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Christina Lee is a mother, wife, reader, dreamer and an American author.

A lover of words and a strong believer in human rights, Christina predominantly writes about MM Contemporary with LGBTQ characters, as well as Adult and New Adult Romance; with emphasis placed on the fact that everyone deserves a happily-ever-after.

She currently lives in the Midwest with her husband and son–her two favorite guys.

Those who know Christina well know that she loves lip balm, coffee, and kissing—because everything is better with kissing.

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Genres: Contemporary , Gay and Lesbian, Romance


Non Series

  • Twelve Truths and a Lie (2016)
  • A Breath Apart (2019)
  • Love Me Louder (2018)

Boys in Makeup (Co-authored with Riley Hart)

  1. Pretty Perfect (2020)
  2. Pretty Sweet (2020)
  3. Pretty Wild (2021)

Easton U Pirates

  1. Bat Boy (2020)
  2. Home Plate (2021)

Fated Books

  1. Moon Flower (2021)
  2. Moon Spell (2021)

Under My Skin

  1. Regret (2017)
  2. Reawaken (2017)
  3. Reclaim (2018)
  4. Redeem (2019)

Between Breaths Series

  1. All of You (2013)
  2. Before You Break (2014)
  3. Whisper To Me (2014)
  4. Promise Me This (2014)
  5. There You Stand (2015)

Golden Arrow Series

  1. Two of Hearts (2015)
  2. Three Sacred Words (2016)

Roadmap to Your Heart

  1. The Darkest Flame (2015)
  2. The Faintest Spark (2017)
  3. The Deepest Blue (2015)
  4. The Hardest Fall (2016)
  5. The Sweetest Goodbye (2017)

So This is Christmas

  1. Beautiful Dreamer (2018)
  2. Beautiful Temptation (2019)
Boys in Makeup (Co-authored with Riley Hart)
Easton U Pirates

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Twelve Truths and a Lie

Despite having everything going for her, Aurora doesn’t have much luck when it comes to dating men.

Considering that she has always had a boyfriend ever since she was a teenager, Aurora decides to take a twelve-month break from dating.

Having lost his girlfriend to his best friend, Cameron Miller drowns his sorrows in alcohol and women until his friends come to his recue.

With a new position as a special education teacher, he decides to make a fresh start.

Once they become well acquainted, Cameron and Aurora spend time with each other once a week in their unofficial Chastity Club.

This marks the beginning of a journey to self-discovery that could end with true love.

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1537719788
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
A Breath Apart

Brennan never really had a family, until the Fischers adopted him.

Determined not to risk his place in the family, he pretends as though Josh Daly doesn’t make his heart skip a beat.

The tension between the two momentarily eases when Josh joins a Christian University while Brennan stays behind to work at the family’s drive-in movie theater, only to resurface when Josh returns home for the summer break.

When the attraction between the two intensifies, they finally learn to accept who they truly are.

Facing the world together will however require the kind of faith that will either bring them closer, or draw them apart.

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1079557879
Publisher: Independently published
Love Me Louder

Dating isn’t an option for Noah Dixon who is left physically disfigured and emotionally wounded after an accident.

But when obligated to attend his best friend’s engagement party, Noah decides to attend with an escort.

Forced to discontinue his studies in order to work two jobs and help pay the bill for his ailing mother, Will Crossen opts to become an escort.

After all, it’s just a form of acting.

He however didn’t expect to meet the conceited sales associate he incessantly avoids at his day job.

When a simmering attraction blows up into flames, will the two let their love overcome their demons?

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1722485061
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Boys in Makeup (Co-authored with Riley Hart)

Pretty Perfect


After spending the first part of my life trapped in a small town where it wasn’t okay to be a makeup-wearing boy who liked boys, I swore I’d leave and never be anything but loud, proud, and unapologetically me. I’ve kept that promise. I’m following my dreams, have an apartment with my bestie, and get to dance my nights away at one of the hottest gay bars in Portland.

The only downfall is Dane, the sexy bartender with a perma-scowl always aimed my way. The tension between us is so strong that even the clubgoers notice, and they eat that stuff up. Our boss makes us dance on the bar together every Friday night. I might shake my booty a little more with Dane just because I love getting under his skin. It’s not my fault he doesn’t know how to have any fun…but I kind of want to teach him.


I got burned bad by my last boyfriend. Thankfully, my sister, Bree, and my niece, Hailey, make my days a whole lot brighter. I’m getting back on my feet, including a decent job as a bartender. But working in a gay club makes it harder to keep to myself. No way do I want to get reeled in by another charming, pretty face and get hurt again, and definitely not by someone like Jesse, whose audacity frustrates me to no end.

So why do I want to shove him against the wall and screw that boldness right out of him?

Only…sometimes he’s pretty sweet, especially with Hailey. As we go from enemies to angry hookups to friends, our feelings are changing and moving into uncharted territory. This can’t go anywhere. Jesse and I are like oil and water; we just don’t mix…right?

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1658752558
Publisher: Independently published
Pretty Sweet


Portland was supposed to be my fresh start, my chance to live for myself. Unfortunately, it’s not working out that way. I stay in the apartment Mom chose and major in finance like she wants. I let bad memories keep me from hooking up. I wouldn’t know the first thing about finding a guy who gets me, who’s okay with my need to be held and feel safe.

When I befriend a worker at the assisted living facility where I volunteer, I don’t expect to get invited to dinner, only to realize her son is Jake, a guy I met through friends last fall. Jake’s not only hot, he’s also sweet, a caretaker, and attracted to me too. Since he’s never been with a guy, and I’m a virgin, we’re setting the pace together, learning what we like, one bone-melting touch at a time.


My childhood was rocky, with an abusive father and a mother I needed to protect. The first thing I did after high school graduation was get us out of there so we could finally breathe. And start living. For me that means managing the garage I own with my best friend and enjoying the modest house I call my own.

Then Seth enters my life. Our connection is palpable. He’s shy, innocent, and sets my blood on fire. He makes it impossible to ignore my attraction to men. The trust he puts in me is more potent than any desire. I get as much from talking to or holding him as when we let our inhibitions go.

Seth and I fulfill each other’s needs—in and out of the bedroom. But our struggles aren’t easy to shake. With my urge to protect and Seth’s desire to fly, we’ll have to strike the right balance, but when we do, the results will be pretty sweet.

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8654948991
Publisher: Independently published
Pretty Wild


I see myself as mature and responsible for a twenty-four-year-old—I have a steady job, a comfortable apartment, and eventually I’ll find the right guy to settle down with. Some might find this boring, but at least I know what I want. That is, until reconnecting with a childhood companion flips my preconceived notions upside down. 

Skylar was my first real friend—my first crush too—and twelve years later, he’s still the same gorgeous and charismatic free spirit. I’m easily sucked back into his orbit, my protests futile when it comes to his amusingly harebrained ideas. I can’t let myself fall for him, though, because I’m searching for forever and he only wants casual.


If you’re looking for a good time, I’m your guy. I love hookups, shaking my booty at the club, and having fun. I’ve seen how love can hurt and have mended too many broken hearts to risk my own.

Still, having Clark back in my life makes me feel grounded…and sort of mushy inside. It’s not only because his chunky glasses turn him into an adorably hot Clark Kent. It’s also how he makes me feel like I can be more. Which is why hooking up with him is a bad idea. But resisting him becomes impossible, and before I know it, each touch, kiss, and night spent together only makes me crave more.

We want different things, so there’s no way this will last. But Clark makes me consider breaking my rules and trying this boyfriend stuff for real. What’s a guy to do when his best friend steals the heart he’s afraid to give? I guess it comes down to potentially hurting him, or losing the only guy I’ve ever really wanted. Pretty wild, right?

