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Kim Karr is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance novels.

Her stories are raw, genuine and enthralling, full of characters that will make you laugh and cry.

Whenever she isn’t writing, Kim can be found going through antique stores with her husband, trying out new fitness classes with her sons and ckecking out new coffee shops with her daughter.

A lover of all things chocolate, coffee and beaches, Kim currently lives in Florida with her husband and four kids.

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Genres: Contemporary , Mystery, Romance

United States


Non Series

  • The 27 Club (2015)
  • Toxic (2015)

Imperfect Love Books

  1. The Thing About Love (2017)
  2. Come A Little Closer (2018)

Men Of Laguna Series

  1. No Pants Required (2016)
  2. Bedwrecker (2016)
  3. Hollywood Prince (2016)

Sexy Jerk World Books

  1. Sexy Jerk (2017)
  2. Big Shot (2017)
  3. Hot Stuff (2017)
  4. Uptown Girl (2017)

The Connections Series

  1. Connected (2013)
  2. Torn (2013)
  3. Dazed (2014)
  4. Mended (2014)
  5. Blurred (2014)
  6. Frayed (2014)
  7. Flawed (2018)

The Detroit Love Duet Books

  1. Set the Pace (2016)
  2. Turn It Up (2016)
  3. The Set Up (2016)

The Tainted Love Duet Books

  1. Blow (2015)
  2. Crush (2015)
The Detroit Love Duet Books
The Tainted Love Duet Books

Detailed book overview

Non Series

The 27 Club

I always had a feeling that my amazing brother would one day be listed among the great artistic minds of our generation. I just never thought that Zachary Flowers would be listed among the gifted artists who left far too young.

I used to be the calm and perfect one, but I’ve lost direction ever since Zachary died right after his 27th birthday.

I felt like the time to face my destiny was edging closer, until I crossed paths with Nate, Zachary’s best friend.

Nate glued my broken pieces together, and in him I felt awakened.

It was now my responsibility to convince him that he was brought into my life for a purpose.

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0451475664
Publisher: Berkley

Despite devoting herself to rescuing her family’s hotel empire, Phoebe St. Claire has continually fallen short. Desperate, she solicits help from a man who once meant everything to her.

Jeremy McQueen was always been the kind of guy that Phoebe’s parents would never approve.

And the years that they have spent apart have only made the bad boy more irresistible.

When Phoebe requests for his help, Jeremy gladly obliges, but on the condition that she joins him in his bed.

Things however change when shocking discoveries are made.

Was this explosive romance just too good to be true?

Will Jeremy’s secrets tear them apart all over again?

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0451475671
Publisher: New American Library

Imperfect Love Books

The Thing About Love

He may be tall, dark and handsome, but he is also conceited, overconfident and discourteous.

But I don’t care, since he has already made it apparent that he doesn’t want anything to do with me.

I need to plan a quickie wedding, and Dr. Jake Kissinger doesn't have a choice.

He thinks that he's stuck with me, when in reality, I'm the one stuck with him.

Spending time together however becomes something more.

He shouldn’t excite me this much and I shouldn’t make him stare.

The last thing I should be doing is falling for him.

Jake is unavailable, and I know it.

But not in the way you might think.

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1979372251
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Come A Little Closer

Sarah and I met at the airport.

She seemed shy and gorgeous, and so I offered her my seat, seeing how she looked uncomfortable in her oversized heels.

My flight had been delayed, which made me assume that hers had too.

We started talking over drinks. She had just lost her job while I had just attended my ex-fiancée's wedding.

First it was one drink. Then three. Then five. Let’s just say things got a bit heated after that.

I woke up the following morning alone and penniless.

It turns out that Sarah wasn’t who she claimed she was.

But as fate would have it, "Sarah" and I so happen to have chosen the same tropical island to escape.


Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1979374019
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Men Of Laguna Series

No Pants Required

I’m Makayla Alexander and I’m on a mission to reinvent myself.

My attention is captured by a sinfully sexy guy who boards the plane and flashes his seductive abs.

He sits next to me, and offers me his nuts which I find irresistible.

But when I choke on them, he advises me to work on my gag reflex.

Moments later, we’re all over each other in the washroom, looking to join the Mile High Club.

Know how they say that it’s easy to get it on at 37,000 feet? It really isn't.

A flight attendant however disrupts our passionate encounter.

It’s utterly humiliating, but at least I’ll never see him again.

Will I ever become a new version of myself?

Not when fate is a fickle bitch.

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0997619416
Publisher: Kim Karr

My name is Maggie May. My story begins when I met this tall, dark and handsome guy on New Year's Eve.

He was a smooth operator who made me climax multiple times.

I’m not one for fairytales and all, yet he made me believe.

I felt something special from the moment our eyes first locked. In that moment, the two of us were the only thing that mattered on that dance floor.

