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Mark Lawrence books in order

Mark Lawrence is an American-British author of fantasy and science fiction novels, most prominently The Broken Empire Series.

Born in Champagne-Urbanan, Illinois, to British parents, Mark moved to the UK at the age of one before returning to the US to pursue a PhD in mathematics at Imperial College. He also holds a degree in physics.

Mark has been quick to admit that he never really had any dreams of becoming an author, until a reluctant attempt to find an agent turned into a worldwide publishing deal overnight.

His books have since been translated into 20 languages, selling over a million copies across the globe.

Married with four children, Mark currently lives in Bristol with his wife.

More about Mark Lawrence

Genres: Contemporary , Fantasy / SF, Mystery, Thriller

Born: 1966

United States


Non Series

  • During the Dance (2014)

Book of the Ice

  1. The Girl and the Stars (2020)
  2. The Girl and the Mountain (2021)
  3. The Girl and the Moon (2022)

Impossible Times

  1. One Word Kill (2019)
  2. Limited Wish (2019)
  3. Dispel Illusion (2019)

The Book of the Ancestor

  1. Red Sister (2017)
  2. Grey Sister (2018)
  3. Holy Sister (2019)

The Broken Empire

  1. King of Thorns (2012)
  2. Sleeping Beauty (2014)
  3. Emperor of Thorns (2013)

The Red Queen's War

  1. Prince of Fools (2014)
  2. The Liar’s Key (2015)
  3. The Wheel of Osheim (2016)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

During the Dance

This is a short story of love, loss, and the dance in between.

It is assuredly not a romance.

Author: Mark Lawrence
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00MC1E466

Book of the Ice

The Girl and the Stars

In the ice, east of the Black Rock, there is a hole into which broken children are thrown. Yaz’s people call it the Pit of the Missing and now it is drawing her in as she has always known it would.

To resist the cold, to endure the months of night when even the air itself begins to freeze, requires a special breed. Variation is dangerous, difference is fatal. And Yaz is not the same.

Yaz’s difference tears her from the only life she’s ever known, away from her family, from the boy she thought she would spend her days with, and has to carve out a new path for herself in a world whose existence she never suspected. A world full of difference and mystery and danger.

Yaz learns that Abeth is older and stranger than she had ever imagined. She learns that her weaknesses are another kind of strength and that the cruel arithmetic of survival that has always governed her people can be challenged.

Author: Mark Lawrence
First Release: 2020
Ebook: B07VJBBFN6
Publisher: Ace
The Girl and the Mountain

On the planet Abeth there is only the ice. And the Black Rock.

For generations the priests of the Black Rock have reached out from their mountain to steer the fate of the ice tribes. With their Hidden God, their magic and their iron, the priests’ rule has never been questioned. But when ice triber Yaz challenged their authority, she was torn away from the only life she had ever known, and forced to find a new path for herself.

Yaz has lost her friends and found her enemies. She has a mountain to climb, and even if she can break the Hidden God’s power, her dream of a green world lies impossibly far to the south, across a vast emptiness of ice. Before the journey can even start, she has to find out what happened to the ones she loves and save those that can be saved.

Abeth holds its secrets close, but the stars shine brighter for Yaz and she means to unlock the truth.

Author: Mark Lawrence
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-0008295042
Publisher: HarperVoyager
The Girl and the Moon

On the planet Abeth, a narrow Corridor of green land is surrounded on all sides by ice plains where only the strong survive. Ice triber Yaz has completed a perilous journey and arrived at the Corridor, and it exceeds and overwhelms all of her expectations. Everything seems different but some constants remain: her old enemies are still two steps ahead, bent on her destruction. She makes her way to the Convent of Sweet Mercy, where nuns train young girls who show the old gifts, but like the Corridor itself the convent is packed with peril and opportunity. Yaz has much to learn from the nuns—if they don’t decide to execute her.

The fate of everyone squeezed between the Corridor’s vast walls, and ultimately the fate of those laboring to survive out on ice itself, hangs from the moon, and the battle to save the moon centers on the Ark of the Missing, buried beneath the emperor’s palace. Everyone wants Yaz to be the key that will open the Ark – the one the wise have sought for generations. But sometimes wanting isn’t enough.

Author: Mark Lawrence
First Release: 2022
Ebook: B09983C73R
Publisher: Ace

Impossible Times

One Word Kill

The year is 1986. Fifteen-year-old boy-genius Nick Hayes learns that he is dying, yet that is the least of the strangest thing to have happened to him that week.

Nick and his friends are used to living in their imaginations, until a new girl named Mia joins the group.

A mysterious and oddly familiar man with abilities that simply shouldn’t exist is following Nick. Even though she might not know it yet, Mia is in grave danger and she needs help, fast!

Going up against what is seemingly a terminal disease, a knife-wielding psycho and the laws of physics, Nick embarks on a desperate mission to uncover a mystery and save the girl.

Author: Mark Lawrence
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1503903265
Publisher: 47North
Limited Wish

It’s the summer of 1986. Now a student at Cambridge University, Nick Hayes is working with celebrated mathematician Professor Halligan.

Although he wishes to be nothing more than a regular student, that’s a tall order given how the boy-genius is a cancer survivor who has already taken part in time travel.

When he meets a mysterious and oddly familiar girl, Nick learns that creases have appeared in the fabric of time—and he is right at the centre of the disruption.

Only he can fix this time paradox, and time is certainly not on his side.

Author: Mark Lawrence
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1503946781
Publisher: 47North
Dispel Illusion

Nick Hayes is a boy-genius who has carved paths through time.

