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Karen Rae Levine books in order

Karen Rae Levine is an American Award-winning author.

Raised in Long Island, she holds an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School in Manhattan.

The mother of three is also a former aerospace engineer.

Her debut novel, Sister Raven (2010) received two National Book awards while All About Color Blindness: A Guide to Color Vision Deficiency for Kids (and Grown-ups Too) (2012) received four National Book awards.

The Clay Messiah (2014) on the other hand has attracted two National Book awards.

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Genres: Children's Book, Fantasy / SF, Historical Fiction

United States


Non Series

  • Sister Raven (2010)
  • All About Color Blindness: A Guide to Color Vision Deficiency for Kids (and Grown-ups too) (2012)
  • The Clay Messiah (2014)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Sister Raven

Shackled by magic to Old Mother, Beetle Girl leads a life of solitude as an outsider in her Native American society.

When she is made to take up the role of Keeper of the Ravens, Beetle Girl must not only shatter the bonds of her wicked mother, but also go up against a powerful shape-shifter who threatens to destroy the village.

There’s also the challenge of solving the mystery of her past…

Author: Karen Rae Levine
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 978-1479254552
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
All About Color Blindness: A Guide to Color Vision Deficiency for Kids (and Grown-ups too)

Corey, a fourth-grader, tells us about how his color deficiency made things hard for him in kindergarten.

As time goes by, he learns about the special way he sees colors. His color deficiency is a physical condition that affects quite a number of people. It is in no way related to how smart he is and he doesn’t let it weigh him down.

Corey's story is accompanied by a simple explanation of CVD: exactly what it is, the number of people it affects, how they acquired it, the challenges that may arise from it and recommendations on how to deal with CVD at home, at school and everywhere you go.

Author: Karen Rae Levine
First Release: 2012
Ebook: B006P92SRS
Publisher: Halesite Press LLC
The Clay Messiah

Having spent months on the battlefields of France and Germany, Daniel, an American soldier, isn’t prepared for the horror that comes with discovering the sheer inhumanity in the concentration camp.

Over the course of time, he befriends Avrum, a teenage survivor in dire need of "freedom" and Natalie, an overtaxed American nurse with the Army Evacuation Hospital who is dispatched to the camp.

Set against the backdrop of the liberation of the Concentration Camp at Dachau, this tale is about our frail realities and the immense power of hope.

Author: Karen Rae Levine
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0692299678
Publisher: Halesite Press LLC