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Steven Law is an American author of Yuma Gold (2011) and El Paso Way (2013), both number one bestselling novels on

Raised on a farm in southern Iowa, he received a bachelor’s degree at the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

In 2013, Law was presented with the distinguished Western Heritage Award for his work with Western literature.

Other than writing, Law is also the founder and president of the Read West Foundation, Inc, a nonprofit 501 C 3 organization that helps fund marketing events in order to promote the growth and awareness of Western literature.

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Genres: Historical Fiction, Thriller, Western

United States

Pseudonym: Steven Law


Non Series

  • The Opium Doll (2010)
  • Yuma Gold (2011)
  • The Bitter Road (2013)
  • Old Blue and the Greenhorn (2014)

Blood for Justice Series

  1. El Paso Way (2013)
  2. Brave Sonora (2014)

Trevor Bella and the New Life

  1. The True Father (2000)
  2. The True Father: Part II (2011)
Blood for Justice Series
Trevor Bella and the New Life

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Non Series

The Opium Doll

A young Chinese worker on the Transcontinental Railroad has to come to terms with the tough times ahead after an avalanche hits the Sierra Mountains.

Author: Steven Law
First Release: 2010
Ebook: B003ZHVF1S
Publisher: Independent Voices
Yuma Gold

Ben Ruby is paroled from Yuma Territorial Prison after serving an eight year sentence for a crime he did not commit.

Equipped with comprehensive knowledge of a 300 year-old Spanish Galleon buried in the flats of Imperial Valley, and a treasure map in the form of trinkets, Ben embarks on a dangerous journey.

As though chasing after an old tale wasn't in itself a tough ask, Ben has to evade the man that put him in prison.

Matters are further worsened by the fact that a breach in a Colorado River dam is threatening to submerge the entire valley.

Author: Steven Law
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-1410445544
Publisher: Wheeler Publishing
The Bitter Road

Colt Ballard is a professional team roper who is destined for success. The sudden and tragic loss of his parents in a car accident during his childhood however leaves him in an emotional wreck, one that may prevent him from attaining his potential.

Having been pushed out by the pro circuit, Colt comes to terms with his dilemma. He then opts to take a summer job of helping underprivileged kids at a rodeo camp in New Mexico, after following the advice of his late father's friend.

Initially rigid to change, Colt finally embraces the challenges of camp owner Casey McIntire, venturing into the hearts and minds of those he is assisting.

It however doesn’t take long for him to learn that they just might be helping him more.

Author: Steven Law
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1930584358
Publisher: Goldminds Publishing LLC
Old Blue and the Greenhorn

Seventeen year-old Josh Timmons leaves his widowed mother, against her wishes, in order to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a cowboy.

Certainly gifted at roping, he earns a job on a cattle drive from New Mexico to the Texas Panhandle, one under the leadership of a renowned cattle baron named Charles Goodnight.

Josh's ambition however has a sinister side to it. He is fueled by the desire to avenge the brutal killing of his father.

The realities of the trail nevertheless make all his desires much tougher than he had thought.

But despite his troubles, the spirit of Old Blue, Goodnight's incredible lead steer, guides Josh through his toughest of trials, and to the richest of rewards.

Author: Steven Law
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1930584679
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books

Blood for Justice Series

El Paso Way

A young boy named Enrique Osorio witnessed the annihilation of his entire family at the hands of Antonio Valdar, the Demon Warrior.

Taken in by Father Gaeta, Enrique is encouraged to patiently wait for the right time to confront Valdar.

When Enrique however crosses paths with Pang Lo, whose family was equally destroyed by Valdar, he is convinced that the moment he has been waiting for has finally arrived.

For an entire decade, a relentless kidnapper and murderer and his crazed sidekicks have terrorized the Arizona Territory—until two victims of their violence form an improbable alliance to bring an end to his reign of terror.

Author: Steven Law
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1410465061
Publisher: Wheeler Publishing
Brave Sonora

Enrique learns that his grandfather is working at a plantation outside Hermosillo, a thriving town in Sonora, Mexico.

There, he discovers that Arriquibar Sosa, who terrorizes the town, has taken his grandfather as a prisoner.

When he adamantly refuses to join Sosa’s team and become one of his thugs, Enrique is taken prisoner as well.

Enrique however never travels alone. His riding partner, Sereno, sends word to their old friend Pang Lo, who quickly reaches out to Chas Dutton.

Gathering in Sonora, the team is not only determined to free Enrique but also defeat the bullish Sosa.

Author: Steven Law
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1410469809
Publisher: Wheeler Publishing

Trevor Bella and the New Life

The True Father

Trevor’s life takes an unexpected turn on the day of his college graduation, a turn that is nowhere near the big accounting job that he'd lined up.

Meeting a visitor at his college commencement, Trevor is shocked to find out about of the death of his father in an accident—a father who he never knew.

Desperate to attend the funeral in Oklahoma, he eventually decides to spend the summer with his father's family, traveling the rodeo circuit where his father was a local hero.

It is there that Trevor not only falls in love with his lost family and rural Oklahoma, but also with a beautiful half Choctaw barrel racer.

An awakening however beckons for him.

Author: Steven Law
First Release: 2000
ISBN: 978-1930584143
Publisher: Goldminds Publishing LLC
The True Father: Part II

This short sequel is a must read for lovers of The True Father.

The story picks up for where it left, with Trevor Hodge on the verge of making a decision about his life, his inheritance, and his growing romance with Bella Sonoma.

Author: Steven Law
First Release: 2011
Publisher: Goldminds Publishing LLC