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Melinda Kucsera books in order

Melinda Kucsera is a short story writer and an incredibly talented author of fictional books and novels.

She has well over 15,000 loyal readers, with one of her most prominent works being The Curse Breaker Series.

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No Serie
  • Ride the Darkness
  • Shards for his Present
His Angelic Keeper Series
  1. His Angelic Keeper
  2. His Angelic Keeper: Hidden
The Curse Breaker Series
  1. Enchanted
  2. Darkens
  3. Curse Breaker: Faceted
  4. Curse Breaker: Falls
  5. Curse Breaker: Sundered
  6. Curse Breaker: Hidden
  7. Relic Hunter
  8. Curse Breaker's Shadow

Detailed book overview

No Serie

Ride the Darkness

One man, along with his mute dragon, will do whatever it takes to keep the magic and protect the secret, even if it means killing everyone.

But to do that, he will have to go through Anurevin and his dragon; the most gifted warriors to have sailed the Star Sea in quite a while.

What was supposed to be the first effortless, routine patrol for this year’s graduates turns tragic when a mysterious shadow ambushes trainees aboard, brutally killing them and their trainers.

Anurevin, who is bored from orienting the trainees, goes to the deck to monitor the state of his sea-dragon; innocently unaware of the quiet killer aboard.
Author: Melinda Kucsera
First Release: 2019
Shards for his Present

“A Curse Breaker Novel”

Some presents are better left wrapped.

Some adventures are better left in the past.

The hunt begins this fall.

Author: Melinda Kucsera
First Release: 2019

His Angelic Keeper Series

His Angelic Keeper

“Not all angels come in peace, and they’ are not alone.”

Sovvan may be dead, but she will stop at nothing to protect her twin brother and nephew from the supernatural conspiracy threatening to finish them off. Not even her incorporeality or amnesia will stand in the way of her cause.

In order to save her brother, she must however regain her past; a past which if uncovered will bring to light a terrible secret that an angel killed in order to protect—and he is not alone.

Sovvan will soon learn that there is a price for everything, even when it comes to saving those dearest to you.

She must proceed quickly yet with caution because her magical twin is being hunted down by a powerful demon resolved on not only taking his brother’s soul, but that of his son too.

Author: Melinda Kucsera
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0997214192
Publisher: Melinda Kucsera
His Angelic Keeper: Hidden

How did Sovvan get her halo and sword?

What had she wrought when she tossed the Agent of Chaos into the spell that her personal demon was casting? Seeing as it wasn’t one of her best ideas?

Brace yourself for the second book of the new series featuring Sovvan.

Author: Melinda Kucsera
First Release: 2019

The Curse Breaker Series


"In a place where magic is prohibited, an inexperienced magician is their only hope."

Don’t start any fires. Don’t carry along any weapons and don’t do any harm!

The rules ensured the safety of the many travelers who made their way through the enchanted forest—until the brutal murder of one boy changes everything.

The killing opens a gateway for evil to enter, sparing no one from the corruption that follows.

When Sarn is ordered by his masters to abandon his quest, he is left with two impractical options; to slay the ghost whose destructive nature threatens them all or die from the backlash as a result of going against his own word.

With nothing seemingly going his way, will Sarn be able to find a solution or will everything be lost?

Author: Melinda Kucsera
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0997214147
Publisher: Melinda Kucsera

When everything else fails, can the faith of one man lead him to victory over a demon?

When a demon’s body and a black magic book cannot be accounted for, Jerlo—the commander of the Rangers—embarks on a mission to solve the puzzle behind their mysterious disappearance. This however forces him to look for someone he swore to never speak to; a person who everyone is convinced died a long time ago.

His uncompromising mission leads him to the oubliette and a psycho's cell where he is taken captive by shadows from his past.

Will Jerlo, without the help of magic, be able to overcome the dark force in his home; a force that is capable of creating deadly minions?

