release: 2010
Day Shift

The police endlessly pepper me with questions after I witness a murder in the alley. That’s until the incredibly hot detective with a rotten attitude walks in and takes over.

Despite being too good for me, he is the one thing I fear most: a vampire.

My ex-husband has been drawing a series of murders in his new comics, and I am in every single one of them. But the reason why the cops are so interested in me is because I’m meant to be the last victim in the comics.

Although the detective is digging into my past a lot, so much that it’s getting unprofessional, I couldn’t care less.

After all, what's wrong with being in a vampire’s embrace?

Author: Missy Jane
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-1609287924
Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Things haven’t been easy for Darina after she caught her fiancé in the arms of her boss’s daughter three months ago.

Even worse is that she has to work in the same building with the man who betrayed her trust.

What Darina however doesn’t know is that nothing will be the same again after one visit from the sexy security guard.

Solon has for months had a thing for the alluring executive. An innocent attempt to check on her in her office one evening however changes everything.

Although the chemistry between them is indisputable, Sol doubts his ability to offer the beautiful exec more than just hot passion.

But when Darina’s ex-fiancé crashes back into the scene, it’s up to Sol to fight for what he truly claims to be his.

Author: Missy Jane
First Release: 2011
Ebook: B005OYI2F2
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc
Educating Macey

Sex has for a long while been the least of my priorities, understandably so given that I am a single mother.

My beloved daughter however grew up and Max moved in next door.

Wickedly sexy from head to toe, the mere sound of him calling my full name, Macey Lane, gets me excited in more ways that I’d like to admit.

I am quite the inexperienced woman to be honest. Max is nonetheless more than willing to teach me everything I need to know.

And his lessons are an offer that I simply can’t turn down.

But is the passionate sex worth the risk of becoming another of his conquest?

Author: Missy Jane
First Release: 2011
Heather's Redemption

Heather is determined not to mix business with pleasure. That’s something that is however easier said than done, given how she works twelve-hour days at her family business.

But having learnt from her past mistakes, with a recent office affair ending terribly, Heather challenges herself to ignore Zach, the new guy that has been stealing her breath away.

Zach doesn’t need to be told that falling in love with Heather Wellington is tantamount to professional suicide.

Controlling his feelings for the sharp and stunning woman is however turning out to be harder than premeditated.

Despite the rumors about her past, she fits the bill for his ideal woman.

When all boundaries are however crossed, will he prove that he deserves a second chance?

Author: Missy Jane
First Release: 2013

Erotic Arts

Erotic Influence

Twenty-something year old Annie, who spends her days keeping her teenage sister in check, is determined to help her sister get into college.

Since noticing Annie from the moment he moved in across the street, Rick hasn’t stopped fantasizing about his adorable and timid neighbor.

Given that she is used to running away, Rick just has to find a way of convincing her to give him a chance.

As she struggles to help her wayward sister get into college, Rick proves to be as much of a helper as he is a distracter.

Annie needs money for her sister’s college fund, and posing for Rick’s erotic photographer friend will help massively.

It’s a risk that she’s more than willing to take, so long as nobody finds out.

Author: Missy Jane
First Release: 2014
Erotic Images

Desperate to pay off a debt after being left penniless following a divorce, Lynn Graves agrees to sign up for a modeling gig after coming across an ad from an erotic photographer. Being reserved and inexperienced is however not the most sought after qualities when it comes to taking your clothes off for the camera.

Having spent several years in the business, photographer Weston Myers is certain that he has seen it all. Nothing however prepares him for the encounter he has with Lynn, a woman full of natural beauty and laced with elegance.

An intense attraction is however formed once the clothes come off.

With a stalking ex-husband and Lynn's insecurities, Wes must find a way to convince her that he wants more than just her erotic images.

Author: Missy Jane
First Release: 2020
Ebook: B084WTJ75L
Publisher: Missy Jane

Archangels Series

Trusting an Angel

Zerach, the successful owner of a number of nightclubs all over the world, can have any woman he desires—save for his assistant Isadora O'Donnell, for several reasons.

First off, Isadora isn't a cheap girl, and secondly, her controlling godparents would never approve of him.

Most importantly however is the fact that Zerach is an archangel tasked with protecting humans from demons—something Isadora must never find out about.

As much as Isadora secretly desires Zerach, her scarred body and his womanizing ways keep her away. Instead, she intends on marrying Jake, a man who will never have her heart.

But when a demon starts stalking her, Zerach will do everything in his might to protect her.

Author: Missy Jane
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1622667086
Publisher: Entangled: Covet
Desiring A Demon

Archangel Raphael is a champion of humans. A defender of justice, his role is to protect humans from demons.

Although he hides a half-demon in his home, something utterly forbidden, he just can’t seem to keep his hands off her.

Astaroth Sinclair has a demon which is taking control, staining her body and raising her temperature high enough to ignite her clothes.

Although she has nothing in common with Raphael, Astaroth has completely fallen head over heels for the Archangel.

And for Raphael, loving her is prohibited, yet leaving her is impossible.

Author: Missy Jane
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1943336081
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Saving Her Angel

Archangel Camael knows that he must never fall in love with a woman, for if he does, he'll lose his angelic powers, and age like a human.

His biggest priority is to protect humans from evil, a role he undertakes diligently.

His job however starts feeling more like a burden as his attraction for his secretary, Eleanor, grows.

Eleanor has always had feelings for her boss Cam.

When a sinister force begins unleashing destruction, Cam and his Archangel brothers race to end the mayhem.

With Eleanor having terrible memories, can Cam protect her, appease his brothers, and still save the world?

Author: Missy Jane
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1682812761
Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Gargoyle Masters

Born of Stone

Created from the Wizard's Stone, the Gargoyle Masters have the ability to turn from human to stone warriors in an instant.

Orestes does his best to avoid humans. He neither appreciates the hero worship nor does he like their overzealous women, until one encounter changes everything.

Determined to be fed rather than beaten, all that Astrid wants is to peacefully do her job. Her life is however turned on its head when Master Orestes learns of how she's been treated.

When Master Nel is captured, it will take the help of an unlikely heroine to free him and unmask the forces behind the treachery.

Author: Missy Jane
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B07PVCTQ5M
Publisher: Missy Jane
Born of Magic

Master Wynnston disappears without a trace the moment he meets Zephara, a candidate to join the Twenty Wizards of Halstrid.

It's not normal fore a woman to join their hallowed ranks, and if she fails the final tests, all her memories will be erased—including her time with Wynn. Failure is simply not an option.

Off to find the long-lost Queen and Princess, Kephas instead finds a pet lizard and a woman who he can’t seem to forget.

Theda, the Princess, was meant for him and his duty to the realm won't make him leave her side.

How will Theda react once she learns of her true birthright?

Author: Missy Jane
First Release: 2019
Ebook: B081BFVF5D
Publisher: Missy Jane

Sophisticated Women

Lunchtime Sex

Nick Jacoby is fed up with the same old club scene, despite his best friend’s commitment to make him go out. There, they have a chance encounter with Genie, Mason's mom. Is he really attracted to his best friend’s mom?

Life for the divorced Genie is pretty monotonous. So when she goes to a dance club, the last person she expects to find there is her Mason, whom she didn’t even know was in town.

The person who however captures her attention is Nick, a man who is barely older than Mason.

When Nick goes to tour the apartment complex where Genie lives and works, the two eventually give in to their mutual attraction.

What will Mason’s reaction be when he finds out about their Lunchtime Sex?

Author: Missy Jane
First Release: 2013
Ebook: B0848QHBGY
Publisher: Missy Jane