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Emma Lombard is an Australian author of historical fiction novels or as she likes to put it, “Rollicking historical romantic adventures”.

Born in Pontefract, England, she was raised in Africa, specifically in Zimbabwe and South Africa, where she lived for a few years.

Prior to becoming an author of historical fiction, Emma worked as a freelance editor in the corporate world—a job that wasn't nearly as fulfilling as writing rip-roaring romantic adventures.

She made her debut as a novelist in 2021 with Discerning Grace, the first installment of The White Sails Series. Although she writes about gallant seafarers, Emma just can't stand the sea in real life due to her uncontrollable seasickness.

A proud member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, Emma currently makes her home in Brisbane, Australia, where she is raising four boys.

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Genres: Adventure, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance



Omnibus Books

  1. The White Sails Series Complete Collection (2022)

White Sails

  1. Discerning Grace (2021)
  2. Grace on the Horizon (2021)
  3. Grace Arising (2022)
  4. Christmas at Gilly Downs (2022)

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Omnibus Books

The White Sails Series Complete Collection

Award-winning historical fiction, The White Sails Series, where icy winter storms, opportunistic mercenaries, uncharted lands, and a colorful crew of sailors are all lashed together by an epic love story. This complete collection includes all four books in the series.

Discerning Grace. London Town, 1826. Society life is stifling enough for Grace Baxter without worrying about finding true love or happiness. Enlisting with the Royal Navy, disguised as a lad, she is tossed into a watery world where mother nature is not the only threat to her life. Brazenly, she holds her own against a ship full of sailors—until her loud mouth lands her bare-bottomed over a cannon for insubordination.

Grace on the Horizon. Adrift on a raft of shame in the sea of 1830s London society, Grace’s desperation to leave London forces Seamus to accept a dubious commission on the private explorer, Clover. With the expedition financed by Colonel Hamilton, Seamus is tasked with mapping a round-the-world voyage. But Colonel Hamilton has an additional package that requires delivering—Father Babcock—a priest wanted for murder.

Grace Arising. The burgeoning 1840s New Holland wool market is irresistible to entrepreneurial souls like Seamus and Grace. Having survived unimaginable tragedy together, they plan a fresh start aboard their new ship, the Elias. When Seamus is gravely injured, Grace must assume command and see the ship’s souls to safety. Except First Mate, Lucius Chittenden, refuses to be commanded by a woman.

Christmas at Gilly Downs (A Novella). 1853, Colony of New South Wales. This Christmas Novella is a snapshot in time ten years after Grace Arising. It offers an intimate peek of the most popular characters from The White Sails Series as they navigate life in their newly adopted country.

Author: Emma Lombard
First Release: 2022
Publisher: Emma Lombard

White Sails

Discerning Grace

Willful Grace Baxter, will not marry old Lord Silverton with his salivary incontinence and dead-mouse stink. Discovering she is a pawn in an arrangement between slobbery Silverton and her calculating father, Grace is devastated when Silverton reveals his true callous nature.

Refusing this fate, Grace resolves to stow away. Heading to the docks, disguised as a lad to ease her escape, she encounters smooth-talking naval recruiter, Gilly, who lures her aboard HMS Discerning with promises of freedom and exploration in South America.

When Grace's big mouth lands her bare-bottomed over a cannon for insubordination, her identity is exposed. The captain wants her back in London but his orders, to chart the icy archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, forbid it. Lieutenant Seamus Fitzwilliam gallantly offers to take Grace off the fretting captain's hands by placing her under his protection.

Grace must now win over the crew she betrayed with her secret, while managing her feelings towards her taciturn protector, whose obstinate chivalry stifles her new-found independence. But when Grace disregards Lieutenant Fitzwilliam's warnings about the dangers of the unexplored archipelago, it costs a friend his life and she realizes she is not as free as she believes.

Author: Emma Lombard
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-0645105803
Publisher: Emma Lombard
Grace on the Horizon

With the expedition financed by Colonel Hamilton and his private backers, Seamus is tasked with mapping a round-the-world voyage. But Colonel Hamilton has an additional package that requires delivering-Father Babcock-a priest wanted for murder. The church wants Babcock transported far from England to set up a new mission in South America.