It all however came crashing down just three days later.

But now he’s back, begging for another chance.

Should I believe him?

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0997619430
Publisher: Kim Karr
Hollywood Prince

Brooklyn James is Hollywood royalty. He is also a playboy and a womanizer.

His best friend's little sister is the one person that he needs to stay away from, yet he doesn’t.

Amelia Waters doesn’t want to disappoint her big brother, given how much she idolizes him.

She knows that her brother's former roommate is forbidden, yet she just can’t stay away.

She wants him and he wants her.

When the urge becomes too much, the two implode in a no strings attached affair.

But for how long will they continue with the random hookups before Amelia's brother learns the truth?

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0997619454
Publisher: Kim Karr

Sexy Jerk World Books

Sexy Jerk

I’m not bothered by the fact that everyone I know is married.

In fact, I like being single.

So when my best friend and her husband ask me to babysit their three-year-old son while they head for their honeymoon, I gladly oblige.

Only thing I didn’t know is that I’d be babysitting with Nick Carrington.

I’ve met Nick quite a few times and all I can say is that he is one tall, sexy and conceited playboy.

If it was up to me, I definitely wouldn’t be here with this annoying womanizer.

But here we are, stuck together for the next two weeks.

What’s the worst that could happen? It's not like we're going to fall madly in love. Right?

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0997619478
Publisher: Kim Karr
Big Shot

Jace Bennett is the kind of man that simply melts your heart away.

Maybe it’s the gorgeous smile, filthy mouth, or perhaps the way he makes you feel like nothing else matters.

Despite not laying eyes on him since I walked away, seeing him now just makes me want him back.

To me, he will always be the sexy college guy drinking beer at the frat house.

But to him, I’m just somebody he used to know.

None of that however matters because I'm stuck with him.

Or to be more accurate, he's stuck with me.

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0988941939
Publisher: Kim Karr
Hot Stuff

He's the sexy and conceited newly drafted quarterback while I’m the coach's daughter.

I’ve always played by the rules, until Lucas Carrington storms into my life.

After nearly injuring my father's star player, I offer to ensure that he gets in the best shape possible.

It's something I regret almost immediately, given his arrogant nature.

That however doesn’t prevent me from desiring him, despite that fact that he is completely forbidden.

I need a distraction, at least until the sweltering summer is over.

It’s not going anywhere and my father would never approve of it.

None of that however matters.

Rules aren't meant to be broken. Or are they?

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1974506606
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Uptown Girl

He called me delusional and I screamed something at him.

The only problem was that we were in front of a judge, who ordered us to his chambers before locking us inside so that we can work things out.

The case had dragged on for long and the opposing counsel really got on my nerves.

Stuck there just us two, it didn’t take long before things got…dirty.

At that moment, I couldn’t care less who he was or that we were on opposing ends.

Ethan Miller likes it dirty. But so do I.

Little did I know that our little act of recklessness would unite us forever, but not in the happily ever after kind.

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2017
Ebook: B076JNN9S6

The Connections Series


Living a lifetime of happiness is nothing but an unrealistic expectation for Dahlia London. Wounded by tragedy, her soul has no hope, until she reconnects with a close figure from her past.

When rock star River Wilde walked back into Dahlia’s life, not even he could have imagined how deep their chemistry would run.

And the more time they spend together, the more vigorous their bond becomes, making Dahlia believe that she has once again found love.

Trouble however begins when old wounds surface.

Will River be able to heal Dahlia’s shattered soul when the past refuses to stay buried?

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0451468277
Publisher: Berkley

Dahlia London had no hope of fulfilling her happily ever after, until she reconnected with her one true love, River Wilde.

Everything seemed perfect for a while, given how she had found her ‘Once in a Lifetime’, until a figure from her past resurfaces—unmasking all of River’s cautiously hidden secrets.

Desperate, River is determined to prove to Dahlia that life is never about waiting for the perfect moment, for there is no such thing as a perfect moment.

But how many times can one wounded heart be fixed?

Will River and Dahlia face the storm together or will they be torn apart?

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0451468284
Publisher: Berkley

Jagger Kennedy was never after fame. He just fell into it.

Having secured a huge modeling contract, his sharp looks and charming nature propelled his career.

He however relocates to L.A. to try his luck with acting after his actress girlfriend shatters his heart.

Aerie Daniels is a woman in control, until she crosses paths with Jagger.

Their connection is instantaneous, so much that her high walls become pervious.

Aerie’s heart is however broken after she makes a shocking discovery about Jagger.

Desperate not to lose the love of his life, Jagger is even willing to forgo his career for her sake.

Trust once betrayed is however never easily regained.

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00HFXK4W4
Publisher: InterMix

Life on the road has always been perfect for Xander Wilde, until tragedy strikes and fate intervenes, reuniting him the only girl that he has ever loved.