He has however seen how his story will end, and every year that passes draws him a step closer.

Mia’s accident is waiting for both of them in 2011, and he’ll be out of choices if it happens.

But what happens when a coincidental discovery reveals that this seeker of truth has been lying to himself?

Author: Mark Lawrence
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1542094016
Publisher: 47North

The Book of the Ancestor

Red Sister

Young girls are brought up to be killers at the Convent of Sweet Mercy.
Nona Grey, a bloodstained child of nine falsely accused of murder, is brought to their halls.

Although it takes a decade to teach a Red Sister the art of blade and fist, the teachings of Abbess Glass go beyond the arts of death. Among her class, Nona finds a new family.

As secure and remote as the convent is, Nona’s dark past still come back to haunt her.

Her arrival triggers old feuds to life and a fierce battle within the church, attracting the attention of the emperor himself.

Nona Grey must contain her inner demons, unleashing them only if someone stands in her way.

Author: Mark Lawrence
First Release: 2017
Ebook: B01IAUG6R2
Publisher: Ace
Grey Sister

For centuries, young girls have been raised to become killers at the Convent of Sweet Mercy. Newcmer Nona Grey learns the secrets of the universe in Mystic Class.

Before she leaves the convent, Nona must decide whether to commit herself to a life of prayer or pledge allegiance to the blade and the fist.

As her enemies target her through the very system she is sworn to, Nona must create her own path despite the different pulls of friendship, ambition, loyalty and vengeance.

Whichever the case, the one guarantee is that blood will be shed.

Author: Mark Lawrence
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0008152376
Publisher: Harper Collins
Holy Sister

The empire is being ambushed by the Scithrowl in the east and the Durns in the west.

Nona Grey must triumph in her final tests if she is to become a full sister in the order of her choice.

But for Nora and her friends, war is on their doorstep.

One last epic battle is on the horizon. It’s a battle that will leave her torn between friends, one in which her own devils will attempt to undo her.

Hearts will be shattered, loved ones will be lost, and thrones will be brought to the ground.

Author: Mark Lawrence
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-0008152420
Publisher: HarperVoyager

The Broken Empire

King of Thorns

To achieve greatness, one must step on bodies.

The land burns as lords and petty kings fight for the Broken Empire.

If there is one thing that Prince Honorous Jorg Ancrath has learnt from his mission to avenge the brutal murder of his mother, then it is that there are hidden puppet masters behind this never ending war.

A six nation army, led by a hero adored by the people, makes its way towards Jorg’s gates. Many wish him well, praying that their champions will not only unite the empire but also heal its wounds.

Every good king will bend the knee when faced with insurmountable odds, if it means saving his people and their lands.

King Jorg is however not a good king.

Author: Mark Lawrence
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0007439027
Publisher: HarperVoyager
Sleeping Beauty

This book covers the period between the end of the 'early thread' in Emperor of Thorns and the beginning of the 'now' thread in King of Thorns.

It is a work that came about as a result of a challenge by a reader who wanted the author to twist the tale of Sleeping Beauty around that of young Jorg Ancrath.

This story is also included in the anthology Road Brothers: Tales from the Broken Empire.

Author: Mark Lawrence
First Release: 2014
Emperor of Thorns

The path to the throne is broken and only the broken can walk it.

The world is cracked and these are my days. When I stand before the Hundred, they will listen.

Whoever stands against me is of no consequence. Whether living or dead, I shall take the throne. If I must be the last emperor then I will make of it such an ending.

This is however where the wise man turns away. These are the final miles. I won’t be able to save you. Run if you can, pray if you must.

Just don’t follow me. For if you do, I will break your heart.

Author: Mark Lawrence
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0007503988
Publisher: HarperVoyager

The Red Queen's War

Prince of Fools

The Red Queen may be old but the kings of the Broken Empire fear her like nobody else.

Her grandson Jalan Kendeth is the tenth in line to the throne, but he is a weakling and a womanizer.

As his grandmother shapes the future of millions, Prince Jalan chases after promiscuous pleasures—until he gets entangled with a huge Norse axe man named Snorri ver Snagason.

Forced to the icy north, Jalan flees minions of the Dead King, sets up a fight with Prince Jorg Ancrath, and meets the ice witch, Skilfar, all while trying to part ways with Snorri before his quest throws them to battle in the black fort on the edge of the Bitter Ice.

Author: Mark Lawrence
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0007531561
The Liar’s Key

The powerful turn their eyes to the North. Loki’s key has been found, and is in the possession of a good for nothing prince and a wounded warrior.

It’s winter and Prince Jalan Kendeth isn’t anywhere near the affluence of his southern palace. The North is certainly home to Norse axe man Snorri ver Snagason, but Jalan can’t wait to leave.

Nonetheless, even men who hold a key that can open any door are no exempt from the thaw.

As the winter intensifies and the Dead King embarks to take what was nearly his, other players stretch their claws too in a bid to acquire Loki’s key.

Author: Mark Lawrence
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0007531608
Publisher: HarperVoyager
The Wheel of Osheim

Unspoken horror stands between Snorri Ver Snagason and the rescue of his family—if at all the dead can be rescued. Jalan Kendeth on the other hand is concerned with making it out alive and taking Loki’s with him, for it could very well provide him fortune back in the world of the living.

For Jalan, his intention is returning to wine, women, and wagering. But the Wheel of Osheim is spinning faster, and will destroy the world if not stopped.

When the end draws nearer for everyone, with nowhere else to hide, even the worst of cowards must muster the courage to discover new answers.

Author: Mark Lawrence
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0007531639
Publisher: HarperVoyager