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Chuck Logan books in order

Chuck Logan is an American author of mystery, suspense and thriller novels.

Born in Chicago one week after the Battle of Midway, his parents separated when he was an infant.

Chuck had a rough childhood that saw him lose his mother to a road accident that he survived by a whisker. As such, he was raised by several relatives and never spent more than one year in the same school.

He attended Monteith College, a constituent of Wayne State University in Detroit, and volunteered for the paratroops where he spent 13 months carrying the radio for several small infantry advisory teams in Dong Ha District, Vietnam.

Chuck made his debut as a novelist with Hunter's Moon (1996).

However, his most notable work is the Phil Broker Series, based on fictional character Phil Broker–a former Minnesota police officer.

Married for the third time, Chuck lives with his family in Stillwater, Minnesota, where he is currently recovering from a five-year battle with cancer that saw him lose some non-essential body parts.

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Genres: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Born: 1942

United States


Non Series

  • Hunter's Moon (1996)
  • South of Shiloh (2008)
  • Fallen Angel (2013)

Phil Broker

  1. The Price of Blood (1997)
  2. The Big Law (1998)
  3. Absolute Zero (2002)
  4. Vapor Trail (2003)
  5. After the Rain (2004)
  6. Homefront (2005)
  7. Broker (2017)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Hunter's Moon

Harry Griffin is a loner who's witnessed some of war's rawest moments. A survivor, he is guided in all things by his unfailing loyalty and honesty. But a tragic altercation in Minnesota's North Woods that leaves a young man dead and suspicions of murder hanging in the air tests Harry's courage as never before. Nothing could have prepared him for the eerie silence that has fallen over the incident, the challenge to his nerve, and the raw carnality of his best friend's wife.

Digging for answers in a town ready to lash out in fear of the dark secrets he is moving ever closer to, Harry ignores the signs of danger at his own peril. Until it all ignites in a fire of unexpected betrayal and a bloody settling of accounts.

Author: Chuck Logan
First Release: 1996
Ebook: B000FCK6VQ
Publisher: HarperCollins e-books
South of Shiloh

Dedicated devotees of history gather near Corinth, Mississippi, carrying ancient weapons and dressed in authentic Civil War uniforms, to refight the Battle of Kirby Creek. But during the reenactment, a sniper's bullet rips through an unsuspecting participant...and a man who lived for mock war dies for his obsession.

The fatal shot was intended for Kenny Beeman—a Mississippi cop standing next to the victim—a grim discovery that compels the dead man's widow to enlist the aid of her former lover, news photographer John Rane. Armed with an accurate Sharps Civil War rifle and live ammunition, Rane must now join forces with Beeman in a bizarre world of pretend soldiers. For a modern-day war born of corruption and greed is about to erupt on hallowed ground—and the battlefield of Shiloh will run red with blood once again.

Author: Chuck Logan
First Release: 2008
Ebook: B0013TPVHY
Publisher: HarperCollins e-books
Fallen Angel

Seriously banged up when her Blackhawk went down in Iraq, Captain Jesse Kraig deals with issues related to Traumatic Brain Injury. Now highly placed people are trying to silence her about something she witnessed when she was wounded. But she can’t remember what she saw.

Author: Chuck Logan
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 979-8985430103
Publisher: Gerald Street Press

Phil Broker

The Price of Blood

In the last 20 years Phil Broker has pulled himself together. A good, tough undercover cop in Minnesota, he knows the difference between a sucker punch and a lucky break. And although he's put his Vietnam years behind him, the grown daughter of his old commander has been dogging his heels for months. Nina Pryce is trying to exonerate her dishonorably discharged dead father and -- more importantly -- find the 10 tons of gold he helped liberate during a U.S. commando mission.

Broker doesn't like the smell of it. Still, Nina has her charms, and can be very persuasive. The only problem is, two of Broker's old army buddies have beaten them to the search. Rich, sadistic Cyrus La Porte has the means, but no direction. Convicted thief Jimmy Tuna has a line on the location but no cash. Jimmy's a dying man with nothing left to win -- or lose. And Broker and Nina know both men would kill them for the slimmest chance to take it all.

Author: Chuck Logan
First Release: 1997
Ebook: B000FCK6X4
Publisher: HarperCollins e-books
The Big Law

When former cop Phil Broker's naïve ex-wife, Caren, blows the whistle on her feckless second husband, Keith Angland, a St. Paul cop making a cool $2 million moonlighting for the Chicago mob, she unwittingly signs her own death warrant. Unwisely for Caren, she not only shared her troubles with Broker, she also told Tom James, a reporter with fantasies of pulling off the perfect crime. Inspired by the $2 million payoff she entrusted to his safekeeping, Tom kills Caren in a brilliant frame-up that leaves her crooked cop-husband to take the fall.

Covering all the angles, Tom runs to the FBI -- "the Big Law" -- and wangles a new life in the Witness Protection Program. But Tom's perfect plan doesn't count on Broker. Hard-edged and relentless, Broker smells a rat and is determined to set things right. But to succeed, he's got to locate Tom -- a clever man with a new identity, a suitcase full of cash, and the Big Law on his side.

Author: Chuck Logan
First Release: 1998
ISBN: 978-0061096877
Publisher: Harper Collins
Absolute Zero

On one of the coldest nights in Minnesota history, the difference between life and death is literally the blink of an eye for Phil Broker, until recently St. Paul's most successful undercover cop. That blink will convey the urgent warning of a comatose man who knows the dark truth binding Broker to a remarkable cast of characters -- a weary anesthesiologist, a brilliant surgeon, a wealthy novelist, his exwife (a reformed exotic dancer), and her unrepentant pimp.

For Broker it all began when he agreed to take three big-city professionals on a canoeing trip across Minnesota's most remote lakes. One of the three is horribly injured in a freak October blizzard, and Broker embarks on a white-knuckle rescue against time and the elements, ending with a writer in a coma and his accountant dead. Suspicious of foul play, Broker follows a twisted trail of manipulation and revenge that leads back to the writer's beautiful wife -- and a ring of men caught in a deadly competition for her affections.

Author: Chuck Logan
First Release: 2002
Ebook: B000FC10JI
Publisher: HarperCollins e-books
Vapor Trail

It's hot.

The snow is gone, the ice is gone -- winter is long forgotten. When the phone wakes Phil Broker at five a.m. on the morning of his forty-eighth birthday -- six months removed from his surviving a January cold snap that (in Absolute Zero) nearly claimed his life -- it's already ninety-two degrees. It's July, and Stillwater, Minnesota, finds itself in the middle of the worst heat wave in local memory.

The news on the phone has nothing to do with birthday wishes, however. A year earlier, an angry citizen served as jury and executioner by pumping twelve bullets into a known pedophile -- and in the process became a folk hero, dubbed "the Saint" by locals. Despite protests to the contrary, everybody in the community (including the police department) felt justice had been served, and the investigation quickly went cold. Ever since, strong rumors have circulated that the real reason the Saint hasn't been apprehended is that he -- or she-- is a cop.

Now a priest has been murdered, and a clue left at the scene suggests it to be the work of a vigilante. Was the priest a sexual predator? Could the Saint be back? For the members of the Stillwater law-enforcement community, it means that a killer could be in their midst.

The caller begs for Broker's help: as an outsider, Broker can be counted on to follow the investigation wherever it leads. But as the temperature mounts and new victims begin surfacing, Broker wonders if he's been set up to catch a bullet for a scandal that threatens to bring down the Stillwater Police Department.

Author: Chuck Logan
First Release: 2003
Ebook: B000FC14DK
Publisher: HarperCollins e-books
After the Rain

Phil Broker’s latest adventure hits close to home, when he finds his estranged wife and daughter caught in a web of deception that may conceal a terrorist plot to bomb Minneapolis’s nuclear power plant

When Phil Broker’s estranged wife, Nina, and his daughter, Kit, disappeared months ago, he wasn’t surprised. Nina has a mysterious and dangerous job working for the government, and her work has taken her in harm’s way before. Broker sets out on a mission to find Nina and force her to choose between life as a soldier or a mother, and take Kit out of danger once and for all.

At the end of Vapor Trail, Broker learns that Kit has been abandoned by Nina at a motel in Langdon, North Dakota. But when he arrives, the situation is far more complicated than he imagined. Kit is, bizarrely, accompanied by a “babysitter” named Jane, who claims to be Nina’s estranged girlfriend. 

Buddy Yelton, a local legend and hopeless womanizer, has apparently taken up with Nina. But Buddy Yelton is no harmless local―he has hidden connections to the Aryan Nation, and possibly Middle Eastern terrorists as well. And two motel guests are equally mysterious―Broker can’t help thinking he remembers them as former GIs he knew back in Laos in ’72. 

Obviously, all is not as it appears―and more than Kit’s life is in danger―the fate of the entire Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro area is in Broker’s hands.

Author: Chuck Logan
First Release: 2004
Ebook: B000FC1RZK
Publisher: HarperCollins e-books

How far would you go to protect your family?

Phil Broker and Nina Pryce moved to Glacier Falls, Minnesota, seeking some peace and rest. No one in the wintry backlands knows about them or how, just a few months back, they were major players in averting a serious act of terrorism—one that has left them both physically and psychologically shaken.

But when a schoolyard bully provokes their daughter, Kit, and she gives him a bloody nose, the Broker family is set in the crosshairs of a vengeful local clan, notorious for violence and criminal behavior, that includes ex-con Gator Bodine, who knows a thing or two about Broker's past as an undercover cop. And when Gator learns of Broker's role in a drug sting that resulted in the death of a mobster's son, he lets the mob boss know just where to find Broker.

As Broker finds himself caught between a band of backwoods meth cookers and a hit man bent on revenge, he has no choice but to take justice into his own hands to keep his family safe.

Author: Chuck Logan
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-0062330574
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks

It’s 1979. Broker has contracted with the state crime bureau for a secret, risky, undercover job that no cop could do, and it just turned into an open elevator shaft.

A former foreign agent turns up dead in a remote patch of woods. A ton of contraband is in play that could have international implications. Broker knows he’s as flawed and fearless as the other members of his pick-up crew, but he can’t resist following the trail into a limbo world where the shadows of the powerful merge with the shadows of the law. He only has one thing going for him. He’s been there before.

Author: Chuck Logan
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0990846161
Publisher: Conquill Press