Battling his overprotectiveness, Seamus breaks his oath to always tell Grace the truth and hides Babcock's identity from her. But the journey aboard the Clover is far from smooth sailing, and Grace suspects a saboteur. Trapped within the ship's confines, she must learn to forgive her husband's well-intentioned duplicity and determine who wishes them harm-because now she also has her unborn child to protect.

Is it an aggrieved member of the Admiralty who believes Seamus disgraced the service by resigning his command to chase after Grace? Perhaps Grace's father, Lord Flint, seeking revenge against her for ruining the family name? Or a jealous suitor determined to ruin the life Grace is trying to build with Seamus?

Author: Emma Lombard
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-0645105827
Publisher: Emma Lombard
Grace Arising

The burgeoning 1840s New Holland wool market is irresistible to entrepreneurial souls prepared to brave the open oceans. Having survived unimaginable tragedy together, Grace and Seamus Fitzwilliam plan a fresh start aboard their new ship, Elias.

Lucius Chittenden, the new first mate, comes highly-recommended, and with the return of the trusted crew, the journey promises smooth sailing. The Elias is bursting with goods for the colony as well as shepherds for Gilly Downs, but it is not long before a theft is discovered, souring the mood aboard.

While Chittenden’s demand for expedience guarantees blistering speeds, it comes at a cost to the men’s morale, and sets Seamus and Grace at loggerheads. Seamus believes the officer pragmatic, Grace believes him cruel. When Chittenden’s cavalier attitude results in him shooting Seamus, Grace has Chittenden chained to the hold. With Seamus gravely injured, she assumes command of the Elias, taking responsibility for seeing her crew and family to safety.

The demands of navigating a tall ship across stormy seas, while trying to keep Seamus alive and managing her children, sees Grace bowed by duty. Sheer grit keeps her at the helm, affecting an air of steadfastness and complete control—but do the sailors see this in her? And will she make it to New Holland in time to save Seamus’s life?

Author: Emma Lombard
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-0645105841
Publisher: Emma Lombard
Christmas at Gilly Downs

CHRISTMAS AT GILLY DOWNS jumps forward ten years to see what the beloved characters from The White Sails Series are up to as they prepare to reunite for Christmas at Gilly Downs.

Seamus Fitzwilliam musters the fortitude to persuade Grace to allow Edwin to leave Sydney for London, so that the boy can learn about managing the Elias Shipping Company across two continents. But will she cut the apron strings?

Toby Hicks celebrates the birth of his second child with Erin, but a dire warning from Dr Billy Sykes dampens the happy occasion.

Billy Sykes, now retired from naval life, has bought the local apothecary in Sydney Town. Delivery of a medicinal package to a patient has unforeseen consequences that has the potential to smear his good name.

Adelia Shyling’s marriage to Victor Shyling is stronger than ever, as is the success of the sheep station, Gilly Downs. A perpetual social butterfly, she is looking forward to gathering her friends and family on Christmas Day, until a horrific accident threatens to ruin the whole event.

Emily Fitzwilliam, at twenty-one, is an accomplished seamstress in Sydney Town’s most esteemed dress shop. Mrs Moore, her employer, is a hard but fair task master—that is until Emily catches her son’s eye.

Jim Buchanan could not be prouder of his nephew Nevin. The lad has grown into a hard-working man fit to carry on the family name. However, more than anything, Jim desires a child of his own … Will this latest fruitless effort with his Pearl finally tear them apart?

Wee Granny Mac refuses to age gracefully! How she and Old Quill haven't killed one another over the years is anyone's guess—though, he still hasn't stopped asking for her hand in marriage …

Grace Fitzwilliam thought she would miss her life at sea more, but surrounded by family and friends, she is a woman content. As a second mother to Adelia’s red-headed rabble, Grace feels obligated to pluck eldest daughter, Ruthie, from the middle of a rivalrous love triangle unfolding on Gilly Downs.

Author: Emma Lombard
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-0645105865
Publisher: Emma Lombard