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8721839689
Publisher: Independently published

Easton U Pirates

Bat Boy

Brady Donovan

With a baseball scholarship to Easton University and awesome family and friends, my life is pretty golden. Except, things have never come together for me in the romance department. Until Kellan Crawford walks onto the field as the team’s newest bat boy. Bells and whistles go off in my body, and just like that, I’m totally crushing on a guy for the first time in my life. Too bad he’s the coach’s son and officially off-limits.

Kellan Crawford

I’m working toward my statistics degree, so landing the bat-boy position with the Easton U Pirates is right up my alley. It keeps me close to the action on the field, even if that means hauling equipment, picking up sweaty jockstraps, and putting up with the players’ antics. My dad’s the coach, and his number-one rule is never to play favorites…which probably includes getting too friendly with the team captain. But Brady Donovan’s annoyingly perfect smile and protective nature are making that nearly impossible.

When something shifts between us at an away game, everything is thrown off-kilter. Donovan’s never been with a guy before, and I certainly don’t want to be his test case. But I can’t seem to help myself. He’s sweet and hot and somehow charms the baseball pants right off me. If Coach ever catches wind of this, he’ll bench us both. Disappointing my dad might kill me, but so would losing the guy who makes my heart pound harder than a home run in the bottom of the ninth.

So much for not playing favorites.

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8561251818
Publisher: Independently published
Home Plate

Dominic Girard

My final baseball season with the Easton U Pirates feels bittersweet. I'd like to go out on a high note, graduate, and focus on the family business. But a certain pitcher is making senior year a challenge. Not only because Maclain is stubborn as hell, but because he makes me feel things I never have about another guy. With each snarky comment and hard-won grin, he reveals a little more of himself, and before I know it, I'm in over my head.

Mason Maclain

I'll be graduating college this year, which also means the end of baseball, a sport I've played my entire life. It feels like a significant chapter is coming to a close, leaving behind a void I'm unwilling to face. Something else I don't want to face? The impossibly charming Pirates catcher, whose quick wit and killer smirk poke holes in all my defenses. With each lingering look and quiet exchange, I want to push him away and pull him closer at the same time. I've never felt this intense draw before, and there's no way I'll ever admit it.

When Coach proposes a team-building activity to improve our chemistry on the field, little does he know things are heating up behind the scenes as well. A flicker of a connection sparks into a firestorm, and soon Girard and I are experiencing things for the first time—together. 

But outside the haven of our hotel room, reality infringes all too soon. I'm clinging to my fraying relationship with my dad, and for Girard, coming out is still scary, loving family or not. Resisting the pull to Girard seems futile, but I struggle at every turn. Any longer and I'll lose the only person who makes my pulse thud quicker than a fastball over home plate.

There's a pitcher-and-catcher joke in there somewhere.

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8701099027
Publisher: Independently published

Fated Books

Moon Flower

When Galen flees his home and travels to Lunar’s Reach, he does what he needs to survive. But trading his body for food in his belly is always a risky undertaking. After he’s found injured in an alleyway, his new friends take him to Moon Flower apothecary, where the madam in charge offers him the proposition of a lifetime.

Little does he know that the Moon Flower flourishes at night—in more ways than one. Gentlemen gather in secret, yearning for an evening with Galen and the others, where they offer pleasure willingly while exploring their desires.

But Galen’s eye is continually drawn to the most unassuming man in the room—Azriel, the resident healer, who has the most unusual aura Galen has ever seen. There’s an understated melancholy in him that Galen longs to soothe, and the more time they spend together, the more he craves to know Azriel’s touch.

But security is only a threadbare veneer for those like him, and soon danger is upon their doorstep. Galen has only ever needed to protect himself, but now he belongs to an ensemble of unlikely characters who’ve become the family he never had. So he’ll put himself on the line, along with his heart, if it means keeping them safe—especially Azriel, the man who quiets his restless soul.

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8526653992
Publisher: Independently published
Moon Spell

Werewolves only exist in fairy tales…at least, that’s what most townspeople in Lunar’s Reach believe. Unless you’re a powerful healer who concocts a potion to help a fledgling shifter remain human during the full moon.

It works to Bellamy’s benefit since he’s been in hiding at Moon Flower from Ashwood, his beloved, who betrayed him two years before. But now that violet fever is sweeping through Etria and Bellamy has fallen deathly ill, not even the madam from the apothecary can heal him.

Ashwood believes only he—his fated mate—can save Bellamy from the sickness. Unfortunately, he’s right. But Bellamy cannot bear being in his presence nor suppress the longing he still feels for the man. Despite their history, Ashwood still owns his heart, and soon it becomes clear that someone from their past presents a danger to them both.

Perhaps Bellamy could use Ashwood to exact his own revenge before dooming him to eternal loneliness without his mate. Except, that plan would require allowing Ashwood to touch him again, and Bellamy isn’t certain he can resist being cast under his spell. Not when Ashwood feels so perfect—and so right.

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8489891127
Publisher: Independently published

Under My Skin


When Brian “Brin” Schubert accepts to spend some time in his co-worker’s house after his condo floods, the last thing he expected was for his friend’s roommate to be the one guy who shattered his heart in the senior year of high school.

Nicholas Dell, who is seemingly still not out of the closet yet, has made terrible mistakes in his life—most of which he is still paying for.

More than a decade later, his crush is still one of the sexiest men he has ever seen.

When their obstinacy however erupts into full blow sexual tension, hate-sex suddenly doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

But as they reconnect, Brin is finally ready to bury the hatchet and give Nick a second chance.

Nick’s demons are however complicated, so much that they won’t allow him to have his happily ever after with the one guy that has always owned his heart.

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1547098606
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Tristan Rogers has been broken ever since he lost his husband a few years ago.

As he now spends his time managing their dog grooming business in a bid to conceal his sadness, Tristan witnesses a nasty breakup between a pretentious customer and his boyfriend.

Ever since he was a teen, Jonas “West” Hollis has felt indebted to his domineering lover after he came to his rescue years ago. Although he is warmed by Tristan’s kindness, West won’t risk getting attached to someone else, especially now that he can make his own choices.

What however begins as simple texting escalates into an intense attraction that can’t be hidden.

Will the two be able to look beyond their shattered hearts and learn to love again?

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1979586269
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Elijah and Kamnan’s friendship dates back to their high school days. So when Kam gets involved in a terrible accident, Elijah swiftly offers to help him with his recovery.

Staying every day in Kam’s condo is quite different from occasionally meeting up to share a few drink and reminisce on their past. And the more time they spend together, the more Elijah begins seeing Kam in a different and exciting way.

When one stolen moment however turns into a intense exchange, the two find themselves falling to a certain routine.

Things nonetheless start getting complicated when Kam gains his independence after fully recuperating.

Elijah is fresh off an ugly breakup, while Kam has his Spin Cycle business, not to mention the joint custody of his five-year-old daughter.

With their friendship already complicated, will they fight for their happiness or go their separate ways?

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1987409451
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Michael Walsh is an accomplished financial analyst who lives a seemingly successful life, until you see what’s beneath the surface.

Disturbed by failed relationships and self-doubt, he hides his loneliness in random hookups.

Michael however can’t get one particular New Year’s fling out of his mind.

Barista Stewart Jenkins has a terrible history when it comes to relationships.

So when he came across the handsome Michael, it was to be nothing more than a casual hookup.

Given how both crave for more passionate moments; Michael and Stewart agree to have more no-strings attached encounters.

Although none of them is ready for a relationship, given their inexcusable pasts, redemption is their only hope of living their happily ever after.

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1799036340
Publisher: Independently published

Between Breaths Series

All of You

The last thing that nursing student Avery Michaels wants to do is dating.

Having learnt from her mother’s poor choice in men, random no strings attached—which equally have no heartache—is all that Avery prefers whenever the mood strikes.