Ivy looked destined to become a music superstar after overcoming her terrible breakup with Xander years ago, only for her to disappear from the public eye following her engagement to her overbearing agent, Damon Wolf.

As much as Xander knows he needs to stay away from Ivy, keeping his distance becomes increasingly impossible once they are on the road.

Given how Damon is hiding dangerous secrets that could destroy them all, will Xander and Ivy be able to fight for the love that they deserve?

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0451470676
Publisher: Berkley

Everything seemed doomed for Ben Covington after he lost the only woman that he has ever loved.

Growing up, Ben knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Dahlia London, until one terrible decision tore them apart.

Although he’s back to win her heart again, he knows that she will never be his, given that she is with someone else.

Hopeless, he drowns himself in liquor and women.

That’s however until a woman that he had an intense night of passion with resurfaces, the only other woman who has ever stolen his attention.

Can their future however be secured, given Ben’s destructive ways?

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00J8V3S1U
Publisher: InterMix

Ben Covington is convinced that he will never love again, especially after losing his fiancée.

He is however confused and amazed by the intense attraction that he feels towards Bell Wilde.

Could the spark be a second chance at love, or something entirely emanating from their intense sexual chemistry?

Having just gotten her life back in order, love is the last thing that Bell Wilde is looking for.

But when a spark is reignited, what follows is a ravaging blaze.

Although both wounded hearts are learning to love, a dark secret from Bell’s past could very well destroy them both.

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0451470683
Publisher: Berkley

Caleb Holt looked like the handsome and self-centered type from the moment that he walked into the room.

His piercing green eyes followed me everywhere.

My first instinct was to stay as far away from him as I could. But I didn't.

What I felt for him was intense, and fighting it was like a losing battle. The only problem was that I belonged to another man, a man who literally owned me.

Caleb however didn't care.

He should have.

The heart can never win when it comes to a game of cat and mouse.

Or can it?

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2018
Ebook: B07G588Z5W

The Detroit Love Duet Books

Set the Pace

Jasper Storm was always the wild and reckless next door neighbor.

He was my hero, despite the fact that everyone saw him as trouble.

He protected me, and there’s nothing that I wouldn’t have done for him.

Destiny however had harsh plans, tearing us apart before leaving our hearts broken.

Rogue and reckless as ever, Jasper is now Detroit's hero.

He talks fast, f*cks fast, and drives fast.

In as much as I don’t need to be reminded that I should stay away from him, there’s simply too much history between us.

Can our love survive given that the whole world is against us?

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0988941977
Publisher: Kim Karr
Turn It Up

Charlotte Lane was the tomboy neighbor next door.

With her sky blue eyes and curly blond hair, she was a perfect blend of sweet and cheeky.

Charlotte wasn’t just my best friend, she was my salvation.

Fate however tore us apart, and I blamed her for it. I wanted nothing to do with her after that.

But now she’s back into my life, changing me for the better.

Nothing however comes easy.

When things start crumbling around us, so do we.

Our relationship may have stood the test of time, but will it survive the uncertainties of the future?

Will we emerge from it stronger?

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0988941991
Publisher: Kim Karr
The Set Up

Jasper Storm was always the wild and reckless next door neighbor.

He was her hero, despite the fact that everyone saw him as trouble.

He protected her, and there’s nothing that she wouldn’t have done for him.

Destiny however had harsh plans, tearing them apart before leaving their hearts broken.

Rogue and reckless as ever, Jasper is now Detroit's hero.

When Detroit’s very own hero however becomes the primary suspect in a murder, will Charlotte turn against him, or will she help him clear his name?

NB: This book contains both Set the Pace (2016) and Turn it Up (2016).

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B01JWJQ8IW

The Tainted Love Duet Books


Their paths entwined in the face of danger.

Neither of them was looking for love, as they both knew better.

That however didn’t stop them from drawing closer.

As such, they fell hard.

He is brave, handsome and haunted by lethal connections.

She is stunning, resolved and in a dangerous situation.

They should have gone their separate ways, but they didn't.

They should never have f*cked, but they did.

Now, they only have one hundred and sixty eight hours left.

As Logan McPherson desperately attempts to save them, Elle Sterling is forced to make a life-altering decision.

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1517158187
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

“The danger hasn’t ended. It has only just begun.”

Brought together by circumstances, their undeniable chemistry glued them together.

Things however get intense when the past refuses to stay buried.

Both determined to destroy the enemy, the payback is simply unbearable.

What has been done just can’t be undone. All actions must have a consequence.

As much as they love each other, love isn’t a shield.

Sometimes the only viable choice is the one that you would rather not make.

Stretched within breaking point, Logan and Elle’s tainted love is in danger.

With several forces against them, they will have to fight for their love now more than ever.

Author: Kim Karr
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1518718311
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform