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William Long is a retired businessman and author of the sci-fi/fantasy adventure series, The Timecrack Adventures.

He has also written an anthology and a non-fiction book.

William had a varied and extensive career, working in sales and marketing where he ran an enterprise designing and promoting branded goods for top companies such as Coca Cola.

In fact, the globally renowned Five Nations Rugby Championship tie is one of his creations.

William also worked for Union Carbide, Toronto, in the 1960s before following his wanderlust spirit, which saw him explore Canada and the U.S.

Passionate about travelling, William—who is quite fascinated by ancient cultures—has explored Mexico, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Spain, and Newgrange in Ireland.

Coupled with his love for aviation and space, not forgetting the possibility of other dimensions and new worlds, it’s no surprise that William came up with the series, The Timecrack Adventures.

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Genres: Fantasy / SF, Non-fiction

United Kingdom



  1. An Unexpected Diagnosis: A Collection of Irish Short Stories (2009)


  1. 10 Tips On How I Wrote My First Book (2016)

The Timecrack Adventures

  1. Timecrack (2019)
  2. Copanatec: A Timecrack Adventure (2020)

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An Unexpected Diagnosis: A Collection of Irish Short Stories

In An Unexpected Diagnosis, William Long contributes his personal, tongue-in-cheek experience of his cancer treatment. After reading the story one of the medical staff said, 'All the secretaries at the City Hospital thought your story was great!' The encouraging comment led to a decision to include it with the other stories that follow. From the sad, but very funny Charlie Died Yesterday. When Rosie walked out on him and then the accident a few hours later ... There was nothing else for it, but to go downtown for a few drinks ... Then the story of The Curse ... A powerful story of a man cursed to live forever when he arrives in Belfast during 'The Troubles'... To The Old Woman's Promise ... a modern fairy tale where a man faces the prospect of a difficult choice when he seeks a cure for his affliction. As the stories unfold in this new Irish collection the reader is presented with twists and turns in every tale, each one leading to an unexpected end.

Author: William Long
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-1449022266
Publisher: AuthorHouse


10 Tips On How I Wrote My First Book

10 Tips is not a course on how to write a book. There are plenty of excellent books out there that do just that, but during the course of writing and publishing his own books, the author was asked on numerous occasions how he managed to achieve his long-felt desire to become a writer. It soon became obvious to him there were budding writers who might benefit from what he had learned on the road to publication. Not only the benefits, but the pitfalls he encountered along the way.

Author: William Long
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1527201934
Publisher: William Long

The Timecrack Adventures


Timecracks act as portals to other dimensions. They have existed since the creation of time, and when one arrives during a storm at the newly discovered pyramid site in the Yucatan jungle, it's the beginning of a nightmare journey into another world for archaeologist, Malcolm Kinross and his wife, Lucy.

And when another timecrack strikes the secretive energy facility in New Mexico, their sons, Archie and Richard, along with their tutor, Marjorie, and their uncle, Professor John Strawbridge, all find themselves thrust into the same world of New Arrivals, ancient warring tribes and deadly enemies.

Richard is endowed with the ability to 'see' beyond his own world. Can he help Archie to find their parents, and help the scientists at Mount Tengi to find a way for all of them to return home, and can he escape the clutches of the mad high priest, Prince Lotane?

Author: William Long
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 9781543971200
Ebook: B07WPL98RF
Publisher: BookBaby
Copanatec: A Timecrack Adventure

Copanatec is the second book of the series The Timecrack Adventures, which sees the two young brothers, Archie and Richard Kinross, return to New Earth in the next dimension, in the continuing search for their parents who disappeared from an archaeological site in the Yucatan jungle.

The island of Copanatec is home to The Lords of the Cloud, an ancient civilization, who in their desperation to find a lost, life-giving treasure, have recruited Talon the Slave Master and the brutal Terogs to find it in the tunnels below the pyramid, before it is too late.

Archie and his friend, Kristin, along with the villagers from the mainland of Amasia, are taken by the slave traders and forced to work in the tunnels below the pyramid to find the treasure.

Richard, back on Old Earth, discovers Archie is missing, and along with Chuck Winters, a security specialist, set out on a time travel to the next dimension to find him.

The adventures with its mix of ancient cultures and time travel to new worlds in other dimensions, will appeal to young adults and older readers, alike.

Author: William Long
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 9781098318628
Ebook: B08GMZD1GH
Publisher: BookBaby