So when she crosses paths with a sexy tattoo artist, Avery is up for just one night of passion.

Bennett however doesn’t fancy that arrangement, adhering to his own principles based on his own tough upbringing.

That however doesn’t mean that Bennett doesn’t want more from her.

When danger and tragedy however strikes, the two find comfort in the company of each other.

Will Avery finally learn to love, or will she let Bennett go?

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2013
Ebook: B01K31THV8
Publisher: NAL
Before You Break

Daniel Quinn, the star catcher of the college baseball, has a shadowy past that he refuses to reveal.

Something about the beautiful and bookish Ella Abrams however makes him want to pour his heart out.

But behind Ella’s lively exterior, there’s a wounded heart and a guilty conscience.

While working the suicide helpline, she receives an anonymous call, with the voice on the other end awakening something inside of her that she simply can’t ignore.

As the physical connection between Ella and Quinn deepens, and their hotline talks intensify, how will she react upon realizing that her alluring jock and her vulnerable caller are the same guy?

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0451470874
Publisher: Berkley
Whisper To Me

College girl Rachel is notorious for being a sarcastic flirt who loves star athletes.

Nobody knows that she had her heart broken by her high school sweetheart, and that her ex boyfriend abandoned her after a motorcycle accident, except one person.

Bass player Kai Nakos has been in love with Rachel Mattson for the longest time.

He can however never let Rachel know, especially now that they have returned to their home town for the summer.

It’s been months since the two saw each other after than tragic night, not to mention that Rachel’s ex is back begging for forgiveness.

Determined to evade her ex, Rachel turns to Kai.

But what happens when a temporary fling escalates into something more?

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00HQLB72Q
Publisher: InterMix
Promise Me This

Nate is known for being a playboy in campus. Coming from an abusive family, he just doesn’t trust himself around women.

Relationships are never an option for him, until he meets one girl.

Jessie is a strong and liberated woman working at a tattoo parlor.

Nate can’t help himself around her, and wants to draw close even if it’s on platonic grounds.

It however doesn’t take long for the playboy to admit that with Jessie, he wants more than just friendship.

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00K0U6MGQ
Publisher: InterMix
There You Stand

Cory Easton has enough experience working at Raw Ink as a tattoo artist to know what motivates or even scares someone—until he meets the silent and distant Jude York.

His unreadable nature instantly arouses Cory’s curiosity.

Jude is as mysterious as the sophisticated ink on his body, something that makes Cory fall head over heels for him.

He is however overshadowed by rumors of his past, with whispers of prison hunting him everywhere he goes.

As Cory explores Jude’s life more, he can’t help but wonder if he really wants to know more about him—more so now that Jude has him feeling alive for the first time in a very long time.

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2015

Golden Arrow Series

Two of Hearts

Dakota Nakos was always a tough and determined achiever, until the death of her father.

Now entrusted with the family’s casino, she feels frightened and exposed. This certainly isn’t the best time to see an ex she has never forgotten about.

Shane Garrity and Dakota used to have a thing, until he suddenly left to join the U.S. Marshal.

Now back in town for her father’s funeral, it only takes one look at her for the memories to come flooding back.

Dakota has however changed in ways that neither of them could have imagined.

Could they ever spark what they once had?

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0451473257
Publisher: Berkley
Three Sacred Words

Meadow Starr has been a housekeeper at the Golden Arrow Casino ever since she attained her legal age.

Bringing up her son, Joaquin, with neither the help of her parents nor the father of the child is something that she never saw coming.

From pushing a broom, to living in a trailer park and raking for whatever money she can find just to pay the bills, Meadow never saw any of this coming.

However, unbeknownst to her is the fact that her most dreadful nightmare and her finest dream are about to collide concurrently in the same town.

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1530366866
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Roadmap to Your Heart

The Darkest Flame
Vaughn O’Keefe has co-owned the Hog’s Den for a number of years now.