Author: Melinda Kucsera
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0997214154
Publisher: Melinda Kucsera
Curse Breaker: Faceted

In a subterranean world where light is everything, can an unskilled magician and his son stop the looming darkness?

An inexperienced magician brings his young son along as he spies on the men responsible for the death of his best friend; men on a desperate search for magic-stealing rocks to help actualize the vision of one radical.

But when selfishness meets its match, an evil force well beyond their wildest imaginations is released. And it is hungry for the magician and his son!

Who will survive the terror?

The book can either be read as a stand-alone novel or as part of the engrossing Curse Breaker Series.

Author: Melinda Kucsera
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0997214130
Publisher: Melinda Kucsera
Curse Breaker: Falls

"Those who doubt will fail."

An evil presence, roaming freely in Mount Eredren, deliberately wants to keep Sarn away from the enchanted forest, and the threat that is destroying it.

Without the help of Ghost Bear and the Queen of All Trees—who is preoccupied in a fatal bout with an enemy way stronger than her—Sarn has little option but to face a legendary evil with only his incongruous magical theories.

His failure would dictate the fall of Shayari, making the Adversary to add an indestructible monster to his side.

But Sarn starts having second thought. Is he really the hero that his world needs? If so, will he still be able to meet the paternal needs of his son?

In a world where magic is driven by faith, doubting yourself could prove perilous.

Author: Melinda Kucsera
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0997214178
Publisher: Melinda Kucsera
Curse Breaker: Sundered

“Oaths are deadly. They can kill. Be careful what you promise.”

Sarn is bound by two contradictory promises he made, and his word is his bond.

Having given his word to Death’s Marksman and an entity from another world, he learns just how frustrating it is to serve two masters whilst evading both a monster and an evil force that is trying to snatch his soul.

Seeing as breaking his promise is unthinkable, something he wouldn’t do even for his beloved son, Sarn must do everything to keep his word—even if it means paying the ultimate price of losing his life.

Faced with insurmountable danger, will he and his son succeed without the help of magic?

Author: Melinda Kucsera
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1949145069
Publisher: Melinda Kucsera
Curse Breaker: Hidden

“You can’t hide what’s burning inside.”

A terrifying creature, hell-bent on the merciless destruction of Sarn’s home and everyone in it, is on the loose.

A desperate Sarn is willing to do whatever it takes to get back his magic and save his son, even if it means forming the most unlikely of alliances.

Even if he succeeds in getting his magic back, there is simply no stopping the creature from the death that it leaves in its wake.

Melinda Kucsera presents yet another absorbing tale in this sixth installment of The Curse Breaker Series.

Author: Melinda Kucsera
First Release: 2019
Relic Hunter

“All they were doing was hunting relics, but they ended up finding much more than they bargained for…and lost far more than they could ever regain!”

A boy with the gift of magic comes across a mysterious stone deep in the canopy of the enchanted forest.

Meanwhile, above, Zoya and Yan—two knights on their way back to their order’s chapter house—are summoned to find the old, magical relic that lies beneath the forest.

The relic is however in the possession of a young mage who has powers he doesn’t even know how to control.

Sarn would wish for nothing more than to escape the collapsing mines with his younger brother; the only family he has left since the demise of their mother.

But accidentally activating the relic or even a stray thought is enough to collapse the mine—killing them instantly.

Trapped in the collapsing mine with more danger looming, will they survive?

Author: Melinda Kucsera
First Release: 2019
Curse Breaker's Shadow

An abused magician struggling to raise his younger brother and a mysterious figure who was always under the cover of a cloak and a veil: Theirs was a friendship that had stood the test of time.

Unbeknownst to them at the time, Sarn and Shade made the first steps towards a very dangerous friendship when they met; one that would lead to the demise of many, the unleashing of a terrible power and stirring the rage of an angel.

When fondness turns into obsession, only one will survive. But for some, not even death itself can separate their bond.

Author: Melinda Kucsera
First Release: 2019