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Graduate of Hollins Writing Program, Judy has taught all education levels. A member of Author’s Guild, her 11 books in 5 genres were published by big and small presses.

She was an editor of Artemis for 13 years, and a writers’ conference founder. Internationally published, her work has been in many literary magazines as well as a group of varied anthologies.

After careers in music, parenting, and social work, Judy became an author who is still a work in progress. She is the 1st Place winner of The Golden Nib award for nonfiction in the centennial year of the Virginia Writers Club.
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Genre: Non-fiction


Non Series

  • Mud River (1988)
  • Nothing but Time: A Triumph over Trauma (2001)
  • Some of My Ancestors are Ottomans and Turks (2005)
  • Forty Thorns (2011)
  • Intervals, Appalachia to Istanbul (2015)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Mud River

Yet another fascinating work of ingenuity by Judy Light Ayyildiz, Mud River can best be described in the words of William Packard-a distinguished poet, editor of the New York Quarterly, and professor of Poetry at New York University:

"There's something here that is unforced and authentic, which is pretty rare today. It's all in Ayyildiz's diction--plain style, pure lyric sounds of memory in taut lines, rural detail images, no false word choices, no rhetoric, no fake "poetry". It's "easy as Irish whisky in tumblers of tea"--and it's also a remarkably original approach to onomatopoeia: "waves wallop, plop-wallop". It's in these lines of WINTER LIGHTS!"

Author: Judy Light Ayyildiz
First Release: 1988
ISBN: 978-1440182358
Publisher: iUniverse, Authors Guild Back in Print
Nothing but Time: A Triumph over Trauma

Judy’s world turns upside down overnight when she wakes up paralyzed from the waist down by a mysterious illness.

Right in the midst of grappling to find a way out of this queer well of isolation- characterized with pain and helplessness- she takes refuge in her creative imagination.

Equipped with insight drawn from her own stories about people and events in both her past and present, and told with restrained humor and the regular dose of Appalachian flavor, Judy discovers that her spiritual desire to "walk" far outweighs the fear of falling.

Author: Judy Light Ayyildiz
First Release: 2001
ISBN: 978-0738852607
Publisher: Xlibris
Some of My Ancestors are Ottomans and Turks

Some of My Ancestors are Ottomans and Turks is a book about an American grandson of a Turkish immigrant who comes to learn about his Turkish and Ottoman heritage.

A creative non-fiction and fiction book best suited for children of ages between six and twelve, Ayyildiz’s works includes the geography, history, foreign language, origin of words, cross-cultural studies, social studies and Turkish words.

The unique book is a befitting introduction for Ancestors/Family Tree Studies, International Studies and the Turkish-American Awareness.

Author: Judy Light Ayyildiz
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-9758318988
Publisher: Greenhouse Bookstore
Forty Thorns

Forty Thorns is a blend of the past and the present, focusing on sixty pivotal years in the evolution of Ataturk's modern Turkey-as seen through the eyes of Adalet.

Forced out from the western provinces of the weakening Ottoman Empire and into the epicenter of Anatolia and the establishment of the new Turkish Republic, Adalet embodies both the aspirations and challenges of the present day woman.

Disowned for her love and engendered by war, whilst fighting for the new ideals of tomorrow and for her children, she struggles to defy the complexities faced by a woman resolved to be in control of her own independence.

From a harem to a skyscraper, from a star-crossed girl to a governor's wife, then to a penniless divorcee; could she possibly outlive her losses?

Author: Judy Light Ayyildiz
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-9751414748
Publisher: Remzi Kitabevi-Remzi Book House
Intervals, Appalachia to Istanbul

Intervals, Appalachia to Istanbul, is Judy Light Ayyildiz’s eleventh book and her fourth collection of poetry. The author and educator has composed poems that paint a reflection of how a life that begins in the foothills of Appalachia, branches out into other places-none more so than Istanbul and Anatolia, before returning to West Virginia and Virginia.

It, by and large, views a poet’s contemplation of herself and others in the circle of life.

The poetry book suits persons from all works of life; from Adult and Young Adult General Poetry Readers to High Schools and Universities, from Poetry Book Clubs to Studies that include a focus on Appalachia and Turkey, to Focus on Sociology, Psychological focus on death, separation, change, adaptation, and English studies.

Author: Judy Light Ayyildiz
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0692431870
Publisher: Mountain Empire Publications