Though experienced in the Disciples of the Road business, never has he ever been taken aback than when he was when new recruit, “Smoke”, walked through the door.

“Smoke” Callahan is finally clean, thanks to the Disciples, after being in rehab on and off.

When help is needed at the Hog’s Den, Smoke is summoned to assist the bartender–the one man he can’t have.

Given his mutual attraction with Vaughn, one night should be enough to quench their desires. But what happens when things get too intense?
Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1516839957
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
The Faintest Spark

As president of the Disciples of the Road, Malachi O’Rourke spends his years fixing his father’s mess, protecting the men under his charge and healing his shattered heart.

Sawyer Malone has had it rough since joining the Scorpions. Through the act of paying back a personal debt for his club, he ends up sacrificing a lot more than he expected.

So when Mal realizes that he is struggling, he offers a helping hand.
Mal admires his concealed strength while Sawyer finds refuge in his company.

Their newfound friendship is however put to the test when they find themselves in a weekend event involving both of their clubs.

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1544747330
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
The Deepest Blue
Callum Montgomery spends his days running Shady Pines hunting preserve.

When his sister is accompanied by a date at a family wedding, Callum finds it hard controlling his lust over Dean, the annoying and arrogant city boy.

When his roommate convinces him to be her pretend date for a family wedding, the last thing that research assistant Dean Abbott expected was to have a passionate stole moment in sugar cane farm with her brother, Callum.

Upon his return to the city, Dean can’t help but fantasize about the country experience that sparked something deep inside him.

Taking a city boy out of the country doesn’t truly make him forget the fascinating man he left behind.
Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1519691460
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
The Hardest Fall

Having recovered from a heartbreaking relationship, Tate Sullivan returns to his role as drag queen extraordinaire Frieda Love in a New York City bar.

There, he is drawn to a strange man who attends every single performance—eyeing Tate alluringly before mysteriously disappearing.

Sebastian Clark’s secret mission at the bar is derailed when his eyes are caught by the charming drag queen.

As they get to know each other, Sebastian kisses a man for the first time, sparking a wild fire in him that he never knew possible.

However, he is still hiding a secret, one that may destroy their newfound passion.

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1534961449
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
The Sweetest Goodbye

Billie Montgomery and Dylan Bowden have been best friends since high school. So when Billie ends up starting a bakery business, no one supports him as much as Dylan.

With the business breaking even, everything seems to be working for Billie—except his love life.

He has never been able to move on from the guy that he has been saving himself for.

When a drunken night out ends up in a night of passion, the two best friends pretend like it never happened.

With his first love however back in town, will Billie turn to the one man who he has been longing for, or will he opt for the only guy who has always protected his heart?

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1544747118
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

So This is Christmas

Beautiful Dreamer

Garrett Coleman spent a huge part of his teenage years crushing on Finn Sweeney, until things got out of hand during senior year; prompting his to avoid the handsome ginger like plague.

He has since diverted his energy towards focusing on his dance career while supporting his ailing mother.

Finn Sweeney used to see Garrett as nothing more than his younger brother’s best friend, until things got heated during a high school party.

When the two families get together for Christmas for the first time in years, all bets are off from the moment Finn and Garrett see each other.

Throughout the visit, the two are unable to keep their hands off each other.

It’s only just a holiday fling, until it’s not.

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2018
Ebook: B07L43WHL4
Publisher: Christina Lee
Beautiful Temptation

Blair Anderson and Caden Bell are polar opposites. Blair sees Caden as nothing more than his best friend’s younger brother, until a chance encounter at a beach house--where both had gone to enjoy some rest and personal time--changes everything.

They both agree to share the house and stay out of each other’s way, until they reconnect in a way they never thought possible.

When Caden confides in Blair about his bi-tendencies, this marks the beginning of a passionate stay.

But it’s only a holiday hookup, right?

Author: Christina Lee
First Release: 2019
Ebook: B08172YZRK
Publisher: Christina Lee