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Joanie Macneil is an Australian author of contemporary romance novels, whose delightful and sexy feel-good tales are set in her homeland.

A passionate globetrotter, Joanie has travelled far and wide, visiting places that she previously thought would be impossible.

She has travelled to countries such as the U.S, the U.K, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Portugal and Tunisia.

Home, family and friends form a central part of her life, which is why she gracefully blends these components into some of her tales.

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Genres: Contemporary , Romance



Non Series

  • No Boundaries (2005)
  • December Heat Wave (2006)
  • Desperate and Dateless (2017)
  • Sapphire Kisses (2018)
  • Sweet Temptations (2018)
  • Loving Nick, Again (2018)
  • The Trouble with Natalie (2018)

Honorable Men - The Scots

  1. A Traditional Affair (2021)
  2. A Sense of Duty (2021)
  3. His Secret Promise (2022)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

No Boundaries

Although the stunning Paige Delaney is more than Jack Shannon could ever handle, he desperately needs her award-winning web design ability.

Paige on the other hand believes that her wickedly attractive new boss considers himself as nature’s gift to womanhood.

Both single parents, Paige and Jack have broken hopes and wounded hearts, having endured the agony of treachery in the past.

This prevents them from ever risking their hearts again, despite yearning for love.

However, when Jack moves into his new house, he is shocked to learn that Paige is his next door neighbor.

Could fate have brought them together, or are their teenage children playing matchmaker?

Author: Joanie MacNeil
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-0228600008
Publisher: BWL Publishing
December Heat Wave

Nicolette Oliver has been channeling all her energy towards rebuilding her career as a dancer ever since she lost her husband.

So when Jake, a friend of her deceased husband, pays her a visit, Nicolette decides to invite him to stay.

Although Jake Harrigan has been drawn to Nic for the longest time, their lives are completely different.

So when he sees her again, forgetting her becomes even harder when he returns to Europe to continue with his job as a TV news journalist.

Determined to sail around the globe and create documentaries for his network, will he manage to convince Nic to abandon everything and join him?

Author: Joanie MacNeil
First Release: 2006
ISBN: 978-1771452991
Publisher: Books We Love
Desperate and Dateless

Liam Reynolds is too busy to be romantically involved with anyone.

However, when Dan, his teenage brother, presents him with tickets to the Desperate and Dateless Ball, Liam suddenly creates some free time from his packed schedule.

Zoe O’Malley is not the desperate and dateless kind, which is why she’s frustrated when her girlfriend gets her a ticket to the Desperate and Dateless ball.

After all, she is unwilling to take part in a date matched by a computer.

Fate nonetheless unites Liam and Zoe through a business arrangement ahead of the ball.

But what happens when they find themselves mixing business with pleasure?

Author: Joanie MacNeil
First Release: 2017
Ebook: B01MYH01GH
Publisher: BWL Publishing
Sapphire Kisses

When Alexandra Jordan accepts to spend the summer working as a research assistant for celebrated author, David Meredith, she is completely oblivious of the struggles that she’s about to face.

David, who is slowly losing his visual ability, feels intimidated by her mere presence in his home: the one and only place that he can ever be himself.

He is set on proving that he can do without her, while Alex won’t rest until she completes the job that she agreed to do.

Alex is however unlike any other woman that he has ever met.

David is quite fascinated by her, until he uncovers her secret.

Author: Joanie MacNeil
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1772993080
Publisher: Books We Love
Sweet Temptations

Zachary Cordell is on a desperate mission to find the young widow of his alienated father.

Convinced that Elizabeth Marshall only married his father because of his wealth, Zac is yearning for vengeance.

Determined to run away from all the fierce, blood thirsty media, Elizabeth returns to her home town in order to keep a low profile.

When Uncle Max proposes Zac as an odd-job man, the young widow isn’t quite sure that she wants to hire a drifter.

But as she gradually begins trusting Zac, her attraction to him intensifies.

Howeever, she knows nothing about his real identity, or the passionate desires that will soon follow.

Author: Joanie MacNeil
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0228602293
Publisher: BWL Publishing
Loving Nick, Again

Claire Vincent has struggled so hard to earn her freedom and the perfect life that she has built for herself and her young boys.

But when she fortuitously meets her former lover, Claire is completely thrown off her game.

However, given her fierce determination to safeguard her independence, not even Nick will be able to disrupt her perfect life.

Still reeling from a terrible divorce, the last thing on Nick’s mind is looking for love again.

Everything however changes when he crosses paths with Claire for the first time in fourteen years

With his love for her now reignited, is he willing to risk his feeble heart for the sake of love?

And will Claire risk it all again with Nick?

Author: Joanie MacNeil
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1772993103
Publisher: Books We Love
The Trouble with Natalie

Men are nothing but trouble. Natalie Harrigan has learnt that the hard way.

Recently appointed CEO in the newly formed Training Advisory Council, she is determined to exceed and excel in her new role.

Luke DeMarco was recently appointed as Director of Public Affairs in the Training Advisory Council.

He is also the best friend of Natalie’s young brother.

Luke has always loved Natalie from the time he was a young boy, so much that he isn’t bothered by the fact that she is twelve years his senior.

Will he manage to convince Natalie, his boss, that age is nothing but a number?

Author: Joanie MacNeil
First Release: 2018
Ebook: B010CEOLFS
Publisher: Books We Love

Honorable Men - The Scots

A Traditional Affair

Within the imposing halls of historic Carabrae, Scotland, Australian Kate Fielding finds herself caught in an unusual love triangle.

Dark and dominating, traditional Scot Galen MacBain is intrigued by the outspoken young woman who stirs both his demons and his passions. Marriage to Kate would provide him with an heir and a father for her child. Kate cannot accept Galen’s convenient proposal. Though her baby would inherit the wealthy MacBain estate, her marriage to Galen would be for the wrong reasons.

Their lives are pitched together in a push and pull search for love, trust and family values. Will this modern and determined young woman resist the temptation to accept Galen's proposal of marriage?

Author: Joanie MacNeil
First Release: 2021
Ebook: B08WKXB3ND
Publisher: BWL Publishing
A Sense of Duty

Untroubled and accustomed to his nomadic way of life, Regan MacInnes moves back to Braemar, Scotland to meet his eighteen-year-old daughter—a daughter that he never knew he had.

As such, the last thing that Regan expects is to be enchanted by Australian widow Hannah Lindsay.

Hannah’s primary goal is to sell the B&B, her late husband's dream, and return to Australia to be reunited with her family.

Romance is the last thing on her mind.

She is so determined to fulfill her mission, so much that not even a gorgeous and beguiling man will derail her from her plans.

Author: Joanie MacNeil
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-0228618621
Publisher: Books We Love
His Secret Promise

Living with survivor guilt ex-soldier Jared O’Connell craves forgiveness from his childhood friend for the death of her brother in Afghanistan. To get himself emotionally fit before he sees Mardi, he relocates to the coast to renovate his family home.

Close to finishing her studies, Mardi James can almost taste success. Her world crumbles following an alleged assault resulting in partial memory loss which may end her long-term career plans. Recovering at her family’s coastal holiday home, she is approached by a man who apparently knows her, and calls her by name.

Jared is devastated when Mardi doesn’t know who he is. An opportunity to seek her forgiveness and move on with his life appears lost to him.

Author: Joanie MacNeil
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-0228621171
Publisher: BWL Publishing